How YOU Doin’?

Loopy wants to know, how YOU doin’? You said that like Joey, didn’t you? (How can you not?)

Just checking in, because for the first time in all of our years, I have fallen behind on blogging! We’re still here every day, shipping your orders out and thinking about all of you. Just not enough time for much blogging. I’m working on that.

We have been doing Facebook Live videos and Instagram Live videos for you though. It has been fun to stay in touch that way. I can’t figure out how to keep the Insta Live after 24 hours, but you can access all of our Facebook Live videos here. When we do another one next Tuesday, I’m going to have Loopy on with me so I can tell you a little bit about where he came from. We usually go Live around 3:30 or 4:00 Mountain time, after the mailman has come and gone and we can’t get any more orders out for the day.

Today, though, I’m doing a Three Things post. And I hope you’ll comment with your three things!

Three things I’m looking forward to:
1. The weekend!
2. This soup for dinner tonight.
3. This silk/cashmere yarn going up on Monday.

Three projects I’m working on:
1. My Goldfish Memory out of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere
2. Three out of Rosy Green Cheeky Joy.
3. Going through my spices and tossing the expired ones. (Does anyone else have expired spices?)

Three projects I’ve recently finished:
1. Belmina Cowl out of Walcot Opus
2. Holly the Hedgehog out of Fibre Co Lore
3. Camp Loopy planning (Info coming in May….)

Three things we’ve been watching on TV lately:
1. The Keepers (Wow. Sad. Haunting.)
2. Schitt’s Creek (Campy. Crazy. Fun.)
3. Zumbo’s Just Desserts (Which makes me want dessert.)

Three things I want you to know about the times we’re in:
1. Things will get better.
2. It’s ok to be unproductive. It’s also ok to be overally productive. (It’s also ok to eat more chocolate.) Whatever you need right now.
3. We’re here in any way we can help you. Just let us know.

Now – what three things (or one thing!) can you share with me in the comments?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Take care –


P.S. Come hang out with us and have a chat. You’ll find our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle here on Facebook, and our Loopy Groupies group here on Ravelry. We’d love to have you join us!


  1. Hi Sheri,
    I’ve enjoyed the videos on Facebook. Thank you.
    Three things to share with you,
    1. I’m thankful for my knitting. It’s kept me occupied and focused on something.
    2. I’m worried about my family and friends, hope they all stay healthy.
    3. I’m thinking about attending Camp Loopy this summer. Something to look forward to. (I want to get the t-shirt for sure)
    I’m in Tucson, AZ, it’s sunny and warm here. In the 80s all week.
    Can’t wait to see next week’s yarn and projects!

  2. 1. I’ve been bingeing “Still Standing” on Hoopla…does your library have a Hoopla account? If so, you can borrow items (streaming, digital books, audio books) for free.

    2. My knitting/crocheting is in fits and starts, so I’m going with whatever appeals to me, not what I think I should be finishing. Right now I’m crocheting a Steve Rousseau shawl; he has fabulous graphic shawls in both knit and crochet.

    3. Now I’m looking forward to seeing the silk/cashmere yarn going up on Monday! And I’m looking forward to another summer of Camp Loopy. And looking forward to going back to work in the fall!

    1. I like your plan of just working on what you feel like, without having to feel the pressure of finishing. And WOW on Steve Rousseau patterns – I had not seen those before!

  3. Only 3 — hmmmmm
    1. I’m looking forward to Monday’s update– I’ve got a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I’m a sucker for cashmere and silk! Besides there’s nothing like a BOF to raise ones spirits!
    2. Curious about how the Fibre Co Lore worked for your Holly cause I’m addicted to knitting animals and the blue you used sure looks like denim and as you might have guessed there might just be another animal in my future!
    3. Knitting is keeping me SANE!

    1. Hi Cher – the Lore worked great! I picked it because it was the exact brown I wanted for the hedgehog body. I enjoyed working with it. (And I know that more animals are in your future. You’re the queen of the animals in this book!)

  4. I’m not a Facebooker, but I am….
    1. Watching the snow coming down. It seems like the latest snow I can remember. We have a few inches outside of Boston this morning – April 18th.
    2. Enjoying, sort of, all this family time. We have 2 adult sons in the house, one is chef who is furloughed and the other is an office assistant with no office to assist right now. My husband and I are working remotely all day long and trying not to bug each other while the “boys” cook -a lot-
    3. Watching a lot of vet shows on TV. My family wonders how many times I can watch Doc Pol and colleagues pull calves out of cows. I don’t know, I haven’t reached my limit yet. My only complaint is that very few sheep seem to need veterinary assistance.
    4. Between knitting projects. I need to find one that uses scraps. My attention span is short. Maybe it is time to pull my sock yarn blanket out of deep hibernation.
    Stay well!

