Three Things

DSC00422It’s time. Time for a Three Things post. (It has been awhile!) So here it goes:

Three things I’m happy about:

1. We have now donated a total of $2000 to the Marsha Rifkin Ovarian Cancer Research Center, thanks to all of your Skacel Socks for the Cure Kit purchases. All of our proceeds (and all of Skacel’s proceeds) are being donated, and you all have been wonderful in supporting that with your purchases!
2. I received the most beautiful samples of yarn yesterday from one of our yarn companies, and it has been sitting on my desk all day long. New line, new base, totally awesome. ย The colors are making me happy. Details asap.
3. ย Not only that, but we have some great new indie dyers coming this fall, and that makes me happy, too!

DSC00517Three things I’m a bit wigged out concerned about:

1. Space. Or rather, the lack thereof. Need more room for yarn. (I did have one yarn company offer to send me shelves for Christmas, but I said I’d rather have another 1500 sq. ft. of Loopy space instead. I’ll wait and see if they come through on that…) This is the only place in Loopy, not filled with shelves – our front room. And I like it just like this. I want to keep it.
2. Projects. Or rather, the amount of projects currently OTN (on the needles), and the rather large number of things I want to add in to my list. Although I did send one yarn off to a Loopy Sample Knitter today, even though I really wanted to knit the sample myself. I thought this was a mature decision on my part. (I have a second skein of that yarn. It’d be best if I just left it sitting here and didn’t start a project with it, right? Because that would negate my maturity in sending off the other skein to be sample-knit …)
3. Decisions. As related to new lines and too many choices. But that only wigs me out concerns me temporarily, until I can spend the time planning and deciding. Working on that tonight.

DSC00514Three things I love about the Fall:

1. The crispness in the air (and the wonderful smell, especially when people are burning leaves.)
2. The colors of the leaves changing. (Really, how awesome is it that they turn red, orange and yellow instead of just going from green and alive, straight to brown and dead? Great plan.)
3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Bread …. (I know you can make some of these things at other times of the year, but they taste best in the Fall. Seriously.)

Got three things to share?

Sheri backtotheyarndecisions,gonnabealongnight.


  1. I guess I never stopped to think about how many projects you must have going at once. It’s funny because I was just thinking this morning that I really need to FINISH some things so I can stop feeling guilty when I start something new. Maybe if I finished a few things, I wouldn’t have to keep buying new needles!!

  2. That’s nice of that company to offer to sent shelves for you. Need room for yarn – thought you were talking about the room where I keep my stash ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to be real strict with myself in finishing one thing before moving on to the next – except that I DID start a baby sweater and finished the back but didn’t continue – I just don’t think I liked the pale pastels in it – so may start one in a brighter color to keep me going. I did just finish (finally) a complet pair of socks (they’re blocking now) and I have fabric to start a baby quilt (sigh). RE- PUMPKINS: I had a pumpkin bagle 2 weeks ago with low fat cream cheese – was VERY good. The other thing we can get close to us is Apple Cider Donuts – FRESH MADE at a local orchard. They have a store – used to be in their old barn but they have a new buiding now. When you get out of your car – you can smell the donuts!!!! OH now I want some. They’re the kind where when you get them fresh out of the fryer they have the very slightest very thin almost crisp outside and so melt in your mouth on the inside ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I’m a little overwhelmed too. I have 3 project on my two spinning wheels, a scarf on the loom (out of Wollmeise, yum!) and more projects than I can count on the needles and in the queue. And then there is all of the yarn and fiber that doesn’t have a project assigned to it. It’s starting to outgrow the current fiber closet. I wonder if my neighbor would mind if I expanded my townhouse into his?

    It is shaping up to be a gorgeous fall here in Colorado. Last Saturday we took the backroads up to Breckenridge and the Aspens are incredible! I’m looking forward to seeing more gorgeous aspens when I head to Taos in a couple of weeks for the Taos Wool Festival. It’s the best time of year!

