What’s Going On Around Here?

Fall. That’s what. Lots of color (despite too much rain). We have reds and oranges and yellows.




Love all of these great colors which make the trees look like they are ablaze! Fall is my favorite time of year. (Although I might say that about Spring sometimes, too. I’m fickle.)

mitts-1And there is knitting going on. Remember last week when I said that I wanted to make these cute mitts next? Here they are and I love them. Since I can’t keep my hands off of the skeins of Cascade Eco Alpaca when I walk by those shelves, I thought that I ought to make a pair of mitts to put ON my hands this winter. I made them extra long on both ends, because I like my wrists to be warm, and I like most of my fingers to be warm. (But I also like having my fingers not wrapped up in wool, in case I need to use my phone while I’m out and about.) In the “when will I learn?” category, I had to frog the first mitt when I realized that I didn’t pay attention to the cables and had one going one way and the next going the other way. Then I had to frog the second one when I realized that I paid no attention to the fact that I was supposed to be knitting the RIGHT one, not another LEFT one. (I tried just ripping out down past the thumb, but the yarn is so wonderously fuzzy that I was pretty sure it would be easier to just frog the whole thing and start over.) Really, I don’t know where my head was while I was knitting this week. Luckily, the end result was worth it and I will be wearing these all winter long. Need some quick gifts? The pair will only take a couple of evenings to knit and you’ll be done. Just pay attention to your cables and your thumbs. (Note – even with adding in extra length on both ends, it still only took 1 skein of the Eco Alpaca, with some left over. This would also knit up beautifully in Cascade 220Malagrigo WorstedShibui Worsted, and Dream in Color Classy.)

There is a lot of yarn in the photo room today, getting ready for Monday night’s update. We may have filled up the whole UPS truck yesterday. I’m sure our driver was delighted to get all of those boxes out of his way, once he had made the delivery to Loopy Central!

Is anyone going to see that really scary movie that is coming out this weekend? Sometimes I like scary movies, but I think this one would cause me too many nightmares. I’m thinking I’ll pass on it. What’s another good one that is recently out? I’m in a movie-going mood and need some suggestions.

Sheri CollegeDaughterwenttovisitWebGuyinFLforherFallBreakthisweekend.


  1. I’ve totally been on a mitts jag — Maine morning mitts (Clara Parkes), mom’s cabled mitts (Jessica Jensen), rib and cable mitts (Interweave sping 2006) and, of course, fetching (knitty.com). Good thing they make good holiday gifts. 🙂

    And as for movies The Men Who Stare At Goats with George Clooney is much more my speed.

  2. I have been thinking mittens lately or even fingerless ones maybe I just need a pair of both and that will solve that problem…..

    I really don’t care for scary movies but love to watch the ghost shows on The Travel Channel on Friday nights. I love to see if I can see any of the phenoms before they replay it. Also if I was going to watch a scary movie I like watching the old ones with Vincent Price (Edgar Allen Poe is a distant cousin of mine by the way) or to mix it up a little with The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, or some of the Abbott and Costello ones to break up the scaryness of it all…….

  3. No scary movies for me this weekend (or ever, frankly…). Just lots of knitting – I’m even hosting a knitting marathon for my Knit Night group tomorrow with chili, cheesecake, cornbread, and Christmas – knitting, that is. I’m still working with that lovely Hand Maiden that you so irresistibly wafted before my eyes in one of your lovely photographs. Lots of mitts and socks on the list, along with a few scarves ’cause I get dizzy from too much knitting in the round…

  4. Where the Wild Things Are is either freshly out or will be out soon. I loved the book as a child, so I can’t wait to see the movie!

    The mitts are gorgeous. I have a charcoal gray skein of Eco Alpaca waiting to be turned into mitts for me, too. I haven’t decided on a pattern yet.

  5. We’re doing pre-trial stuff at work, so when I get home, I’m wired. I watched “Ginger Snaps” last night on IFC — an unusual werewolf movie featuring two goth teen sisters, one of whom is bitten. Not bad. I was thinking “The Vampire’s Assistant” might be fun.

    Those mits are nice, Sheri. I’ll have to keep them in mind, though it won’t really be chillin’ here until probably January.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I am waiting to see The Men who Stare at Goats-imagine that. looks funny and has goats in it. I can’t ask for more.

    Autumn seems to be at your house faster than mine. We are growing mud here. All the critters are knee deep in mud. they would love to get out of it and go to a movie but our trailer isn’t big enough for all of them.

  7. Thanks for the warning about the scary movie–I’ll pass, too. I still get tingles when I think about the old, old “Lights Out” television show. My mother let us kids watch –it was before parents even knew about monitoring kids’ content–and my brother and I used to hold each other tight as we watched. Anyway, I’ve never seen “Alien”, because I don’t want the images in my nightmares.

    Love your Fall color photos–that’s the one thing that I miss, living in Northern California. Green all year ’round can get kind of boring.

  8. I can’t watch scary movies… and I hate it when the ground opens up and a hand grabs the mourner and pulls them down into the grave–like the movie Carrie–which was the last scary movie I saw! Maybe “Astro Boy”? looks kinda cute. Your mitts are beautiful…and I absolutely love the trees here (in IL) right now. I think the rain makes them look even prettier. Yay! It’s the weekend and I can knit non-stop!!

  9. I normally like scary movies, but when my stress level is up even cheesy slasher flicks weird me out too much. As my stress level is nearly to head-blowing capacity (ask BFF Liz), I’m going to pass.

    Fall has hit here, too, and there are some gorgeous trees both in my neighborhood and on my way to work. I drive through a couple of good stretches of forest preserve, so first thing in the morning when the light hits it just right it’s like it’s glowing. LOVE that!

