Three Things on Wednesday and a CONTEST!

Thing One: We are in the midst of our annual Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl here in Northern Colorado! If you’re local, pop in and check out two trunk shows we have going on. (If you’re not local – you should still get some of this new Blue Sky Extra yarn and patterns. It’s a new line just out this summer and it’s super soft and cozy and knits up quickly!) Check out the Blue Sky Extra and the Hunter Hammerson trunk show pictures:




Thing Two: Remember last week’s Thing Two? New addition Lexi? Today’s picture is deceiving. She spent the first day with us snoozing and being snuggly and cozy as pictured here. And then starting the next day, she has been non-stop attack-and-play. HELP!! (Seriously – any suggestions for getting her to chill out a little? Or do I have to wait until she’s a year old before that happens?) She is a handful. I probably deserve that, since I’m the one who wanted her and had to really talk my husband into adding her into our household …. She is still cute, though. 🙂


Thing Three: We have Stephanie Pearl-McPhee coming for our Fall Fling Retreat (which is full), but we booked her a day early so we could invite everyone else to come hear her talk, too! She will be providing us all with an evening of fun at the Embassy Suites in Loveland on Wednesday, September 10th from 7-9 pm. Grab your knitting friends and come join us! Tickets available here.


We’re celebrating our Eighth Anniversary this month! We already shared this year’s Anniversary Kit with you in Monday’s post. (Still some available, but they are limited edition so when they’re gone, they won’t be back. I know some of you have collected all eight kits over the years!)

To further celebrate, we’ll be having Anniversary Contests in our next EIGHT blog posts! (Today, tomorrow, Friday, next week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Labor Day Monday.) All you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment, answering our question for the day. We have lots of fun prizes that we’ll be sending out!

Today’s question: What is your favorite type of knitting needle: wooden, metal, or plastic?

Sheri whofavorsanyneedlethatisSHARP


  1. I love both wood and metal depending on the project i am working on. Overall, I love the wood for the organic feel they have in my hands.

  2. I love and use wood and metal and now actually have used some of my mother’s old plastic which worked surprisingly well with lace weight!

  3. I use metal Addi circs the most, but wood is my favorite. I love the softness. It is also what I always teach newbies on.

  4. Definitely wood. I love the Knit Picks needles–they are my go to needles. But then I also love my HiYa HiYa Sharps if I’m going to do lace. But wood would be my first choice.

  5. I like sharp metal ones! Wooden ones feel nice and are quiet but I like to knit with wool and it’s a little too sticky.

  6. I started off metal but now I’m a wood girl! It’s easier on my hands because they don’t slip and slide like the metal ones 🙂

  7. I love the wood options needles from knit picks, but I’m so hard on them that they always break, so metal ones seem to last longer

  8. I like metal needles for socks now as they help me go faster, but I started with wooden needles and still like them for other projects.

  9. Addi lace are my all time favorite needles. Turbo come in second, so I guess I’m all about the metal needles.

  10. Metal. Signature circulars, to be precise! I wish they still made the fixed circs. And I wish they would make 2.5mm, 2.25mm, and 2.0mm!

  11. Metal…..and sharp! Chiaogoo red lace are my go-tos.
    But I do love to use wood when I don’t need the super-sharp tips for lace work.

  12. Love-love-LOVE my Knit Picks “Options” nickel plated circulars…but if using DPNs, they must be wooden. I stand in full agreement with Sheri: I like ’em SHARP! 🙂

  13. It depends. For many projects I like the metal needles best. But for small things, like jewelry, and some lace things I like wood (and bamboo) better because the stitches won’t slide off the needles when I’m not looking.

  14. Generally I love wood the mostest, but my Addi lace needles with the red cables are a very close second.

  15. I really like the feel of wood, but they always seem to break on me. I also really like my carbon fiber needles, but I wish they were just a bit more flexible; knitting with them really gives my arms a workout.

  16. I’m a wooden girl – I find them so esthetically wonderful. Especially rosewood or ebony or one of the other fabulous exotic woods.

  17. Congratulations on your Eighth Anniversary! Well done and many happy returns!
    Last Week’s Thing Two, Lexi – does look adorable. From my experience with rowdy youngling cats…play with them a lot to wear them out, lots of socialization, and after the terrible twos, they calm down a lot. 😉 Hang in there.
    I’m not sure I have a specific needle preference now that I stop to think about it. I use a lot of small wooden needles when knitting socks. I am oddly fond of the few Susan Bates Quicksilver circs I have – and they’re both plastic and metal.
    I guess I love all my knitting needles. 😉

  18. Definitely wood – I have a mild tremor in my hands – thankfully the wood needles tend to keep the stitches from falling off… but I have one pair of size 7 plastic that I love to use – not sure why but I do love the feel when I use them.

  19. My favorite needles are wood. I have neurapahty and anything cold hurts for me to hold so the wood are not cold and makes it nicer for me to knit with.

  20. So far, I like wood–very smooth wood specifically. I learned on bamboo, which was and wasn’t helpful. I have a gorgeous set of DyakCraft Darn Pretty interchangeables, and I use them for almost everything.

  21. I seem to gravitate toward wooden needles. I like the bit of “tooth” so the yarn doesn’t slide around.

  22. I like the Karbonz interchangeable needles because they have sharp points and so far they have been durable.

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