Winter’s Rhythm & a Camp Contest

I really loved knitting this capelet. Did you see the latest issue of Vogue Knitting – so many cute capelet/cape patterns. I’m thinking I will enjoy wearing this in the fall, out and about, as well as in the evenings when I’m sitting and knitting or reading and just a bit chilly. And the nice thing about this – the colorwork is all achieved by slipping stitches. You never knit two colors in a single row. Easy! The pattern is Winter’s Rhythm by Kelly Jensen. I made the larger size and used 3 skeins each of 2 different colors of Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Worsted. I think it would also be beautiful in Madelinetosh Vintage, Dream in Color Classy, Malabrigo Worsted, or Cascade 220. I like the collar points in front, but you can see that by just turning the capelet a half-turn right or left, you get an asymmetrical collar look. (Check the photos on the pattern link.)

If you read Friday’s blog post, then you know all about this summer’s Camp Loopy. I hope you’re participating with us! For today’s Camp Contest, tell us if you have a favorite camp that you (or your kids) attended. If you didn’t attend any, you can enter the contest by just saying that – you didn’t go to camp. I’ll randomly draw 5 names from today’s blog comments, to win a copy of this Winter’s Rhythm pattern. Growing up, I went to Camp Barakel in Michigan, Camp Conestoga in Iowa, Honey Rock Camp in Wisconsin, and Castaway Club in Minnesota. Castaway was my favorite. How about you?

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  1. Christine, I went to Camp Zoe in the Missouri Ozarks, too! But just one year (1964? 65?). My “camp heart” is definitely at Cheley Colorado Camps just outside of Estes Park. My daughter went there for several years and loved it too – and my mother (age 83) had friends who went to the same camp, so it’s been around for quite a while. It’s been run by the same family since the 1920s – 3rd generation now, I think – a wonderful camp experience in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies.

  2. My favorite camp was Camp White’s Landing on Catalina Island in California. It was a girl scout camp and my favorite experince was learning to sail in a tiny two person boat. 🙂

  3. OMG – Annette – I was just typing “Camp White’s Landing” on Catalina Island California too! Did you have any close encounters with wild boars? We had to turn in all our sweets to be sure the boars did not visit our tents. What a small world!

  4. Great memories! I went to GS camp and church camp as a kid, but my favorite camp is one that my husband & kids & I have enjoyed for the last 20 years – DeBenneville Pines, near Jenks Lake above the San Gorgonio pass (about 2/3 of the way from L.A. to Palm Springs).

  5. I never went to a traditional summer camp but my parents took us camping every year. We normally went camping for two weeks in Yosemite NP, Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs. Lots of family fun. I think I got the better end of the deal spending time with my family instead of away at camp. 🙂

  6. I think my best camp was when I was 12 and went to the girl guides Jamboree camp at New Plymouth NZ. It was a very long time ago now, but I still remember those old canvas tents and the long-drops!

  7. my best camp experience was summer 1969 when I was a counselor at the Easter Seal camp for the summer for disabled d kids. it was near Stevens Creek dam in the Bay Area. best experience of my life. seriously. I believe it hanged my life.

  8. Camp Walden in Diamond Point, NY was where I spent 10 summers. It was a great camp that is still around. I was a camper for 8 summers and a counselor for 2. Great memories!

  9. I also went to Camp Barakel in Michigan as I was growing up. It was my favorite. As an adult I went to Mom and Me Girl Scout camp with my daughter. I still enjoy all the memories.

  10. I never went to camp. It was always something I wanted to do but my parents couldn’t afford it. My girl’s have both enjoyed going to church camp for the past couple of summers. They are a bit sad that our church won’t be going this year.

  11. I didn’t go to camp, but I grew up on a farm right at the base of Camp Wanake in Ohio. My uncle was the caretaker of the camp so my aunt and uncle lived at the camp. My wildest memory is in 1969 when I was three a huge flood hit at the 4th of July and the campers were trapped up there. My dad and my uncles brought them all to our farm on hay wagons and then took them by boat to the spot in the road where cars still had access to be picked up by their parents.

  12. Camp Lackawanna in tunkhannock PA. It was on the Susquehanna River and its where I learned canoeing skills. I love waking up to the smell of pine trees in the chilly early morning summer days. I really miss that.

  13. I never went to summer camp, but did attend a day program at the Y one summer. The only thing I remember is marching around the gym in a parade wearing funny hats that we made. I think I’m glad it was only once!

  14. The only camp I went to was band camp. And, it was NOTHING like the movies. 3 weeks on the parking lot of the high school in August. We actually did fry eggs on the lot. But, I got a great tan. LOL

  15. I went to a horse camp at the Girl Scout camp in Bailey, Colorado when I was maybe 9 or 10! I still remember how much I loved it!

