Winter’s Rhythm & a Camp Contest

I really loved knitting this capelet. Did you see the latest issue of Vogue Knitting – so many cute capelet/cape patterns. I’m thinking I will enjoy wearing this in the fall, out and about, as well as in the evenings when I’m sitting and knitting or reading and just a bit chilly. And the nice thing about this – the colorwork is all achieved by slipping stitches. You never knit two colors in a single row. Easy! The pattern is Winter’s Rhythm by Kelly Jensen. I made the larger size and used 3 skeins each of 2 different colors of Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Worsted. I think it would also be beautiful in Madelinetosh Vintage, Dream in Color Classy, Malabrigo Worsted, or Cascade 220. I like the collar points in front, but you can see that by just turning the capelet a half-turn right or left, you get an asymmetrical collar look. (Check the photos on the pattern link.)

If you read Friday’s blog post, then you know all about this summer’s Camp Loopy. I hope you’re participating with us! For today’s Camp Contest, tell us if you have a favorite camp that you (or your kids) attended. If you didn’t attend any, you can enter the contest by just saying that – you didn’t go to camp. I’ll randomly draw 5 names from today’s blog comments, to win a copy of this Winter’s Rhythm pattern. Growing up, I went to Camp Barakel in Michigan, Camp Conestoga in Iowa, Honey Rock Camp in Wisconsin, and Castaway Club in Minnesota. Castaway was my favorite. How about you?

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  1. No camp for me, but I did spend several weeks in the summer at my grandparents cottage near Hayward, WI.

  2. Heh, you probably won’t know where I’m talking about, but Woodside in Adelaide, South Australia were my camping grounds when I was growing up 😀

  3. Camp Wabasso represent! 😉 I loved my 2 weeks every summer on Blaisdell Lake in Bradford NH. I learned horseback riding and canoeing there! And of course made the obligatory mile and a half of gimp lanyards. Fun times!

  4. I used to go to church camp every summer in the mountains of New Mexico. We had a week of study and fun, and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

  5. The truth is, I went to a couple different camps when I was a kid and hated it. Absolutely HATED camping. To the nth degree.

    Now? when I go camping with the hubby? I actually rather like it. Wierd.

  6. I went to one camp in Connecticut. Camp Mohawk. But, judging by my history, my favorite camp is Camp Loopy.

  7. I got to go to camp one year when I was in high school – because I had a job and could pay for it. It was called Camp Paradise up in Michigan and I LOVED it. (even though I’m not really the camping type) Tons of fun and more stars at night than I’d ever seen in my life!!

  8. Many Many years ago I attended Girl Scout Camp in Hardy, Arkansas. Really enjoyed it except when we camped in Heifer Heaven. It rained the two days we were out there. The rest of the time we were in cabins. Plus they made the best cooked apples.

  9. I am not a camp kind kind of girl.I went to Camp Hiawela in Wisconsin and hated being that close to nature .Spiders scared me ! We did send our son to a great camp in Bemidji ,Minnesota called Camp Thunderbird.He went from age 10 to being a CIT at age 17.He learned invaluable skills that certainly wouldn’t have come from me !

  10. One of my most vivid memories of Girl Scout camp was joining in the Polar Bear swim. The water was freezing and took your breath away!!!! It really is a great time to be young and have the camping experience.

  11. I never went to camp, however my family did a lot of camping when I was growing up. We had the best time fishing and swimming during the day, and roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and “fruit pies” by the fire in the evenings.

  12. Only went to camp once. There were two opportunities to go to Camp Erdman (sp?) at school, but the first time my mother deemed me “too young” to go, so I was super super excited to finally get to go… and then I fractured my arm the day before we were supposed to leave. I only got to spend one night as the result, and I spent most of it climbing in and out of my top bunk (with a cast) chasing the 1-2″ cane spiders out of the girls’ cabin–apparently I was the only one who wasn’t busy screaming and hiding every time one was discovered in the bathroom or elsewhere :/

  13. I used to beg to go to camp as a kid but I never got to go. I make up for it now by taking my kids camping several times each summer.

  14. My 22 yo daughter and I are driving from Texas to WA for her summer job as a camp counselor at Tall Timber Presbyterian Church…it’ll be a fun road trip!

  15. When I was a kid, I went to lots of “Girls Camps” with church, but I wasn’t ever really that into it. Last year I went as the “Craft Lady” to Swift Base at the S Bar F Scout Ranch – it was AMAZING! And I got a lot of knitting done…

  16. I never went away to camp, but I worked at a campground that my parent’s owned in Minnesota. It was Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground. Boy, do I have some stories about that place! Debbie H

  17. I went to my church’s summer camp three years in a row but as soon as I was old enough to object I no longer went. Loopy Camp is really my speed!

  18. WAH! I never got to go to camp.
    If I could now, I’d love to go to one of those specialty camps they offer, like science camp or horse camp

  19. As a kid I only went to academic based camps like computer camp, environmental camp and of course band camp every year since 6th grade. Growing up my parents took me camping all the time. We were true campers, roughing it all the way. I loved it!