  4. I have SEVERAL sets of 3 things, but I’ll try to limit myself. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Three things I love about Fall: apples, pumpkins, nights cool enough to start wearing my sweaters.

    Three things I like about my job (really, there are): brainstorming with the boss, the flexibility to take time for Mama’s doctor’s appointments, girls’ lunch days.

    Three things that make me really happy with very little effort on the part of anyone I know: butterflies, hugs from my pets, ice cream.

  5. 1. I finished my Whippoorwill shawl today and I love it. Can’t wait for it to be done drying so I can wear it!
    2. I now am faced with the horrible problem of not being able to decide what to knit next.
    3. So I should just cast on three or four things, right?

  6. 3 Things about Fall that I love:
    1. Spiced apple cider is back at Barnes & Noble Cafe (and maybe Starbuck’s too…haven’t been there lately)
    2. Saturday’s at Penn State football games
    3. The gorgeous leaves and the cooler temps

  7. Someone just told me about pumpkin Hershey kisses! Haven’t found them yet, but I’m told they taste like chocolate covered pumpkin pie! MMMMM! On a hunt!

  8. I made pumpkin spice cake today. Mix one 15oz can pumpkin, 1/2 cup water with 1 box spice cake mix. Spread batter in 13×9 pan sprayed with cooking spray. Bake 35 min. Serve with a dollop of cool whip. One serving is only 2points, for us” WW” followers. So three ingredients and happiness in a low cal treat.

  9. 1. I’m going apple picking this weekend!
    2. Next week, I’m going to Canada and will work with some awesome people.
    3. While I’m in Canada, I’ll meet my half-sister for the first time in person.

    I will also bring home at least three kinds of Canadian chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I want to be a Loopy Sample Knitter!

    My three things that make me happy are:
    1. cross-stitch, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.
    2. hot chocolate, which I had after lunch because I was cold.
    3. naps. I really want one right now!

  11. Rut-ro!! I don’t want to see that front room go either, but…. you could always move, I bet the folks that own the Smile Station building would give you a great deal on rent!! and you’d be closer to pumpkin lattes.

    Three groaners….
    1. racking up frequent flyer miles to FL…i’m practically living there but I have 2 free flights!
    2. pneumonia that won’t go away…on round 3 of antibiotics and looks like round 4 is qued up
    3. getting a phone call from my husband telling me the wife of one of his employees has ovarian cancer

    Three things making me happy
    1. hugs from my son who has grown another inch while I was away
    2. an incredibly understanding husband, he definitely gets hubby of the year
    3. 2010 is almost over!!!!

    Hi to everyone.

  12. Something about crisp cool weather brings out the pumpkin recipes in me too! I cant wait to make pumpkin bread and some potato and leek soup soon!

    My three things that make me happy:
    1. My three boys, they drive me nuts but life would be incomplete without them!
    2. Autmn decor that is coming out such as spiced candles, acorn and pine cone potpourri and all the fall scents that make me want to stay in and knit in my overstuffed lazyboy chair!
    3. We bought a new house that has three different maple trees and a few aspens in the front. I can’t wait to see what colors our new trees bring!

    Too many bad things have happened in our family over the last three months so as hard as it is I am trying to only focus on the positives! Kudos on the donation, that is awesome!

  13. Good things:

    1. I’m retiring! September 30 is my last day!!!
    2. Cooler temps
    3. New season of NCIS (and I’m retiring!)

    Another 3 things would be yarn, yarn, and yarn, but that goes without saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Three good things:

    1. Seeing my grandkids’ beautiful smiles!
    2. Enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather
    3. Taking day trips with my husband

    And always, there’s the 3 or 4 things I have on my needles that I need to finish. Great job with the donation to ovarian cancer!!

  15. Three things I love:
    1. My husband
    2. Knitting
    3. Singing

    Three things I like to watch (esp. while knitting):
    1. Michael Sheen movies
    2. NCIS
    3. Disney movies

  16. 1) Fall hiking vaca….hopefully sans snow…
    2) Monkey mind when it comes to projects for vaca.
    3) Whether I should buy a Kindle so I have more room to pack projects……
    and, for good measure.
    4) Did I mention vaca?