  16. No camp for me – that’s why I need to get it together for Camp Loopy. I am sure it would be my favorite!!

  17. I never wanted to go to camp when I was a child but online camps are so much fun! No bugs or snakes or sweating!

  18. I went to St. Dorothy’s Rest in the redwoods here in California. And for the last several years, my son has been going for a week every summer too. (St. Dorothy’s also hosts knitting retreats – you can see why they’re a fave at our house!)

  19. I was a Girl Scout for many years. I went to Brownie Day Camp, Camp Grant, and Camp Matta Wacca. I was a Counselor in Training at Camp Quinipet, and worked a summer at Matta Wacca.

    My favorites were Camp Grant, Camp Matta Wacca as a camper and Quinipet

  20. I was a Girl Scout and went to camp for 2 or 3 years. It was in Farmington Hills, MI but I don’t remember the name of the camp. Now it is a subdivision, but at the time, it was on a dirt road in the woods.

  21. I haven’t read all of the comments, so far, but I bet I’m one of a few that can say I live about a mile or so from Camp Honey Rock (associated with Wheaton College) near Eagle River and Three Lakes. I loved going to camp(Camp LuWiSiMo). My son looks forward to going every year, too. Looking forward to Camp Loopy!

  22. Coming from South Africa we didn’t have summer camp like Americans did but I loved The Parent Trap as a child (the Hayley Mills version) so I always dreamed about going to summer camp…

  23. My favorite camp is Special Needs camp for developmentally and mentally disabled adults. My dear son Adam who is disabled attends every year. As a matter of fact, he leaves tomorrow . He looks forward to camp along with the 100 other campers who go to Fun Camp. Bless all the nurses and counselors who generously volunteer their time, Now that is a great camp.

  24. I went to Camp Tekaquitha (sp?( — a Girl Scout Camp for a couple of years. Pretty rustic, but on beautiful Peconic Bay on Long Island.

  25. My favorite camp growing up was Girl Scout camp–camp Chinqua-Penn.

    As an adult, I went to Kanuga Conference Center for a knitting retreat several years ago. They had no phones, no cell reception, internet only in main lodge on their computers, and no TV. All we could do was eat, knit and share.

  26. So many camps… what a childhood I must have had! Camp Blanchard (YMCA / YWCA day camp), Camp Kinnywood (Girls Club day camp, with an occasional sleepover), Camp Neyati (Girl Scout day camp with one or two sleepovers per session), Camp Green Eyrie (Girl Scout sleep-away camp), and maybe another one or two whose names and details escape me. I loved camp! And still do, now that there are no mosquitoes at this latest one!

  27. I didn’t go to camp, but went camping with my sister and her in laws once at Walawa Lake. It was really pretty.

  28. I remember being sent to “day camp” and other camps as a child together with my brother, but I think it was a way for my parents to spend some time together. Now I send my eldest away…to spend time with my DH.

  29. Loved camp…went to Girl Scout camp Metamora and YWCA Camp Cavell both outside Detroit. I was also a counselor at the Y camp, after my freshman yr at U of M. My favorite camp was Interlochen, National Music Camp near Traverse City, MI.
    As for camping, Toured the Canadian Boundary Waters by canoe three years in a row.

  30. In high school my church had a week long youth camp at the beach. I went every year! It was wonderful and I have so many great memories of the fun and crazy things we did.

  31. I went to camp Timberlake, Wiisconsin, in the Dells. Think mozzies, sunburn, and out houses. Yes, out houses. For weeks!

  32. I went to church camp in Knob Knoster Mo. It was so much fun to get away and have a week long slumber party! I still talk to friends that I made during those weeks at camp <3

  33. The only summer camp I ever went to was a Girl Scout Day Camp that met at a large park on the north side of our town. It was lots of fun. Somewhere I think I still have a few photos taken there!

  34. I went to the same camp every summer for 7 years and then I worked there as a counselor. My best friend is still someone I met a million years ago when we were both 11. She lives 2500 miles away but will always be my bff.

  35. When I was a kid, there was a Camp Fire Girls’ day camp called Wi-Ta-Wentin and I loved going there. It was on the river and there were always lots of crafts. I can still remember the campy smells in the sleeping quarters.

  36. I love Boy Scout Camp. My husband often goes with our two teen-aged boys and they have a great time hanging with nature and earning badges and I get to come home to peace, quiet, our old dog Josie and two cats, Kissa and Diabla. I sort of recharge and I stay home to do it! (I had always dreamed of going to camp as a kid and had one disastrous week at a camp when I was about 11–argh.)

  37. I went to Camp Pokanoka for girl scouts and Camp Manitoumi for church, but Space Camp was definitely the highlight.

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