String Theory, Prism, Mountain Colors

The flowers and trees are blooming all over the place here in Colorado, and the yarn is blooming all over the place here at The Loopy Ewe! We have a lot of pretty color up for you tonight. We just added in:

String Theory Hand Dyed – Caper Sock. The last time I made an actual pair of socks was when I was knitting with Caper. It was so wonderful that I knew I wanted to be able to wear them (which involved knitting both socks)! It’s a little sad to see that it was over two years ago. I have made single socks since then, as well as done a lot of other knitting. But no pairs since my last Caper. I’m working on breaking that record, as I’m in the middle of another second sock at the moment. Details on that next week! But in the meantime, scoop up some of the Caper, because it’s wonderful for socks (and shawls and scarves and hats). Going up in 23 colors. (Shown here in Jade.)

String Theory Hand Dyed – Blue Stocking. This 80% BFL wool / 20% Nylon comes in the same range of gorgeous colors from Tanis and Karen, and is perfect for long-wearing socks. We have it in 16 color choices for you. (Shown here in Black Tulip.)

Mountain Colors – Crazyfoot. Another sock yarn I love for the colors. (See what I mean about Loopy being particularly colorful this week?) Seems like every time I walked back to the photo room last week and zeroed in on a different multi-colorway, it was a skein of Crazyfoot. Gorgeous. (Shown here in Winter Sky.)

Lorna’s Laces – Shepherd Sock. My third ever pair of socks was done in Lorna’s Laces and I’m still a bit fan. Looks pretty, wears well, and fun to knit and watch the colors play.

Lorna’s Laces – Wooltop Roving. We’ll continue to add in more roving colors until they’ve dyed up our whole order. These big puffs of roving look colorful on our shelves and they’re fun to pack up and ship off. Even better, they spin up into great looking yarn!

Prism – Delicato. A new yarn for us, and it’s so enticing that it will make you want to cast on a shawl right away. This 100% Tencel laceweight is a 2 ply, and it looks and feels a little like silk. The color combinations are wonderful. Prism is known for its beautiful colors, and it’s easy to see why. I’m tempted to do a shawl with beads with this one. (Shown here in Blue Lagoon.)

The Loopy Ewe – Totes. We have the Red Project Totes, Black Project Totes, Red Medium Square Totes, Project Keepers, and Accessories Pals back in stock.

Baggu Bags – all sizes and colors. Baby Baggus, Classic Baggus, Daypacks, and zippered pouches in all sizes. (Shown here in the Medium Zip Trio in Blues.)

Hiya Hiya – Circs and DPN’s re-stocked.

Lorna’s Laces/Soak kit combo – one more new one to add to the offerings! This one comes with a skein of Kedzie in Lorna’s Laces Solemate and a tub of Soak Heel Creme in Spearmint.

Have fun checking out all of the new things. I think a skein of yarn (or two or three) and a new project bag is just what you need on this pretty spring day. Or on this cold and blustery day … depending on where you live.

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  1. Caper Sock is one of my all time favorite yarn — but I need to finish knitting up what I have before I buy any more. I just need to learn to knit faster.

  2. I am working on two at a time socks-will help solve the problem of only having one finished! Love the new yarn!!

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