Three Things

1. I’m really excited about a new sock yarn line coming soon (currently being photo-ed in our photo room) and my second sock will be done by next Monday, when we put the yarn up. A PAIR!

2. There are still chocolate Easter eggs in the Loopy Kitchen. I wish those Loopy Elves would eat them up faster.

3.  But most importantly, the lilacs are blooming!!

If you click on the photo to make it bigger, you’ll be able to smell that lovely lilac smell.

(I wish)

What three things are on your mind today?

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  1. 1. where did my sandal weather go.
    2. Glad I didn’t succumb to the month of warm weather and plant my garden. It’s going to be 33 tonight.
    3. April 15 is our frost free day so the tomatoes can finally be planted.

    Wish we could grow good lilacs here but they really don’t like the SE. My roses on the other hand have been awesome.

  2. 1. Brennon 9 yr old

    2. Keegan 4 yr old

    3. Zayra 2 yr old

    My three kids that are home right now on Spring break, the two little ones have colds. Wishing I was there with them

  3. Oh, those are just breathtaking! Thank you for sharing!
    Three things that are on my mind today? Getting ready for the new baby coming in just a few weeks, reflecting on how blessed I am, and cleaning my apartment.

  4. I’m thinking it would be smarter to choose the knitting pattern FIRST. Then when I purchased yarn I would have the right amount. But, in reality, I am seduced by lovely yarn and then I have to figure out what to knit with the amount I bought. sigh………

  5. I’ve made it through dentist appointment without any lectures or more work needed, I want to finish my [stonechat featherweight](project) within the next 10 days, and if we don’t get any frost, my lilacs will open and join my beautiful tulips.

  6. Oh, I miss lilacs! I wish they grew around here.

    Please don’t let the newborn catch the toddler’s cold.

    I don’t think I’ve knit for a week… I need some time for myself!

  7. 1. I am thinking about how delicious those lilacs smell. 😀
    2. I am thinking about knitting another triangle on my wingspan.
    3. I am thinking about what to knit when the wingspan is done…

  8. 1. lilacs (now that I look at your lovely photos. They are pretty here in Iowa too).
    2. Grandson Henry (who I haven’t seen in a very long time). He just turned 2 and I will see him tomorrow!
    3. My son Neil, who is a volunteer firefighter in North Carolina. He just finished his fire requirement courses and went out last night on his first fire call that he actually got to participate in. It was a house on fire and they saved the house!

  9. I am thinking about filing my taxes, having just helped younger son to file his and trying to figure out why the site won’t accept older son’s checking account information to do his refund as a direct deposit. I am, however, looking forward to getting home to some knitting. You will notice the thinking abouts and the looking forward to are not the same.
    My former neighbor had the most gorgeous lilacs and the heathen after them cut them down (the woman who lives there now would never think to do such a thing). I do miss them and their lovely aroma (the lilacs, not the neighbors).

  10. 1. Spring Break is going by too fast.
    2. Working on my 2nd quarter challenge – Vodka Lemonade. Loving it.
    3. Need to clean the house while I’m off for the week and I just want to knit and watch back episodes of Downton Abbey.

    Love lilacs! We had them in our yard when we lived in New York State. They don’t grow in our part of Virginia.

  11. Doris, your comment about the lilacs/neighbors made me laugh!

    My 3 things?

    1) I love lilacs – we currently have some cutting in our kitchen (brought home from our church’s flower ceremony last Sunday). They smell heavenly!

    2) I wish it would rain – just a little – to water the peas and lettuce seeds I put in the ground a few days ago.

    3) What am I going to knit when I finish the two socks I am currently working on (and close to finishing)? Answer – probably gifts that I need to make – one of them my Second Quarter Challenge – but I want to get these all finished so that I will be ready for Camp Loopy!

  12. Now that my oldest is signed up for his first summer camp I am wondering what fun Camp Loopy will have for us this year!

  13. 1. Need to finish shawlette to wear to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival
    2. Wanting to do a Facebook page for our knitting group — that might be tonight’s project
    3. Getting older and not looking forward to birthday on Saturday. Upside is birthdya present to attend Bruce Springsteen concert in Albany, NY on Monday night.

