Three Things on Monday

Three things I wonder:

1.  Why do the purple iris’ in my back yard smell like grape Kool-Aid? (Turn the smell-o-meter up on your computer and you can smell it. I think that’s the F6 key.)
2.  Why is it going to be 92 degrees here tomorrow and yet it’s only May? Is that really necessary?
3.  What roll do weeds play in the whole scheme of things? (Also Poison Ivy.)

Three things you need to know:

1. There won’t be an Update tonight because I got distracted by the Fling and didn’t order yarn for two weeks. FPS. Call me a slacker.
2. We had a big batch of Wollmeise (the slightly underweight skeins that Claudia’s mill sent her by mistake) that we put up this afternoon, instead. It’s sold out now and we’ll get these orders out for you tomorrow.
3.  We put the whole batch of Wollmeise up at once this time, so that’s it for this shipment. No need to watch for more this week.

Three bits of news about Loopy contest:

1. The randomly drawn winner of the First Quarter Challenge is Dana from WA. She knit up a beautiful Capelet with 2 1/2 skeins of Bugga. She won a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.
2.  The “Knitter’s Choice” winner of the First Quarter Challenge goes to Barbara from IL, who knit a lovely Smocked Cable Coat out of Madelinetosh Vintage. She also won a $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.
3.  You still have a chance to win a Spring Fling Goodie Bag! Leave your comment on this blog post. We’ll draw the winners on Friday.

Three things I have not been doing lately:

1. Knitting.
2. Knitting.
3. Knitting.

Is there anything that you have temporarily slacked off on lately? (Good or bad?)

Sheri lackofknittinghasnotaffectedmystashacquisitions.

Three Things

DSC00422It’s time. Time for a Three Things post. (It has been awhile!) So here it goes:

Three things I’m happy about:

1. We have now donated a total of $2000 to the Marsha Rifkin Ovarian Cancer Research Center, thanks to all of your Skacel Socks for the Cure Kit purchases. All of our proceeds (and all of Skacel’s proceeds) are being donated, and you all have been wonderful in supporting that with your purchases!
2. I received the most beautiful samples of yarn yesterday from one of our yarn companies, and it has been sitting on my desk all day long. New line, new base, totally awesome.  The colors are making me happy. Details asap.
3.  Not only that, but we have some great new indie dyers coming this fall, and that makes me happy, too!

DSC00517Three things I’m a bit wigged out concerned about:

1. Space. Or rather, the lack thereof. Need more room for yarn. (I did have one yarn company offer to send me shelves for Christmas, but I said I’d rather have another 1500 sq. ft. of Loopy space instead. I’ll wait and see if they come through on that…) This is the only place in Loopy, not filled with shelves – our front room. And I like it just like this. I want to keep it.
2. Projects. Or rather, the amount of projects currently OTN (on the needles), and the rather large number of things I want to add in to my list. Although I did send one yarn off to a Loopy Sample Knitter today, even though I really wanted to knit the sample myself. I thought this was a mature decision on my part. (I have a second skein of that yarn. It’d be best if I just left it sitting here and didn’t start a project with it, right? Because that would negate my maturity in sending off the other skein to be sample-knit …)
3. Decisions. As related to new lines and too many choices. But that only wigs me out concerns me temporarily, until I can spend the time planning and deciding. Working on that tonight.

DSC00514Three things I love about the Fall:

1. The crispness in the air (and the wonderful smell, especially when people are burning leaves.)
2. The colors of the leaves changing. (Really, how awesome is it that they turn red, orange and yellow instead of just going from green and alive, straight to brown and dead? Great plan.)
3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Bread …. (I know you can make some of these things at other times of the year, but they taste best in the Fall. Seriously.)

Got three things to share?

Sheri backtotheyarndecisions,gonnabealongnight.

Three Things on Monday

DSC03113Three things that we did this weekend:
1. Explored another town nearby, checking out their antique stores and lunch places. It was a nice cool, cloudy day, perfect for walking into creepy antique stores like this one. Really, doesn’t this look like someone’s abandoned garage?
2. Stopped in to two local yarn shops. I bought buttons and tractorguy_lorezbooks at the first place, and books and yarn at the second place. (Yes, you’re right. There is absolutely no excuse for me buying yarn when I have a whole shop full of my own yarn. sigh. But it was fun to look at someone else’s yarn shop for a couple of hours.)
3. Frogged a couple of projects that I no longer want to knit. It freed up some good needles and freed up some space in my brain.

