New Indie Dyer!

(This post, New Indie Dyer), was originally written and published by The Loopy Ewe. © TheLoopyEwe, 2021)

Today we re-stocked Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool and Crazy. I think this batch of Crazy might be the most colorful ever! They are still out of stock on some colors of Shepherds Wool, but we’ll get the rest in when they become available.

We’re closed in-store today due to our 24″+ snowstorm yesterday. The streets in our neighborhood aren’t even plowed – no way to get out. (So you know what that means? A day of knitting, hot cocoa, and a fire in the fire place. Just as soon as I share the Update with you!)

Pattern ideas for Shepherd’s Wool: Stillwater (on Ravelry), FlaxOaken, and Antler Toque.

And remember, we’re happy to email you the Crazy Cowl Patterns that we’ve designed, with your purchase of Crazy. Just leave us an order note.

We also added in a new indie dyer – Brediculous Yarns, dyed by Brea! We have her Addy Socks base, which is a fingering weight yarn, 463 yards, and 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon. Loopy Elf Karen made a beautiful cowl/shawl when we were testing it, and I will share that picture when we can wade back into the shop in the next day or two. The colors of this yarn range from crazy colorful to softly beautiful, and I hope you have fun going through them.

Pattern ideas for Brediculous: WovenOne and DoneFabulosity, and Raspberry Cordial (on Ravelry).

Our last Yarn Update included: Malabrigo SockDream in Color CityMarch’s Dream in Color Pop Up color, and Pretty Warm Designs stitch markers.

We hope to be back in the shop tomorrow and will get all of your orders out quickly, once we’re there. Meanwhile, we’re knitting on!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Malabrigo KAL & Dream in Color

(This post, Malabrigo KAL & Dream in Color), was originally written and published by The Loopy Ewe. © TheLoopyEwe, 2021)

March is Mud Season around here. That means the snow comes, then it melts, and things are just brown and muddy in the meantime. Not the most colorful time. We are in a warm spell – in the 60’s this past weekend, and supposed to be in the mid 60’s today! Then more snow on Wednesday and Thursday. (Yay, Colorado!). Though we are in the brown season, it’s all about color here in the shop (and we’ve had fun sorting colors for the Malabrigo KAL, too)!

New and Re-stocked:

Malabrigo Sock

Dream in Color City

Malabrigo KAL:

Did you see the beautiful Temperance Shawl pattern that we’re knitting along with, starting April 1st? It takes 3 colors of Malabrigo Sock, one skein of each. (The one below was done in Frank Ochre, Paris Night, and Storm.) We just re-stocked our Malabrigo Sock inventory today, so pick your three colors and we’ll get them shipped right out. The pattern is free on Ravelry.

Malabrigo KAL The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo Temperence KAL begins April 1st!

Check out our latest Designer Spotlights (on the blog, every Friday):

Annie Lupton from Boho Chic Fiber Co
 (I love her Boho Texture Triangle)

Meiju from Meiju Knits (I have already started her Summa Stripes Shawl)

Jennifer Lassonde from Down Cellar Studio (Those Ice Time Mitts …)

Julie from Julie Knits in Paris (I need that Gambit Cowl in those exact colors)

Remember – if you catch them during the week they go up, you get 20% off of one of their patterns!

So are you joining in on the Malabrigo KAL with us? We look forward to seeing the color trios that you pick.

Thank you so much for your orders and continued support. We appreciate you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Malabrigo (and new Pompons!)

We have more Malabrigo Rios for you today, as well as a new brand of Pompons. Check it out:

Malabrigo Rios

– worsted weight, 100% Superwash Merino, hand-dyed, 210 yards per skein.

Pattern suggestions: 

Ferryboat MittsKnit night HatPedestrian Crossin CowlWheatSuper Simple Summer SweaterHarvest

Here are some of the projects I have knit with Malabrigo Rios
 (Dudester ScarfSquishIrish Cabled Neckwarmer, and Training Wheels).


– made of faux fur, 5″ in diameter with an elastic loop for attaching them to your project.

One idea – sew a button on the inside top of your hat and leave a very small opening when you gather and close the final stitches at the top. The elastic loop can tuck inside the hole and loop around the button until you need to remove it to wash your hat.

Our last Yarn Update included:

Re-stocks in NeedlesExploration Station and Color of Hope exclusivesSandnes Garn and Peer GyntUniversal Bamboo Pop and Cotton Supreme, and Soak Wash.

August Camp Loopy Progress:

I’m making progress on my August Camp Loopy project (which just happens to be out of Malabrigo Rios). Pattern: Oyinkan Asymmetric Shawl. How are your projects coming along?

Let us know what we can get shipped out to you this week!


P.S. We are hearing about some slowdowns with the mail service. We will continue to ship Priority Mail with tracking numbers so you can keep track of where your package is hanging out on the way. Just know that we will continue to get it shipped out quickly from the shop, but it may be stuck an extra day or two in the traveling part of the trip!

Challenging Knits or Mindless Knits?

Do you manage stress better with mindless or challenging knits? I’ve been contemplating that. But first, we have a new service to offer you.