  14. 1. spending the day with four amazing grandchildren!
    2. amazing sky today, beginning with grey/rain and now wonderful puffy white with blue skies to rival that Colorado blue
    3. the evening ahead to knit and wait for the stars to shine

  15. We had wisteria blooming, but it’s had one night of freezing temps, and another’s on the way. I wonder what happened to my irises?
    “More speed, less haste” must be my knitting motto — I need to finish some WIPs!
    I sure hope it’s not my turn to cook tonight……

  16. What 3 things are on my mind? After reading your post today,
    1) man, i love lilacs and really really miss having them
    2) wow, i am super envious of sheri’s lilacs
    3) why oh why can’t i grow lilacs here

    Before I read your post they were about the same amount whiney but were about work. LOL

  17. Three things on my mind
    1) want to come to visit you, Sheri, at TLE
    2) hoping to get some rain here
    3) enjoying spinning the lovely Mountain Colors top I got in last week’s Loopy update

    Glad you are enjoying your lilacs!

  18. Three things on my mind….

    1. I wish I could knit faster to complete more projects. They are stacking up quickly.
    2. How many needles are too many? I want a really big jar of knitting needles to display…weird maybe?
    3. Family…Love those close to me, but could do without the in-laws (sometimes).

  19. I miss having lilacs! They don’t grow well here in Alabama so the garden centers won’t sell them.

    On the plus side this week, my Lily of the Valley is blooming and the scent is Terrific!!

  20. Your lilacs are gorgeous! I saw some blooming on my way home from work yesterday and it made me wonder if yours were blooming yet. Glad to see they are and happy that you’re enjoying them! We have some in our yard, too, but they’re a dwarf version and they don’t have as strong a scent as their larger cousins, unfortunately.

    My three things: Loving my new birthday shoes, loving my new birthday yarn, loving my new birthday pattern!

  21. 1. Finish plying my yarn; currently redistributing singles as one is running out

    2. Make soap with the boys before letting them on the computer

    3. Is that wood delivery chap going to turn up or not?

  22. 1. I grew up with lilac bushes in the yard and I miss them. (They don’t grow in this part of TX– too hot). Your pictures made me feel the crispness in the air that I miss too.

    2. Our upstairs A/C unit died this morning. It’s 85 upstairs currently and it’s supposed to be a hot night. The A/C guy comes tomorrow. I hope. We’re all like wilted flowers here.

    3. Finishing my Order to Chaos (by Wendy Johnson) spiral shawl tonight!! I ordered the yarn for it in January of 2009 from you Sheri!!! I guess it’s okay to stash grow if you have a purpose for it. You’ll get around to it eventually. 🙂 🙂

  23. 1. Packing for a trip to a New England – 3 days of conference; 10 days with family!!
    2. I wish my lilacs were blooming. They are my favorite.
    3. What to make for dinner?

  24. 1. I’m thinking how weird it is not to be plotting a Spring Fling trip with BFF Liz this year.
    2. I’m thinking it’s good that I had my road trip to South Carolina, and another one to Kentucky in mid-May.
    3. I’m thinking that Alzheimer’s sucks, and that I’m really glad there’s knitting to make it bearable.

  25. 1. Will there be a Fall Fling this year?

    2. Will there be a Fall Fling this year?

    3. Will there be a Fall Fling this year?

  26. 1. Thinking about those lilacs blooming–lots of them in my yard too. But its way too early and that makes me wonder what the summer will bring and makes me pray that we don’t get any heavy spring snow. I told my DH the other day that since we came back to Colorado it has snowed every year after the daffodils bloomed.