DSC03116Three kinda creepy things that we ran into while out and about:
1. The Tractor Dude from a local pumpkin farm. His grin is a little menacing, don’t you think?
2. The Beard Guy with the spider in his beard. (Photo taken in another antique store which was actually quite interesting.)
3. The horn chair/stool that we found in another place. I know that some of you will probably like it, but I found it creepy. And dangerous looking. Not something I want in my living room.

DSC03117Three Nine things that we just put up on the website for you to check out:
1. Madelinetosh Sock
2. Dragonfly Fiber Djinni
3. The YoYo Cash Fingering
4. Fleece Artist Nyoni yarn at a super special price
5. New colors from Alchemy
6. Stitchmarkers and Spinning Keyrings from Dyelectable Yarns
7. Dream in Color Smooshy re-stock
8. New color from Dream in Color – Prairie Grass in Classy, Smooshy and Baby
9. Cute Christmas Ornament Kits from Kalamazoo Knits (or you can use your own ornaments and stash leftovers and just get the pattern here.)

Sheri didyougetthreethingsdonethisweekend?
Ordidyoujustgobuythreenewthingsinthisweek’sUpdate? 🙂

Three Things on Monday

DSC02856See this? This is how I’m feeling this week. A little crazy. (Yes, my hair probably looks like that – I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow, because I can’t stand it any longer.) Yes, I can mostly be found working or walking around Loopy with a Cup ‘o Joe. Caffeine is good for stress, right? (ahem) No, I’m not wearing red shoes. I ought to be. (This cute coffee lady comes from here.)

Three things I’m working on this week:

1. Getting the Sneak Up done. (Check – it’s up! You’ll find tons of Malabrigo – Lace, Worsted, Silky, Seleccion Privada, Dragonfly Fibers, Dye Dreams Comfy Sox, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Dream in Color Classy, Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, Hand Maiden Casbah, Lorna’s Laces Wooltop roving, and Knit Girl/Knitting Nerd card decals.)

2. Getting stuff finished up for the Sock Summit Boooth. (I love my yarn companies and indie dyers. They’re kickin’ butt booty to get things done.)

DSC028503. Overseeing Web Guy’s move to Florida. (If you have a 22 year old, you know that “over-seeing” is a misnomer. He’s taking care of everything. I’m just pretending like I’m somehow involved a bit.)

Three things I enjoyed last week:

1. Having Audrey, Gretchen and Jen down to visit from Indiana. Friends of Web Guy’s. Nice nice gals.

2. Having Jess visit from Virginia. Friend of Web Guy’s. Nice nice gal.

3. Starting a new project with Malabrigo Silky. OHmygosh is this stuff ever amazing. I’m making a scarf. I’ll show pics and share the pattern soon.

Three things I will enjoy this week:

1. The nicer weather. It’s gorgeous out today – low 80’s, low humidity, totally do-able for summertime in St. Louis. More just like this for most of the week. Good thing, as the All-Star baseball game is here tomorrow night.

DSC028522. Driving down to Florida with Web Guy. Does he need company to drive down there? No. But he lets me come along because he knows that his mom will sleep better at night if she can picture where he is, safe and sound.

3.  Knitting in the car for the 18 hour trip to south Florida.

Three more things you ought to know:

1.  We leave on Wednesday  morning, so I’ll be away from the blog and email the rest of the week. Call or email support AT theloopyewe DOT com if you need anything!

2.  Susan will also be out the rest of the week. (It’s a busy week for everyone!) But the rest of the Elves will be here, getting your orders out and answering the phone and support emails.

3. Our huge order of Alchemy Juniper is due to arrive this week, so hopefully we’ll be able to photo it all and get it up for you next week. They have been a great company to work with and I know you will love this yarn.

Sheri tellmethreereasonsonegoodreasonwhyit’sagoodidea
foryourkidsadultkids tomove1056milesaway?Whosaidthatwasok? I’mthinkingI’mnotgoingtolikethatverymuch