Three Things on Monday

DSC03113Three things that we did this weekend:
1. Explored another town nearby, checking out their antique stores and lunch places. It was a nice cool, cloudy day, perfect for walking into creepy antique stores like this one. Really, doesn’t this look like someone’s abandoned garage?
2. Stopped in to two local yarn shops. I bought buttons and tractorguy_lorezbooks at the first place, and books and yarn at the second place. (Yes, you’re right. There is absolutely no excuse for me buying yarn when I have a whole shop full of my own yarn. sigh. But it was fun to look at someone else’s yarn shop for a couple of hours.)
3. Frogged a couple of projects that I no longer want to knit. It freed up some good needles and freed up some space in my brain.

DSC03116Three kinda creepy things that we ran into while out and about:
1. The Tractor Dude from a local pumpkin farm. His grin is a little menacing, don’t you think?
2. The Beard Guy with the spider in his beard. (Photo taken in another antique store which was actually quite interesting.)
3. The horn chair/stool that we found in another place. I know that some of you will probably like it, but I found it creepy. And dangerous looking. Not something I want in my living room.

DSC03117Three Nine things that we just put up on the website for you to check out:
1. Madelinetosh Sock
2. Dragonfly Fiber Djinni
3. The YoYo Cash Fingering
4. Fleece Artist Nyoni yarn at a super special price
5. New colors from Alchemy
6. Stitchmarkers and Spinning Keyrings from Dyelectable Yarns
7. Dream in Color Smooshy re-stock
8. New color from Dream in Color – Prairie Grass in Classy, Smooshy and Baby
9. Cute Christmas Ornament Kits from Kalamazoo Knits (or you can use your own ornaments and stash leftovers and just get the pattern here.)

Sheri didyougetthreethingsdonethisweekend?
Ordidyoujustgobuythreenewthingsinthisweek’sUpdate? šŸ™‚


  1. There are definitely more than three things I want to buy in this week’s update!
    I went to SAFF over the weekend and saw friends, alpacas, and lots of yarn and roving and fleece. I am so happy you are carrying Madelinetosh now!

  2. Three things I did this weekend:
    1. Picked up my sister and her husband at the airport and returned their dog after babysitting
    him for the week ( thank heavens)
    2. Went to Stitches East ( so much fun)
    3. Cleaned out my bedroom (washing windows, floors, walls) and got rid of oodles of clothes
    by dropping them off at the local Good Will bin.

  3. I just moved down to Texas from NE Indiana so I unpacked at least three boxes. Now the fun begins. House hunting! I know I will look at more than three houses. Plus the best news of all, we sold our house in one of the most depressed areas of the country. We sure did get lucky. The yarn is all packed and in storage, at least most of it, so maybe some yarn purchases might be in the future. Yah I like the sound of that. The only problem, apartment living is not conducive to large stashes. but with a much smaller place there is more knitting time, right?

  4. I got some freaky shots of some creepy things in the oddest place, while out of town last week. I plan on sharing them on my blog for Halloween. They are really creeeeeeeeepy.

    I did catch the update, despite my tepid efforts to abstain. šŸ˜‰

    I don’t like horn furniture either. It bothers me. I did see some fine examples of it on an Antiques Road Show program from San Antonio. Catch the show if you can. I have a feeling you might already ready be a fan of the show. šŸ™‚

  5. Three things I did this weekend at SAFF
    1. hung out with my fiber friends
    2. helped out at LYS booth
    3. spent way too much money on yarn and fiber which is why I’m not going to buy 3 things during sneak-up. (I did buy some Djinni directly from Kate at SAFF–yummy!)

  6. No three things for the weekend, but I have three for you today:
    1. Got two pounds of undyed combed top (one pound is superwash!) for dyeing.
    2. Overdyed two ugly skeins of sock yarn into something beautiful (the ugly was my fault, but it’s okay. I fixed it!).
    3. Husband has agreed to make sock blockers for sale in my Etsy shop that (fingers crossed) opens Saturday.


    PS I agree. The horn chair/stool (chool?) is freaky.

  7. I got three things done this weekend!
    1: Took clothing and faux fur throw to fry cleaners
    2: Studied for latin midterm
    3: Took bridesmaid dress and hubby’s suit pants to tailors.

