The Sound of Maracas

Ok, it’s really just Cicadas. But it sure sounds like there are 982 people lined up and down my street, each vigorously shaking a set of maracas. (Is Cicada Season over yet?) Some areas – and I’m betting our neighborhood is one of those – can have up to a million cicadas in a one acre area. Isn’t that a lovely thought? Guess what flew down into our fireplace? It has kept both cats highly entertained. Fortunately, the fireplace is very well sealed and that bug is not going to be getting out into my house.

I walked into work the other morning and darned if there wasn’t a really LOUD cicada buzz. In my office. Seriously? I went to get Elves Karen and Donna to help me look for it (I was sure it was in my ceiling tiles) but as we were walking back to my office, Karen said, “Wait a minute. It’s on your back.” Β At which point I jumped up and down yelling “Get it off! Get it off!” and Karen kept saying, “Well hang on just a minute…”. I wasn’t really in the mood to “hang on just a minute”. I had visions of it flying up into my hair or buzzing around me face. She finally flicked it off (I’m sure it took her several minutes to work up the courage – or at least 15 seconds), I continued jumping up and down and screeching, “ew ew ew ew” (because apparently having a bug on my back turns me into a 10 year old sissy girl), and Elf Donna killed it. Mission accomplished. (For you bug lovers who think we should have taken it back outside? Sorry.)

Of course then I started thinking about the alternative. I’m pretty sure it must’ve rode over to Loopy in the car with me. There are more cicadas on my street than in the Loopy parking lot. I’m just thankful that it didn’t start buzzing on my shoulder during the ride over, because I’m thinking I might have caused an accident.

No Update for tonight, just because we didn’t get much in this past week. We do, however, have a ton of stuff on order and arriving soon! And in the meantime, we’ll keep getting your Camp Loopy orders packed up and shipped out. I’m glad so many of you are camping along with us. It will be fun! If you haven’t yet picked out the yarn and pattern for your first project, pop over and shop. We’ve already sent out some really gorgeous color combinations for this two-color project. Watch for our first Camp Contest in Wednesday’s blog.

Sheri whoisprettysureyoudon’twanttoseeanymorecicadaphotos.


  1. Well, we’ve finally had a few just doing what sound like warm-up calls, (like somebody trying unsuccessfully to start a weed-eater), but nothing full-blown. Guess they like your side of the state much better! I suppose I shouldn’t tell you that one of my favorite activities as a child was to decorate myself with the shed shells – ? I still like to keep a few in the car to decorate the ceiling…… πŸ™‚

  2. OMG I was laughing so hard at the vision of you jumping up and down hollering I nearly spilled my coffee! Summer has finally arrived here, but no cicadas, just LOADS of dandelions, and lots of mountain wild flowers, red, blue, purple, white and yellow. Happy Monday!

  3. My husband and I are originally from Southern Illinois. We moved out to Oregon in ’07 and I had totally forgotten about cicadas! Grew up with them our entire lives and then totally forgotten! I remember one summer…’06 maybe… when it was a particularly bad year and we were out in Giant City State Park and we had to shout at each other to be heard over the chirping. I do not miss those bugs!

  4. When we had them in Maryland (our 17 year cycle is different from yours) there were recipes circulating, restaurants advertising serving them fried (if you dared!), and other such nonsense. Seems they’re a good source of protein, if you’re hungry enough.

    I’m glad you survived the invasion, and that you were not in an accident! Stay well, and don’t look up the recipes. Just trust me on this one. Ew.

  5. Oh Sheri, I share in your heebie jeebies! Once, a coworker thought it would be funny to place a giant fake bug on my keyboard tray while I stepped out. I walked back into my office with the company president to talk work stuff. Yup, as I pulled out my keyboard, it was there. I screamed and tears just started rolling (adrenaline rush from fear). Thankfully, my boss was extremely understanding and patient. LOL

    Glad you are ok. I would have needed the entire day off to recover from the trauma!!

  6. I’m glad you had someone there to get that horrible bug off of you and kill it! I hate cicadas with a passion. They’re ugly, gross, and make a horribly annoying noise. I’m glad that one is dead!!

  7. Wow. I was away this weekend and I did spend a goodly amount of time killing mosquitos and other bugs. It was a bit of excitement.

    I’m not sure what I would do with the cicadas. I think it depends on how many people are around. I’m a bit calmer about it when other people are super freaked out.

  8. is there a yarn color called Cicada? maybe that’s what this one was looking for. One landed on my balcony last week and the cats were mesmerized. I wish the cicadas would take up residence in Congress. let them filibuster there.

  9. I entirely get your reaction to the cicada on your back. I had a tick on my head once (one of the huge ones) and I thought I was going to completely lose it before my husband got it out. I’m really calm about taking them off other people but having it on me – especially in my hair – just totally flipped me out.