  10. I saw that movie several weeks ago at a midnight showing. My husband and I double dated with my son and his girfriend. I noticed that hubby and I were the oldest people there! Yes, it is very scary. So scary that I would not recommend seeing it at night because your only option is to come home and go to bed. Not sleep because you can’t stop thinking about the movie and every single noise you hear. My hubby who loves scary movies promptly fell asleep.
    And I made him come into the bathroom with me when we got home because I was not going in there alone!
    Love the mitts !

  11. Wow, that movie does look scary. I want to see Where the Wild Things Are, The Vampire’s Assistant, Zombieland, and Surrogates.

  12. Yesterday I received my LE package with Fiber Optic’s Coqnac colorway inside and it is soooo beautifully, brilliantly Autumish.

    I wish the leaves would stay on longer – it’s such an amazing show here in the NW – but I think this yarn will make up for it.

  13. I’m with several others here today:
    – no scary movies for me
    – Men who Stare at Goats is MUCH more my speed.

    Or just another rerun of Pride & Prejudice while knitting with something good cooking/baking in the oven. THAT’s Fall!

  14. Thanks for the fall pics… Right now it’s a sunny and cool 75. Everything’s still very green in Houston. 🙂

    As for movies, my boyfriend and I recently saw 9, which I thought was a rather under appreciated movie. If you liked UP, you’ll probably like this. And if you haven’t seen UP, you should!
    If I had to pick a movie to see this weekend, I’d probably pick Whip it. I’m a sucker for stories about strong/independent girls.

  15. Love the mitts! I may have to make a pair. I think I have some leftover wool & alpaca blend yarn which would work well.
    Bet you wish you could join in the fun with College Daughter and Web Guy in Florida. Nice for a brother and sister to have some time together, though.
    Enjoy the Fall colors.

  16. I envy you when I see those pictures. We do not have color trees in Florida and I miss them very much. Love your mittens, put them in my list.
    We are planing on going to see “Amelia”. I like movies like this and it is a woman story, one that dared to change things. Have a great weekend.

  17. Just watched White Collar on USA. Looks like it will be a great new series–clever with great characters! I’ll be knitting a lot this weekend. We are due to have tons of rain tomorrow–looks like the grocery store will have to wait until Sunday. :0) What a glorious prospect– a whole weekend of knitting! Ahh, bliss!

  18. love the colorful pics!! hubby has promised to go for a drive this weekend so we can take some fall pics, and see if i need a new camera or not…. such a silly Q!

    yes we want to see the movie but seriously will wait for dvd. The last movie i saw in the theater was almost 5 years ago! But our home has a kick butt system so…. bring on the pj’s and knitting with drinks while watching.

  19. No more scary movies. I loved them as a teenager and twenty-something but now I’m too sensitive. Coraline creeped me out!

    Love the fall photos. Our autumn has been mostly golds this year without all the rainbow colors, but still pretty.

  20. I’m fickle like you — in the fall, it’s my favorite season, I love it. When spring comes, then IT’s my favorite season. I’m pretty steady with summer and winter though – I’m not crazy about either of those seasons!

  21. We just went to see “Where the Wild Things Are” yesterday. I loved the book when I was little and the movie made me giggle.

  22. I love all the fall colors and agree we have had way too much rain. It is beating all the gorgeous leaves off the trees prematurely : (
    Love the mitts. I have yet to get my hands on the Eco Alpaca but I will one of these days.
    Enjoy your weekend

  23. I’m intrigued about that movie, but will probably not watch until it’s out on DVD in the comfort (perhaps?) of my own home. It looks pretty freaky though and I am intrigued!

    I’m glad I got photos of the leaves around my neighborhood about a week ago before they all got blown away or removed from all the wind and rain we’ve having.

    Love the mitts – in a gorgeous grey too, I might add! Perfect for the season.

  24. Oh how I wish I lived in a place where the leaves change. In Florida we really only have one season. I keep telling my husband we need to move north. 🙂

    I am going to go see that scary movie today. I love scary movies.

  25. I’m so envious—the leaves here haven’t even started to change yet. I mean, it’s almost the end of October, what gives? And I’m another one who can’t deal with scary movies. I get nervous watching sitcoms, FPS.

    Your mitts are lovely. I’m wading through a bunch of scarves right now (whole bunch of birthdays coming up real fast) but once I get past that, I might need some nice mitts…

  26. LOVE the colors in the photos…. I love everything about Fall, EXCEPT for the fact that Winter always follows…. 🙂 Thanks for the link to the pattern for the mitts. Mine are almost done!!! And I know I’ll be making more!!

  27. I was at SAFF all weekend. It was fun to see fellow Flingers and other fiber friends. I enjoyed some of the indie dyers whose yarns I’ve purchased from you Gale’s Arts, Sanguine Gryphon and Dragonfly Fibers. I gave Gryphon a “lesson” on the rigid heddle loom in “my” shop’s booth. Glad to be home now.

  28. Thursday through Sunday I attended Camp Wannasew sponsored by a cross stitch shop in Tulsa and just got home last night. They have some beautiful fall colors, too, much more this time of the year than I’ve seen in previous years. Thanks for sharing your fall colors. I just love this season!

  29. I actually saw “Paranormal Activity” with my husband. He failed to tell me that it was a “mockumentary” and not a real movie. Well…let’s just say that I was in tears at the end, when he winked and said, “It wasn’t real”. I could have killed him!

  30. I need to figure out where I put my last pair of fingerless mitts. It’s time to bring them to work or stick them in my bag. It’s getting cold enough to need more than shoving my hands in my pockets (or squirreling them up my sleeves).

  31. Love the fall pictures you shared! Love the mitts, too! BUT NO scarey movies for me! Hope College Daughter and Web Guy had a blast!

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