    2 Thinking that I should have done our taxes a month ago.

    3. Thinking about what to knit next after the socks currently on the needle.

  27. Oh! Lilacs! Such a lovely reminder of the swift nature of joy and happiness, and life.

    1. I want to get this tin foil hat finished today.

    2. I need to get the birthday party invite finished today.

    3. Laundry must be done. Right after I finish this hat.

  28. I’m amazed to see that you have lilacs in bloom already, even considering our warm, dry spring. It will be weeks bafore they show their loveliness here up the hill. They look wonderful! Cherie in EP

  29. 1. Wishing that I had lilacs to bloom in my yard so I could actually smell them.
    2. Wondering what the “new sock yarn” is and what colors it will come in.
    3. Hoping that the new pattern I started today for my grand daughter will come out to
    be the right size.
    4. Glad that you knit a “PAIR” of socks that you will be able to wear!

  30. I should have brought in a bouquet of my lilacs to brighten my day. Last person that I am my taxes were on my mind and finally finished them today. I’m thinking I need to do some dishes and then I’m thinking I will knit. Yes!

  31. what’s up with the winter weather in April?
    tomorrow is my last Friday/weekday at the yarn shop? I’ll have more knitting time.
    I hope the bakery next to the shop has lemon turnovers tomorrow.

    Why do they build yummy food places near yarn shops? We have artisan bakery to the right and cheesecake shop to the left?

  32. 1. Is it 5 o’clock yet?
    2. Laundry is done so I can watch TV and knit tonight
    3. Hope the baby sleeps through the night!

  33. 1. I love lilacs, they remind me of my great grand parents
    2. Do I really NEED more yarn?
    3. I stayed up too late working on my first pair of socks, and now I’m paying the price!

  34. 1. Taxes are due,
    2. HOA dues are due,
    3. Ah !.-.-.- chew! Lilacs make me sneeze, but I love them anyways!

    Is it OK that I still want more yarn even though I do not need more yarn? 😉

    So much beautiful yarn…so little time….maybe a circular sock machine is the answer??? Or…. maybe, I just need an army of elves to knit all the socks that I want. But wait, that takes the joy out of knitting!…Must keep knitting.

  35. I love your lilacs Sheri :0)

    1. School holidays are almost over and I was concious of enjoying time with my children today
    2. It’s getting so chilly-winter is coming
    3. When will I know more about camp loopy, I can hardly wait :0)
    Love Mel x

  36. 1. Our lilac is blooming as well. I wish my allergies weren’t so bad that I can’t smell it.
    2. The weather is fabulous today and I finally got to open all my windows. It makes me want to go on a cleaning frenzy.
    3. It also makes me want to cast on a million projects but I am restraining myself.

  37. I’m late responding to this, but I love lilacs! We haven’t tried to grow them here, but we had some lovely ones back home in KS.

  38. 1. yard work takes forever. It doesn’t matter how well we rake in the fall, we always need to rerake in the spring before adding lime and fertilizer to the soil.

    2. The poor local runners in the Boston Marathon had 80+ degree weather today. While it might not have been great for the people running from Kenya depending on where they train, it is definitely bad for the New Englanders.

    3. Indian food smells so good. Makes me wonder why I don’t make it more often.

  39. April 11th was my birthday and I had a lovely day! There don’t seem to be any lilacs in Australia that I have ever seen, anyway, and I miss them! Thanks for posting the pictures. Things I thought about on my birthday:
    1. It will be nice to see my son, Michael, who is my hair dresser, too, for a haircut! (He did a great job of it, too!)
    2. I don’t have to cook dinner tonight! We are going out! (2/3 of my little family were there, plus a couple of special friends – I was indulged, fully! Girlfriend Una Mary gave me an amazing book – “The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet”! Can’t wait to start a new project out of it!)
    3. Having afternoon tea at a special coffee shop with a special friend will be a lovely birthday treat! (The cakes were yummy and the coffee was delicious!)

  40. Hmmmmmm…3 things on my mind
    My husband has fused vertebra in his neck which is bothering
    his newly replaced shoulder which is bothering; ah
    you get the picture; “the ankle bone’s connected to the
    Dadeedada etc” off to Fort Collins to see
    his doc.
    My family: health things and life changes for all
    four generations. They all make crazy, but I love
    them all.
    The lilacs by the front door make so happy

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