  10. Nah, you should not have put it back outside-they are going to die out in a few weeks anyway. My friends have been feeding them to their tropical fish. My chickens are enjoying watching them. The dogs are entertained as well.

    I was sad that I could not do Camp Loopy-the yarn is not in the colors I want. Maybe the next challenge…

  11. I would have killed it too. I still remember my trip to Montreal during the caterpillar season. Imagine going to the park and every where you look are caterpillars! In the trees and on the ground. Not being able to walk any where without stepping on caterpillars. It still gives me the shivers!! ICKY!!

  12. Eww.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one either. My husband and I were driving once when a large bug flew in the window, hit me, and disappeared. The other drivers got quite the show as I whipped off the seatbelt and started coming out of layers (summer, so not so many layers involved). Poor hubby was trying so hard to not have an accident with me flailing around in the cab of the truck, spazzing out the whole time.

  13. What’s a cicada? I live in Northern California. Can’t be as gross as grasshoppers (I lived in Colorado), cockroaches (I lived in Illinois and Mississippi), centipedes and scorpions (I lived in Texas) and rats (I lived in The Azores, Portugal). In Northern California all that grosses me out is the current weather….

  14. Ignore my laughter, I’m really very sympathetic. You should have seen my reaction to a cricket on my bathmat in a 9th floor hotel room at 4:30 one morning. And I had just pulled off my PJs before I turned on the bathroom light. It was horrifying, I couldn’t scream because it was 4:30, and I was naked. Never go to Texas during cricket season.

  15. When I was in high school, the hatch of the 7 year cicadas and the 30-something year cicadas coincided one summer. Apparently the noise in some neighborhoods was above the legal level for sound and the sidewalks and driveways were nearly solid with them. I remember tip-toeing my way down the drive to get the mail because I didn’t want to crush them but you couldn’t even put a foot all the way down, there were that many. I guess I don’t remember any more how long it lasted-maybe 3 weeks. I’m not particularly grossed out by bugs but it sure made an impression on me!

  16. I am in TN and we have had our bout with them. They are soooo loud it sounded like we had a “herd” of them in our bottom field! My little yorkie is scared of them and so am I!! They have ugly red eyes and I don’t know if they bite but I do know that a guy was baling hay and one got underneath his arm and all he knew was something was aggravating him, well he kinda squeezed his arm against his side and long story short, it was very bad! He had a red ring around his whole upper arm that was seriously swollen. Something about sticky things on their legs? IDK…I don’t get close enough to find out!!!

    I guess I am in the “little 10 yr old girl” club too…eeeeeeeewwww!!

  17. I have been working over near there recently. I make sure my car windows are up when I cross the bridge. Those things are big enough to carry off your cats! Have you noticed they make a different sound as they come charging towards you? Not maracas, more like a battle scream. ICK!

  18. I think I could deal with the cicadas, especially after having to deal with 2″ long fat waterbugs that come into my NY apartment on occasion

  19. The periodical cicadas come every 17 years in northern Illinois – I think the last time they came was 2004. My neighbor and I, who walk to the train, did a cicada check every day because they were on our clothes, in our hair – they are a little unnerving when they land on you, but they were so fascinating . . . πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking your emergence must be of the 13 year variety.

    The dogday cicadas are the ones that come every year here πŸ™‚ I find them interesting, too, which is kind of wild, because I don’t like bugs at all.

  20. I work in an office full of 10 year old sissy girls, including the guys. I am the one who generally takes care of all bugs because unless it’s a bee or wasp, to which I’m highly allergic, they don’t bother me.

    And we, too, get a cicada down the chimney almost every year. Paddy is fascinated. Should be interesting to see what Maggie does this year. πŸ˜€

  21. I just saw the email saying that my Camp Loopy supplies have been mailed – I hope no cicadas are included πŸ˜‰

  22. Don’t hate me… or think I’m insane! But I adore cicadas!

    (Keep in mind that when you see & hear them as adults they don’t even have mouths!! They can’t bite or sting. They just make a lot of noise)

  23. Cindy is definitely onto something there with the new Gryphon colorway!

    Just for the record my own 10 year old girl is way braver than I am. We don’t have cicadas in SC but we do have “palmetto bugs” (aka really huge cockroaches) and she takes them in stride. Not me.

  24. Oh that reminds me of what happened yesterday. We were leaving for church and my daughter grimaced and said, “There’s a big spider in your hair!” I immediately started flicking my hair this way and that but could not find it or did not see it land on the sidewalk. For the rest of the morning, I kept feeling like there was something crawling all over my body, down my front, around my bra but of course it was all in my imagination.