  17. Three things that make me happy

    1. My daughter, just for being her
    2. My trainer, for kicking my butt into gear
    3. My surgeon for fixing the knee that allows me to have the trainer to kick my by butt into gear ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. My wonderful (patient, supportive, very hard working) hubby
    3. My kitties – Merlin &Tinkerbell, who fill in for the mushtime that I miss when my wonderful hubby is doing all of his hard work. lol

    Sheri – thanks for sharing your lists with us! Very good point about the pumpkin goodies… We have some dietary restrictions in our household so I’ll be making some substitutions for those and hopefully will have a yummy product by the end. No one so far has any issues with the actual PUMPKIN part, just no gluten, no dairy, and a diabetic and 2 folks with Gout… sigh. : ) Happy Harvesting.

  19. Three things:
    1. a wonderful husband to support me during the wretched times.
    2. a wonderful son for ditto
    3. wonderful pets for comfort

  20. Happy Fall Ya’ll.
    What is not to like about fall? Most everyone has summed it up nicely.
    Less humidity has arrived and am thankful for that.
    Baking recipes with pumpkin and apples- yum.
    Taking walks in the evenings when there is a crispness to the air.
    Fall also means changing closets from summer to fall and so forth.
    I am happy because I finished 3 projects- creature comfort cardigan, moxie and top down swing coat- see me glow? Happy regardless of weather, unfinished projects. Just so glad that it is finally cooler!

  21. 1. I am almost finished with a clapotis, a pair of socks, a crochet hat and a scarf – which is good, because I need to start my Christmas knitting.

    2. Frank’s birthday, our anniversary and Halloween are all in October, making it our favorite month!

    3. I have a knitting class this weekend at my LYS, and another one the week after that. Bliss! Gonna learn how to knit skull-and-crossbones socks for Frank!

  22. 1. Three weeks to go before we get our puppy – a chocolate lab. It’s been a long 8-9 months since we lost our dog to cancer.

    2. It’s overcast with rain predicted and in the 70’s today – a perfect Autumn day.

    3. My doctor put me on bp medication but the lowest dose is working great and the other test results were all normal – yeah! I firmly believe that having a pet will help even more! I’ve also been knitting and cross stitching more because that is bound to help, too.

  23. Three things I love:
    1. my husband
    2. my grandson
    3. knitting

    Three things that drive me crazy:
    1. my husband (but I can’t imagine my life without him)
    2. my grandson (he’s two years old, lives with us, and is as cute as he can be and non stop action).
    3. my knitting (too many projects on the needle, too many in the queue and I knit too darn slow)

  24. Three things I love:
    1. God
    2. My husband
    3. My cochlear implant which gave me the gift of hearing

    As far as hobbies are concerned:
    1. Quilting original works of art
    2. Knitting
    3. Baking pies

  25. My three things:

    1. My husband’s work is very very slow
    2. I crashed the car on Tuesday in a very stupid one car accident
    3. I hate being on a yarn diet more then the food diet I am also on. (that is going well–I have lost 16.4 lbs in 4 weeks)

  26. Three things I love:
    1) my cat
    2) I’m staying with some great friends while I heal from surgery
    3) I love the fall.

    Three things I’m not loving:
    1) My car needs some work
    2) I’m in the middle of a prolonged move so everything I own that is not in my suitcase is in storage.
    3) I need a haircut. It’s an emergency!

  27. Three things I love: 1. my three children
    2. my very patient and understanding hubby
    3. My country , no matter what
    as far as other: 1. my knitting
    2. my stash
    3. and living where I can enjoy 4 seasons

  28. Three things I love about fall:
    Cool, crisp days with blue skies.
    Colorful leaves.
    Apple Pie.

    One thing that I don’t love about fall:
    The season that follows it.

    Three things that I am grateful for:
    My children and friends.
    My work.
    My hobbies, knitting and reading.
    Notice that I squeezed five things into three spaces? There is so much more to feel grateful for.

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