Winter’s Rhythm & a Camp Contest

I really loved knitting this capelet. Did you see the latest issue of Vogue Knitting – so many cute capelet/cape patterns. I’m thinking I will enjoy wearing this in the fall, out and about, as well as in the evenings when I’m sitting and knitting or reading and just a bit chilly. And the nice thing about this – the colorwork is all achieved by slipping stitches. You never knit two colors in a single row. Easy! The pattern is Winter’s Rhythm by Kelly Jensen. I made the larger size and used 3 skeins each of 2 different colors of Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Worsted. I think it would also be beautiful in Madelinetosh Vintage, Dream in Color Classy, Malabrigo Worsted, or Cascade 220. I like the collar points in front, but you can see that by just turning the capelet a half-turn right or left, you get an asymmetrical collar look. (Check the photos on the pattern link.)

If you read Friday’s blog post, then you know all about this summer’s Camp Loopy. I hope you’re participating with us! For today’s Camp Contest, tell us if you have a favorite camp that you (or your kids) attended. If you didn’t attend any, you can enter the contest by just saying that – you didn’t go to camp. I’ll randomly draw 5 names from today’s blog comments, to win a copy of this Winter’s Rhythm pattern. Growing up, I went to Camp Barakel in Michigan, Camp Conestoga in Iowa, Honey Rock Camp in Wisconsin, and Castaway Club in Minnesota. Castaway was my favorite. How about you?

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  1. I went to the Methodist Church camp in Leesburg, FL for 3 years in a row and loved it. And to more girl scout and Boy Scout with my sons camps than i can count. I love to camp!

  2. I went to 4-H camp when I was in fifth or sixth grade – can’t remember for sure. There I decided that the summer camp thing was not for me. I later went to band camp and other music camps, but we were housed in SWOSU or OU dorms, not cabins or tents. Thank goodness, ’cause I wouldn’t have gone if I had to practice music in a tent. 🙂

  3. I went to multiple girl scout camps growing up and worked at Camp Tripp lake in Maine for a year in college. Tons of fun!

  4. Went to a YMCA camp as a kid, but not so fun. My first year I passed out when the nurse was treating a boil on my arm and I peed my pants. How embarrassing walking back to the cabin! But now I go to Camp Wapogasset in Wisconsin twice a year with my embroiderer’s guild buddies and I love it. No cooking, no laundry, just lots of stitching. Camp is wasted on the young.

  5. I went to 4-H camp! Wow – the first time was a mess – I was in 4th grade and had to shower in the shower house with all the other girls – no stalls or curtains!

    Since then any camping I have done is in an air conditioned camper!!!

  6. Bible camp in the mountains above Los Angeles.
    Three of my girl friends and I spend the week there were it was cool
    as compared to the desert area where we lived.

  7. I went to girls camp for church but I didn’t like it much. My favorite camp like experiences were big family reunions at various camps in Oregon.

  8. I went to Camp Dearborn in Michigan in 1968. You know the joke between parents when they say, “While the kid is at camp, let’s move and not tell her where we are going?” well….when I got home from my two weeks at camp, there was a For Sale sign in front of our house. Guess the house didn’t sell fast enough.

  9. When I was a kid, I attended “Camp monde ami”, which translates to “World friends camp”, located in Cobalt, Ontario. I LOVED it there… people from all over the country would come, we were always between 150 and 200 girls – which is kind of funny because Cobalt’s population is less than 1000 residents.
    They no longer have those camp days, but the lodge and cabins are still there and my family now rents it once every two years to host family reunions. It’s nice 🙂

  10. I went to Solid Rock Bible Camp as a kid. I hated going swimming cause of leeches!!!!!!!! And the cold water part too.

  11. The most recent recollection of camping was taking my son to Lourdes Camp in Skaneateles, NY. He insisted on me signing him up for two weeks when he had never camped before. Needless to say, I spent 13 days driving to the camp to see my homesick child. That was enough of camping for me.

  12. I never went to camp, as third child of eleven and eldest daughter I more or less ran camp at home. We used to write plays and then charge the neighborhood kids to come and watch us perform on the picnic table.

  13. I hope I’m not too late in commenting regarding summer camp. I left for vacation on the 8th and just returned home (very short vacation, but had fun nonstop at South Padre Island, TX. I never went to a summer camp when I was a kid. However, I made sure my son attended summer camp and almost every summer he went and had a grand time!

  14. I like Timber Wolf Lake camp in Michigan. TWL is like Castaway but for middle schoolers. I did not attend camp there but my daughter did. She was the first to attend camp there from the Younglife and wyldlife students in our school. I did spend a weekend there and I think it was more like club med for kids.It was great!

  15. As a kid, I went to Girl Scout Camp in the St. Louis area. Camp Cedarledge is great – and now my 2 girls are old enough to go! They love it too. (And I’m pretty sure they’re still using the same tents I stayed in 30 year ago! Ewwww!)