  25. Had to read your cicada story twice, to be sure that “It’s on your back!” wasn’t a Loopy elf joke! πŸ˜€ (Guess that tells you something about my “friends” and family members.)

  26. my shadow (cat) is enjoying bug season. two years ago at work i had a string of horrid bug occurances (i work in nyc, you can probably guess what bug) and shivered with you and still have an extreme adversion to umbrellas.

    cicada season can’t end quick enough!

  27. I just have to tell you about my d-i-l. She is absolutely TERRIFIED of the cicadas. When she came to pick up her girls Thursday evening she called from the driveway to make sure the front door was unlocked. We all stood at the front windows & watched her get out of her car – picture this – she had on sweat pants that were tight around her ankles, tennis shoes with socks, a Mizzou hoodie sweatshirt with the hood up so not a strand of hair was showing & tied under her chin, big huge sunglasses & her tennis racket swinging at the bugs! My daughter came in right behind her & said she looked like the uni bugger!!! I want to tell you we all laughed so hard we couldn’t catch our breath & had tears rolling down our cheeks.

  28. Is anybody interested in Bugga Yarn??? lol The colors of Wollmeise Libelle remind me of the irridescent colors on a cicada (except the yarn is prettier!)

    The strange thing is that I live in St. Louis too and there aren’t very many cicadas in our neighborhood. It seems that it’s mostly west of I-270 this year.

    I have heavy cicada years, though. We have a wood deck out back and on the really heavy years they climb up the balstrades to shed their skins. It’s gross!

  29. Makes me glad to live northerly, no oe talks about cicadas so I guess they don’t like it around here :). The black flies are our topic of conversation right now.

  30. You are lucky… I actually had one of those 13-year cicadas start buzzing around in my car (it had attached itself to – you guessed it – my back!) while I was going 65mph and I very nearly DID get into a car accident, swerving and almost hitting the car driving next to me. Those things are dangerous! And nasty! I totally wouldn’t have taken it back outside either. Luckily, it only lasts a few weeks. Pretty soon you’ll hit the gross part… when all the dead bodies line the streets. YUCK!

  31. @ Joannah, annoying as they are, I would take cicadas over black flies any day of the week. I have spent many summers of my life in the woods of northern Maine. Ciacas may be big and loud and ugly, but at least they don’t bite!
    My 3 yr old got buzzed by a low flying cicada while working in the garden the other day. It freaked the poor little guy out. He calmed down when I told him that even though they are loud and ugly, like most loud ugly things, they won’t hurt you. He spent the rest of the day telling everyone he saw, “Loud and ugly won’t hurt you.”

  32. I don’t think you’re going to miss St. Louis at all, between the summer heat, tornadoes, cicadas. Your Loopy elves, your friends and customers—yes, the other stuff, no! We love Colorado and have traveled there often. That must be why our daughter lived there for 3 years, now living in Florida, and probably going back to CO someday. A close friend lives in Fort Collins, so I’m excited to be able to come visit sometime! I like Fort Collins alot! Could see living there…….So happy for you that this is all working out~

  33. I was watching House Hunters Intl the other night and a couple was looking at a house someplace where there were loads of very loud cicadas. The wife wanted to know wasn’t there some animal they could hire to eat those things!

  34. Gryphon hasn’t come out with cicada bugga yet? It sure sounds like when and if she does, you won’t be stocking it!

  35. This year is supposed to be busy for cicadas, since the Great Southern Brood is hatching. It’s the largest of the periodical broods and only emerges every 13 years.

    They are edible, you know.

  36. Hey, I don’t like bugs at all either, but there are other varmints (mice) that totally and completely will freak me out. However, the hearing loss I have means that I do not hear crickets (or some birds) and the only thing “bugging” me right now is the loud bullfrogs off the lake behind our house. We go through their noise every spring/summer.

  37. OK, I just have to tell you what happened the last time the cicadas were here (Nashville, TN). I was driving a car without AC, so had the windows down. While waiting at the light on Old Hickory (not gonna say which light or which part of OH! If you’ve been here, you know “all streets are Old Hickory, and you can’t get there from here”) one of the d**n things flew in the window & landed on my neck. Of course I screeched like a banshee, but I also jumped — taking my foot off the brake, and hitting the truck in front of me. The driver was a very nice gentleman, he even caught the bug (it was sitting on my headrest, while I was outside the car!), and didn’t even call the cops. Needless to say, I insist on having AC in the car, and the windows are almost never rolled down! But I know there’s really nothing to be afraid of, as the silly things don’t even have mouth parts (no biting), and they don’t sting. So a couple of days ago I picked one up & threw it at my daughter, who obliged me by freaking out in public. Tee-hee!

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