Winter’s Rhythm & a Camp Contest

I really loved knitting this capelet. Did you see the latest issue of Vogue Knitting – so many cute capelet/cape patterns. I’m thinking I will enjoy wearing this in the fall, out and about, as well as in the evenings when I’m sitting and knitting or reading and just a bit chilly. And the nice thing about this – the colorwork is all achieved by slipping stitches. You never knit two colors in a single row. Easy! The pattern is Winter’s Rhythm by Kelly Jensen. I made the larger size and used 3 skeins each of 2 different colors of Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Worsted. I think it would also be beautiful in Madelinetosh Vintage, Dream in Color Classy, Malabrigo Worsted, or Cascade 220. I like the collar points in front, but you can see that by just turning the capelet a half-turn right or left, you get an asymmetrical collar look. (Check the photos on the pattern link.)

If you read Friday’s blog post, then you know all about this summer’s Camp Loopy. I hope you’re participating with us! For today’s Camp Contest, tell us if you have a favorite camp that you (or your kids) attended. If you didn’t attend any, you can enter the contest by just saying that – you didn’t go to camp. I’ll randomly draw 5 names from today’s blog comments, to win a copy of this Winter’s Rhythm pattern. Growing up, I went to Camp Barakel in Michigan, Camp Conestoga in Iowa, Honey Rock Camp in Wisconsin, and Castaway Club in Minnesota. Castaway was my favorite. How about you?

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  1. I never went to a stay away camp – i was too homesick… but we always had lots of fun with the family since my parents were both teachers.

  2. I did go to ‘away’ summer camp with the girl scouts twice while in elementary school…can’t remember the name, but it was great fun. First time away from the parents and siblings, lots of fun crafts and activities. I remember hating the dirt, outside potties, and BUGS.

  3. I went to YMCA day camp for a couple summers. Lots of fun. Crafts, swimming, sports, silly contests and games. Every two weeks we had a sleep over at camp.

  4. I grew up on the southwest side of Chicago. Camp was limited to racing rats in the alley during summer vacation!
    I like this version of camp MUCH better!

  5. I went to Camp Lakamaga (a Girl Scout camp) when I was a kid. Parts of it were fun but most of it was miserable. I prefer this bug and latrine free camp!

  6. I went to Camp o’ the Hills in the Irish Hills in Michigan. The cool thing was that on a NASCAR weekend you could hear the cars at camp. Oh, and one time I found a snake that had been run over by a car.

  7. I went to Camp SEWATARO, or at least that is how I think it is spelled, one summer. It was not too far from home and I got to shoot arrows with a bow and did arts and crafts, other than that I spent most summers with my family beach buggying on Cape Cod. I fished, clammed, surfed, swam, shelled and beachcombed, flew kites, played hide and seek on the beach at night (it is hard because it is flat…use your imaginations)

  8. I went to Sierra Christian Service Camp in the Sierra Mountains, California. I have great memories!

  9. I went to Girl Scout camp in New Hampshire where I grew up. We had a blast, and I can remember wanting to stay up really late to talk around the campfire but the counselors made us go to bed! How rude! We did so many arts and crafts, canoes, swam, hiked, and played tons of games over the course of a week. My mom revealed later that she was really worried that she would end up having to pick me up early, thinking that I would get homesick. Naahhh, not me. I never looked back once. There was way too much un to be had.

  10. I went to 4-H camp just for the weekend on LI. When my boys were old enough we sent them to 4-H camp in upstate NY. I loved doing the arts & crafts.


    P.S. Sheri weren’t you knitting a similar cape during Spring Fling in a light blue and red?

  11. Growing up, and to this day, I went to Chautauqua, NY. While in elementary and junior/senior high, I went to Chautauqua Boys and Girls club. It was like a day camp. I also worked there for four summers as a counselor. My brother and sisters and I still own our family home there. Now, I spend lots of time knitting in the summers 🙂

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