  16. I never really went to a “formal” summer camp but I come from a family of fishermen, so we were always going to different fishing spots-even after my folks had worked a full day, we’d make sandwiches and grab a bag of chips, pack some pop and have a picnic supper while we were fishing. Great memories!

  17. I got to go to Camp Lutherhaven in Idaho when I was about 9. My folks couldn’t afford to send me so a kind couple from our church gave me a campship to attend. As I was only 9 my folks thought I might miss my little brother (15 months younger than me and a real pest at that time…) so they somehow found the money and sent him off to camp with me!!! What a pain! But by the end of the camp experience Johnny and I were much better friends and learned to depend on each other a lot through that experience. The next time I went to camp was when I was 16 and an exchange student in Australia! The cabin I stayed in was not lined with any plaster weather wall and the huntsman spiders that collected on the ceilings over night were terrifying, especially because I was on a top bunk!!! But I found out that even though the huntsman spiders looked like tarantulas (really, they do!) they are actually fairly harmless if you leave them alone. Now that I have lived in Australia for the last 38 years or so, I am quite used to the huntsman spiders.

  18. Every summer, I went to county 4H camp at the same camp location where National Youth Science Camp is held in West Virginia, as Eleanor describes above–it’s beautiful there and holds my favorite summer memories ever!! WV State 4H Camp (Older Youth) at Jackson’s Mill was 2nd only to county 4H camp. WV 4H camping program is the best! My family always camped around WV for vacations, as well. Almost Heaven: camping in West Virginia…take me home, Country Roads!

  19. I went to a Camp Fire Girls camp in Vandalia, MI called Camp Tannadoonah. I was not much of a camper and was sick at camp both summers that I went.

    As an adult, I prefer a beach house.

  20. I went to Cedar Lake Camp (aka Brother Geiger’s Camp). Brother Henry C. Geiger was the one who had the Children’s Story Hour that was on TV years ago. At least it was on TV in middle TN…

  21. never went to camp. not even day camp. spent my days playing with friends in the neighborhood. so deprived 😉

  22. Cheerleading camp at U of Iowa. Took place the same time as basketball camp, so half the time was spent all love-sick over the boys walking around the campus.

  23. Redwood grove camp! I went for many years when I was younger and volunteered in my teens. The best part was making “paint” from rubbing creek rocks together :D.

  24. Boo. No camps for me! I always got to spend the summer with my older brother and sister-in-law when I was younger though. He would set up a tent so we could sleep outside and he would make a bonfire so that we could eat smores. 🙂

  25. The only camp I attended was soccer camp one summer. I am taking my kids to camp in Durango CO this summer and I will be staying in a house on the camp property.

  26. I went to Camp Moval several times as a camper and then several times as a family camp with our church. A camp, I was never a camper at, but visited when my sister and brother both went was Camp Miniwanca right on Lake Michigan in Michigan, quite beautiful.

  27. I went to camp a lot (working mom). Boy did I hate it, but it is wonderful in memories!

    The two best one was Camp Woodstock in CT– the camp stuck in the 60s. And then I went to camp at Mystic Seaport where you slept on an old boat.

    So why am I doing camp loopy? It’s going to be like real camp- sounds great but the girls were mean!

  28. The week long camp I went to once, was Camp Christopher (yay for CYO camps!) but the one I have the most memories of is Camp Crowell-Hilaeka (not sure if I spelled that right). It was the Girl Scout camp that I went to several times growing up, and then I ended up working there as a counselor the summer after my first year in college. So many good times!

  29. I went to Camp Caledon in Western Pennsylvania. I adored it! I would go back right now if I could, but that was fifty years ago. LOL!

  30. The only camp I ever went to was a 6th grade class trip for a week. It was at Camp Wapogasset in WI.

  31. Oh my, I had two unforgetable trips to Camp Hagan, at Shawnee-on-the-Delaware in Pennsylvania. Bug juice in big aluminum pitchers, lanyards, trooping down the hiii to swim in the Delaware, rowing up the river to picnic, . . .

  32. I went to Girl Scout camps, some camps for our Church, and Pom Pon camp. The camping was all in Michigan and it was absolutely beautiful. I also camped with my grandparents in PA to visit Amish country, which was also fun.

    That said, as an adult, I don’t need to camp. A shower without fumbling with a zillion quarters or wearing flip flops, as I freeze is preferred.

  33. I only got to go to camp once. It was a Girl Scout camp in Virginia and I loved it. I got to play my guitar, make all kinds of crafts, and be out in the woods for a week. I think I was about 13.

  34. No camps for me when I was a kid… just swim team at the crack of dawn every day! Cruel & unusual punishment… 😉

  35. I’m one of those deprived children who never really went to sleepaway camp. I did attend a Girl Scout camp once and had a blast. I also went to band camp, although mine was not nearly as exciting as the one in American Pie 🙂

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