    (and knit a little on my Sommerwind shawl I’m doing for the kal. :D)

  8. Absolutely more than three things done this weekend:

    1. Learned to spin on the Hitchhiker wheel that I picked up at Rhinebeck
    2. Finished Mom’s shawl in time for her birthday in a few weeks
    3. picked up old WIP to finish
    4. slept
    5. blogged
    6. shopped for 2 things in last nights sneakup, but a third thing is on my mind

    that’s it – time to go to work now so I can keep supporting my crazy habits šŸ™‚

  9. Let’s see – it was a busy, productive weekend …
    Fixed a broken gutter on my roof, stacked firewood in the basement, helped rebuild a broken porch roof …all boring, but necessary pre-winter maintenance tasks! Would have rather been: knitting on my sweater, finishing some socks, drinking hot mulled cider! (there was a bit of knitting, but not enough!).

    I must say this week’s update is seriously amazing. I have many ‘wants’ in my cart!

  10. That chair/stool is freaky. It looks too pointy at the bottom to support much weight!

    This weekend I went shopping for groceries at our new Harris Teeter, finished a Christmas hat (yippee! I’ve been working on it for ages), and frogged part of a sock that I knit too long (it didn’t match the other one).

    I put those ornaments on my wishlist. They look fun!

  11. Weekend in review:

    1. Picked up my Sis-in-law from the airport. I’ve been freaked out ever since she emailed me that she had made me a pair of pants (Hammer pants???). Turns out she made a pair of cargo pants into a cool knitting bag. Whew!

    2. Watched my daughter get elbowed in the face during her soccer game. It took all I had to stay sitting and not run out on the field and poke the offenders eye out with my knitting needle.

    3. Finished Damson in Malabrigo sock. Lovely!

  12. I feel like I did nothing this weekend, but mostly that is because I entertained my inlaws (again). I didn’t even get to do any knitting until Sunday evening.

    Now I’m trying to get my blocking set up in the new house, because I have been putting off a lot of blocking for not having a good arrangement for it. Hopefully tonight, because I want to wear the shawl I finished last night soon!

  13. It was a quiet weekend here, but as it was the first quiet weekend we’ve had in a long time, I don’t feel (too) guilty about not being very productive. And it did mean more knitting time! Good thing, too, because the only thing in threes around here is that three of us have flu symptoms…yep, I’m one of them…

    Too much to choose from in this week’s update, I don’t think I’m going to be able to limit myself to only three items!

  14. I went to DC and climbed the Capitol Dome. I’m looking forward to coming and getting some good yarn in person soon!

  15. I think it’s really neat that you actually frogged some projects that just weren’t working out. I think that’s one of the hardest things a knitter can do.

    I’ve got a half-finished sweater someone gave me that only needs about 3 hours of work to finish, but it’s A) a very dated 80s pattern that doesn’t fit anyone in the immediate family, B) is made with the old-fashioned nasty-feeling acrylic yarn from at least 40 years ago, and C) has an annoying pattern that requires you to switch between different sizes of circular needles every other row. I’d frog it – but I’d be frogging a relative’s work and I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with the yarn.So in my closet it sits.

  16. That is really nice that you and WH are able to get out some now, on the weekends, to explore surrounding areas, etc.! I loved your description of some antique stores, as being creepy! I had not thought of it before, but I agree, that is a really good description, at least of some that I have been into. I sometimes just have to pull it together, because sometimes those shops have some very cool finds, and occasionally some very good prices!

    I did not accomplish much this weekend. I have had a wicked chest cold the last couple of weeks, that has really sapped my energy and strength. It was all I could do yesterday, to get it together, to take my little Lhasa girl for an emergency vet visit. Not quite sure what is up, but at least for now, it looks like she is just having a very early season for her, but it could be a uterine infection developing, which can be very serious. Fortunately, as of yesterday, her blood count was normal, and today, she still seems to be acting ok, other than her PMS-type stuff. We have to watch her very closely for the next few days, to be sure nothing else shows up.

  17. Strange, creepy fruit there! This is why I am not so crazy about halloweeen!!! Just at the turn to my house, there’s one house whose halloween decorations consist of hanging 2 fake zombie bodies from the tree in their yard. A few days later, one fell out and they just left it crumpled on the ground! I found that funny and creepy as well.

    I love the yarn I won in the blog contest! Thank you Sheri! I can now quit complaining that “I never win anything in these yarn blog contests whine, whine whine.” lol THANKS! The yarn is lovely!

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