How YOU Doin’?

Loopy wants to know, how YOU doin’? You said that like Joey, didn’t you? (How can you not?)

Just checking in, because for the first time in all of our years, I have fallen behind on blogging! We’re still here every day, shipping your orders out and thinking about all of you. Just not enough time for much blogging. I’m working on that.

We have been doing Facebook Live videos and Instagram Live videos for you though. It has been fun to stay in touch that way. I can’t figure out how to keep the Insta Live after 24 hours, but you can access all of our Facebook Live videos here. When we do another one next Tuesday, I’m going to have Loopy on with me so I can tell you a little bit about where he came from. We usually go Live around 3:30 or 4:00 Mountain time, after the mailman has come and gone and we can’t get any more orders out for the day.

Today, though, I’m doing a Three Things post. And I hope you’ll comment with your three things!

Three things I’m looking forward to:
1. The weekend!
2. This soup for dinner tonight.
3. This silk/cashmere yarn going up on Monday.

Three projects I’m working on:
1. My Goldfish Memory out of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere
2. Three out of Rosy Green Cheeky Joy.
3. Going through my spices and tossing the expired ones. (Does anyone else have expired spices?)

Three projects I’ve recently finished:
1. Belmina Cowl out of Walcot Opus
2. Holly the Hedgehog out of Fibre Co Lore
3. Camp Loopy planning (Info coming in May….)

Three things we’ve been watching on TV lately:
1. The Keepers (Wow. Sad. Haunting.)
2. Schitt’s Creek (Campy. Crazy. Fun.)
3. Zumbo’s Just Desserts (Which makes me want dessert.)

Three things I want you to know about the times we’re in:
1. Things will get better.
2. It’s ok to be unproductive. It’s also ok to be overally productive. (It’s also ok to eat more chocolate.) Whatever you need right now.
3. We’re here in any way we can help you. Just let us know.

Now – what three things (or one thing!) can you share with me in the comments?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Take care –


P.S. Come hang out with us and have a chat. You’ll find our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle here on Facebook, and our Loopy Groupies group here on Ravelry. We’d love to have you join us!

Three Things on Wednesday and a CONTEST!

Thing One: We are in the midst of our annual Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl here in Northern Colorado! If you’re local, pop in and check out two trunk shows we have going on. (If you’re not local – you should still get some of this new Blue Sky Extra yarn and patterns. It’s a new line just out this summer and it’s super soft and cozy and knits up quickly!) Check out the Blue Sky Extra and the Hunter Hammerson trunk show pictures:




Thing Two: Remember last week’s Thing Two? New addition Lexi? Today’s picture is deceiving. She spent the first day with us snoozing and being snuggly and cozy as pictured here. And then starting the next day, she has been non-stop attack-and-play. HELP!! (Seriously – any suggestions for getting her to chill out a little? Or do I have to wait until she’s a year old before that happens?) She is a handful. I probably deserve that, since I’m the one who wanted her and had to really talk my husband into adding her into our household …. She is still cute, though. 🙂


Thing Three: We have Stephanie Pearl-McPhee coming for our Fall Fling Retreat (which is full), but we booked her a day early so we could invite everyone else to come hear her talk, too! She will be providing us all with an evening of fun at the Embassy Suites in Loveland on Wednesday, September 10th from 7-9 pm. Grab your knitting friends and come join us! Tickets available here.


We’re celebrating our Eighth Anniversary this month! We already shared this year’s Anniversary Kit with you in Monday’s post. (Still some available, but they are limited edition so when they’re gone, they won’t be back. I know some of you have collected all eight kits over the years!)

To further celebrate, we’ll be having Anniversary Contests in our next EIGHT blog posts! (Today, tomorrow, Friday, next week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Labor Day Monday.) All you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment, answering our question for the day. We have lots of fun prizes that we’ll be sending out!

Today’s question: What is your favorite type of knitting needle: wooden, metal, or plastic?

Sheri whofavorsanyneedlethatisSHARP

Knitting and Sewing – Three Things and a CONTEST!

Three things you might be interested in:

1. Happy Honeymoon to Patti, who is offering all of her patterns at no charge between March 14-21 to celebrate. There are some really cute ones. Pop over and pick a few!

2. Miniature knitting jerseys wanted for the Tour de France! I think I like the yarnbombed bike idea better, but curious to see what they do with the jerseys.

3. How to sew a fabric lining into a handknit or crocheted bag. (And hey – we have the yarn and we have the fabric for you!)

Three ways to think outside the knitting and crocheting box:

1. A clock that knits as it ticks.

2. Taking knitting-in-a-rocking-chair to a whole new level.

3. A crochet yarn-bombing that goes to massive lengths. What a colorful sight!

Three things that I’m just not sure about.

1. Over-sized knitted stools. Not sure how comfortable those would be around the house.

2. A scarf that just might swallow you whole.

3. Knitted chicken jumpers. Although they’re pretty cute.

Three easy-to-sew project holders:

1. Drawstring project bag.

2. Zippered box bag.

3. Open-top yarn or accessory holder.

Three famous knitters:

1. Lucy (knitting herself some stripey socks).

2. Jack Bauer (but I think he only knits gun cozies).

3. Sam the Squirrel (he needs reading glasses. I can relate.)

Three other cute sewing projects I have put on my to-make list:

1. An easy way to dress up store-bought towels and washcloths. Make sure you prewash both the towels and the fabric before sewing.

2. Purse organizer, knitting accessory organizer, car organizer – limitless uses.

3. Low maintenance kittens. No vet bills, no litter boxes, no meowing in the middle of the night.

Three people who have won something:

1. Winner of the Fourth Quarter Challenge drawing (for a $25 Loopy credit): Gretchen from AZ who made the Gaptastic Cowl out of Shalimar Missy Bulky.

2. Winner of the First Quarter Challenge drawing (for a $25 Loopy credit): Cammy from NY who made the Racing Raindrops Scarf out of Shalimar Breathless.

3.  Winner of today’s blog contest: YOU? (Well, one of you!) Leave a comment below and we’ll draw a name next week to win a $25 Loopy credit!

Sheri thankstoPinterestforthephotosandinspiration

Three Things

1. I’m really excited about a new sock yarn line coming soon (currently being photo-ed in our photo room) and my second sock will be done by next Monday, when we put the yarn up. A PAIR!

2. There are still chocolate Easter eggs in the Loopy Kitchen. I wish those Loopy Elves would eat them up faster.

3.  But most importantly, the lilacs are blooming!!

If you click on the photo to make it bigger, you’ll be able to smell that lovely lilac smell.

(I wish)

What three things are on your mind today?

Sheri thinkingit’dbeniceiflilacswouldbloomallspring&summerlong