  5. My three recent favorite birding moments–

    1. Flocks of American white pelicans flying overhead.
    2.The brilliant blue of mountain bluebirds against the white snow.
    3. Cooper’s hawk sitting on the stump, chickadees alerting-‘we see you!’
    3. Robins. So cheery. All the time.

    Fortunate to be working. At home. No ‘extra’ time for knitting and I think the cat is annoyed that I’m still around.

    1. Oh, I love seeing hawks. I have to forget that they go after smaller birds and just enjoy them for the creatures they are.

  6. Let’s see. I find working from home very tiring, seems like I don’t get up as much and I’m trying to get up more.

    3 Things

    Hmm, I had a bunch of baby gifts to get done by June and so far I’ve finished a blanket and sweater/hat for my niece for her new little one coming in late May/early June. Another baby sweater and hat for her best friend’s little girl due in July (I think). Now working on one more baby sweater/hat for her BIL/SIL who are due the first boy in my niece’s hubbys family in July (I think). Can’t remember which baby is due when but I wanted them done by June and I’m ahead of schedule. My niece doesn’t find out what she’s having so their’s a chance they will have the first boy in her hubby’s family as their are 3 little grandaughters now.

    I’ve been trying to read more. I tend to read a lot anyway but trying to read down some of my huge piles of books. When Borders closed around hear I acquired piles to read.

    I haven’t been watching much TV. During the day when I’m working, I listen to podcasts like I did when I was at work and only see TV if I go out to check on my parents (they are in their 90’s). Otherwise, the TV doesn’t go on till I’m done with work and I’m usually watching QVC, HGTV or something else. Just a little news so I know what’s going on locally.

    Stay safe everyone. Looking forward to hearing about Camp Loopy this year.

  7. Hi Sheri,

    We are doing good.
    – I’ve been making masks out of fabric leftover from various projects, which is helping me clean out the Sewing Studio. (win-win)
    – We worked through a season and a half of Hawaii Five-0 episodes and are now working through two seasons of Magnum PI. That’s clearing space on the DVR.
    – The CSU graduate was furloughed from his job and he is helping me do various big chores around the house.

    Goodness…there’s a theme going on around here.

    Sounds like you are doing good as well. Stay safe!!!


  8. Hi Sheri,
    I’ve watched all of your videos On Facebook and now I want to make everything!! I’m essential and still working so no time for making everything. But I am getting a little more knitting done since I can’t go places on the weekends. I’ve been working on ufo/wip projects but getting the itch to start something new!
    Thanks for keeping us inspired!

  9. 1. Spices: I cannot believe how many we threw out when we moved! Made me think of when we cleaned out my dad’s house….only I did not have to regret throwing out all those vintage tins as I did AFTER the fact!
    2. May??? May??? we have to wait until May??? Oh year, it is almost the end of April…..
    3. That yarn looks YUMMY!

  10. Hi!

    1. I have 3 WIPS I want to complete by June 1: Hitch Hiker; Kyler; and Solstice Cardigan.

    2. I’m really looking forward to Camp Week in May and June 1 Camp cast on.

    3. I am so grateful that I enjoy cooking and knitting. Two great passions to have during this period.

    I’m also looking forward to making plans for that new yarn going up tomorrow!!

  11. Hi Sheri!
    Three things I want to share with you:
    1. I made that Chicken Bacon Ranch Soup this weekend and it is AMAZING!!! I will definitely be making it again!!!
    2. Chocolate is a vegetable (made from beans, you know) so it is good to eat as much of it as you possibly can!
    3. Today I found the yarn I bought when I visited TLE 2014 to make my own Big Loopy Felted Bag! I might finally start it!!!
    I hope spring is finally at your doorstep and there is no more snow for you and yours. Stay safe and well, Please!!!

  12. Sheri, your FB live vids are just great to watch. You do a fantastic job.

    Three things I am grateful for:
    1. A dear friend in SanFran is havinga girl baby in July, giving me an excuse to knit a baby hat, sweater, whatever, in girly pastels.
    2. A cardinal couple is building a nest in a very tall tree I can see from my bedroom window.
    3. The daily sunrise, a welcome show of lavender and gold and pink and hope.

  13. 1. My current knitting is birthday dresses for my girls, out of Blue Sky worsted organic cotton that I got from you just before everything went screwy. There’s a lot of stockinette, which is perfect right now, and I’m on track to have both dresses done for their early June birthdays.
    2. I’m soooooo glad there’s going to be Camp Loopy. I was worried it wouldn’t be possible this year.
    3. I’ve gotten into cross stitch lately, which has been a really enjoyable addition to my fiber art hobbies.

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