  20. I went to Girl Scout camp and Camp Nagawicka in Wisconsin; I must say, I was horribly homesick, so I didn’t like them much. I was such a mama’s girl!

  21. no camp for me (except for this summer, the Loopy Ewe camp), but my favorite one was a small local day camp for special needs children. on a small pond. I don’t know if it is still run as a camp (this was 20 years ago), not fancy, but the staff were just the best. My son went there for one summer when he was 5 or 6. It was a great little time off for me, and I know he had one of the best of camping experiences. He still mentions Camp Arrowhead and the van that he got to ride in.

  22. I’m not interested in the pattern, so if you draw my name, please give it a pass.

    I do want to share my favorite camp with you though: Camp Treetops in Lake Placid, NY. I only went there one summer, but it was pretty amazing. They are a working farm, with gardens, all sorts of animals and even a maple sugaring grove. They also have a boarding school, so there’s action year-round. I saw on facebook a while ago that they were learning how to spin yarn, dye it and knit- all from fleeces from the camp/school’s flock.

  23. Mine were Girl Scout camps: Butternut Springs, Juniper Knoll, but most unique was on a Girl Scout exchange trip to Gloustershire, England we camped on Lord & Lady Wigam’s estate – most exciting was 1965 Senior Roundup in Cour de lene Idaho.

  24. My favorite camp was 4-H Camp in the Bears Paw mountains in Montana. Many summers of 4-H fun and shennanigans.

  25. Camp Robynhaven for band camp! Good times were had by all, except maybe our poor band director.

  26. I never got to go away to camp when I was a kid. But. I sort of lived in a perpetual camp of sorts when I was 18 for a summer. Slept under the stars most nights. It was lovely.

  27. I loved camp as a kid. I attended church camp every summer at Redwood Christian Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Later as a teenager I went back and worked there as a counselor. It was a great place!

  28. I attended the National Wildlife Federation camp in N. Carolina back in the 80’s. It was very focused on getting back to nature…no make-up, hair dryer, candy, tv, radio, etc. Loved it although a little make-up would have been nice 😉

  29. I went to lots of Girl Scout camps when I was little. I have so many fond memories of sitting by the camp fire singing songs and eating s’mores, sleeping in tents. I went to Camp Marion White when I was a Brownie, then to Camp Bonnie Brae for sleep over camp and then Timber Trails in Tolland MA. I’m looking forward to joining my 2 oldest girls for a weekend at Girl Scout camp here in Western PA. It’s always a lot of fun packed into 2 days!

  30. I went to a lot of camps, but my hands down favorite was Cazadero Music Camp, in Cazadero California. We played music and practiced every day, and did all the typical summer camp things in the afternoons and evenings, and at the end of camp we put on concerts for our friends and family. I went year after year. Put all those church camps to shame 😉

  31. Wow! So funny that my camp was already mentioned twice! I went to Camp Barakel in MI and still go to their Ladies Retreats!! Love it! I also went to Camp Hiawatha in the UP of MI. I also got to be a counsellor at a camp in IN for abused children which was such a blessing!

    I love camping and now that I can go to the Ladies Retreats and sit and chat and eat homemade cookies and knit for a weekend, Camp is still for me! So excited to be taking part of the Camp Loopy!!!

  32. I went to camp once – the National Youth Science Camp the summer after my senior year of high school. We stayed in cabins in the woods in West Virginia for three and a half weeks, and it was a really awesome mix of lectures and hands-on science activities. There were also several excursions in “Twinkies”, the old-fashioned yellow school buses. We listened to a folk concert in a cave and went on a picnic at a civil war battle field on the 4th of July, and visited the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. There were three overnight camping trips, so we even did some real camping (and backpacking, rock climbing, and caving). Every morning, we woke up to “I Want to Wake Up in the Morning Where the Rhododendrons Grow” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, and every night the lights-out music ended with “Ashokan Farewell”. It was awesome!

  33. My favorite camp was Camp Okizu, a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. Many memories of kids on chemotherapy swimming in a dirty lake with the doctors and nurses encouraging us to do so.

  34. I never went to camp and didn’t want to. I enjoyed being an only child again when my sister went to camp though!

  35. I attended camp every summer growing up….for many years. I spent 2-3 weeks at Girl Scout Camp and 1 week at church camp, EWALU. But my favorite part of summer was the 2-3 weeks I spent on my grandparents farm in Iowa. I helped make hay, feed the livestock, and collect the eggs. It was a lot of hard work, but we all loved our time on the farm!

  36. Every summer it was Camp Bandina for me — it is on the Medina River near Bandera, Texas. Hot as blue blazes but swimming in the river was wonderful. It’s where I met my EX husband. LOL Even after 30 years…it’s still there AND open.

  37. My camps didn’t have official camp names. I was a Polish Girl Scout, and I went to multiple camps every year from the time I was 12 until I was probably 17. My favorite was the first camp of the summer, when I was a counselor at the little kid’s sleep-away camp near Doylestown, PA. Every second of that camp was indescribably imaginative and joyful!

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