New Service – Video Shopping with Loopy!

Since fewer people are shopping in person, and many of you never get to come here in person, we’ve added a new service. We’re offering 15 minute video appointments for people who would like to see color options or yarn options by phone. At the end of the call, we’ll take your order and will then get your order sent out that day. (Not all calls will take 15 minutes, but that’s what we block out for you.)

How to sign up?

– Text us that you’d like to set up a video appt (970-568-5290, our regular phone number)
– suggest a day/time that works for you
– tell us if we should Facetime call (for iPhones) or WhatsApp call (for Androids).

We’ll text you back during shop hours with an appt. confirmation and then will video call you at that time. Note – we’re using different phones to call you back, so it won’t say that Loopy is trying to call you when the call comes through. But if it’s the time we set up, just know that it’s us!

Mindless or Challenging Projects?

I’m in the mood to start a big project (seems like a good time), and I started thinking – do I want something that is mindless so I don’t have to think about it too much? Or do I want some challenging knits to keep my mind occupied? (Or do I need one of each? That’s pretty much what I decided. Ha!) I thought I’d share some of the projects I was contemplating, in case you’d like to knit along with me. (All designer photos copyrighted, and have been used here with permission.)

I love Dee O’Keefe’s patterns. They look interesting to knit and beautiful to wear. As I was compiling my list to share with you, I ended up with four of hers on the list of a dozen! Here are some options that caught my eye:

Usonian ©Dee O’Keefe (2 colors fingering weight)
Cascade Heritage SilkUncommon Posh FingeringKnerd FingeringFibre Co Canopy Fingering


Quaking Aspen ©Dee O’Keefe (1 color worsted weight)
Uncommon Lush WorstedCascade 220Stonehedge Shepherd’s WoolMalabrigo Rios

Quaking Aspen Challenging Knits

Tendrilly ©Dee O’Keefe (1 color DK weight)
Uncommon Merino DKFibre Co LoreSandnes Garn Smart/Peer GyntWollmeise DK

Tendrilly Challenging Knits

Fallston ©Dee O’Keefe (2 colors fingering weight)
Cascade Heritage SilkUncommon Everyday SinglesWollmeise PureFibre Co Canopy Fingering


Here are more beautiful options:

Bitterblues Wrap ©Erin Kurup (2 colors fingering weight)
Cascade Heritage SockUncommon Posh FingeringMalabrigo Sock

Bitterblues Wrap Challenging Knits

Suburban Wrap ©Joji Locatelli (3 colors fingering weight)
Dream in Color Smooshy CashmereJulieSpins Silky 435Uschitita Merino Sock or Merino Singles

Suburban Wrap

Dream Lake Shawl ©Julia Decker (2-4 colors DK weight, depending on size made)
Malabrigo Dos TierrasMalabrigo CaprinoSandnes Garn Smart/Peer GyntFibre Co LumaUncommon Merino DK

Dream Lake Shawl Challenging Knits

Out of Darkness ©BooKnits (1 color laceweight)
Malabrigo LaceWollmeise LaceDream in Color Jilly Lace

Out of Darkness Challenging Knits

Milk Thistle Shawl ©Nat Raedwulf (1 color sport weight yarn)
Walcot OpusCascade Superwash SportFibre Co Road to China LightWollmeise BlendRosy Cheeky Joy

Milk Thistle Shawl

Above the Woods ©Katrin Schneider (1 color DK weight)
Uncommon Merino DKMalabrigo Dos TierrasMalabrigo CaprinoSandnes Garn Smart Peer Gynt

Above the Woods

Gratitude ©Marie-Thé (2 colors lace weight)
Malabrigo LaceWollmeise LaceDream in Color Jilly Lace


Bradway ©Shannon Cook (3 colors worsted weight)
Cascade 220Stonehedge Shepherd’s WoolBlue Sky WoolstokUncommon Lush Worsted


Or check out these patterns on Andrea Mowry’s website: 

Wildwood Shawl (fingering weight, try Uncommon Posh Fingering)
Baubles Shawl (fingering weight, try Uncommon Everyday Singles)
What the Fade Shawl (fingering, try Uschitita Merino Singles)
Goldfinch Shawl (sport weight, try Cascade Superwash Sport).

Several of the Loopy Elves are wanting to do a Goldfish Memory Knit a Long (because they see our in-store sample every time they come to work!) This one is mine, but I’d like to make another. So if none of the above patterns catch your eye, maybe you’d like to knit Goldfish with all of us? It takes 3 colors, fingering weight yarn, 1 skein of each (400 or more yard skeins). I used Dream in Color Smooshy Cashmere for this one. It would also be beautiful in Uschitita Merino Singles or Merino SockUncommon Posh Fingering, or any one of our indie dyer fingering weights in multicolors and speckles.

Goldfish Memory

Next week I’ll share some beautiful sweater options with you. Again, with some mindless options and some challenging knits. Somehow wrapping up in handknits (whether it’s a shawl, a wrap, or a sweater) just makes me feel better.

Stay safe and healthy – 

Sheri (and The Loopy Ewe Crew)