Loopy Snow Day

c98e6308-2285-400f-9593-a34d843de659We have a windy, blustery, winter storm dancing around us today. I wish you could see it – it’s a doozy! So we have a first – we closed Loopy in-store for the day. All of the Elves are staying home where it’s warm and dry. Except for the ones who have lost electricity. Maybe not so warm. 🙁 Our lights keep flickering at my house. I figure my phone and Ipad are charged, so I have a way to communicate and books on tape to listen to while I knit, even if we lose power. And I have lots of quilts to cover up in to stay warm!

snow dayWe will be back in the shop tomorrow to get orders out and see some of you in-store. It’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow. That’s one of the things I love about Colorado. You get these wonderfully beautiful snowstorms, but then the snow doesn’t hang around too long!

Sheri nowofftomakesomehotchocolate

Wacky Wednesday: Around the Shop Today

Do you ever wonder what goes on beyond the webcam view? Today, Loopy is wearing bunny ears (and webcam Loopy is wearing his Easter egg outfit.)


Speaking of eggs, someone left these in the Loopy kitchen. Is there anything better than Reeses eggs?


It’s a good thing that our shop is big and there is a lot of opportunity to walk up and down the long aisles, several times a day. The shop extends way-the-heck back there. How many times up and down would burn the calories in one Reeses egg?


We switched some displays around and set up these new little wooden mannequins.


And more shawls.


I re-arranged the Atenti bags today, and found I’m still wanting another one of them. That teal one – Larks Carribean – down near the end.


Looking forward to some of the new fabrics that we have going up soon.


And still inspired by all of these colorful fabric aisles.


Feeling sorry for the UPS man today, who delivered these heavy boxes and more. 


Plus – our in-store customers all seemed to bring fun finished projects to share with us today. That’s always inspiring. How has your Wednesday gone?

Sheri nosnow,thesunisshining,theflowersareblooming,springishere!

Camping Poem and First Quarter Challenge Winners

I’m back! What a crazy time to be gone, but it couldn’t be helped. More about that later. Check out the fun Camp Loopy poem that Mary B. from Scotland wrote and emailed to us:

Camp Loopy

Summer’s round the corner, it’s that special time of year
Groupies gather round for Camp Loopy time is here
From North and South, East and West, all around the globe
We excitedly await the news, where is our new abode?
No bears or snakes to scare us, no tiny crits to bite
No woodsmoke there to choke us, nothing to give us fright.
Fun, chat and laughter, with knitting will abound
Crochet hooks, sticks and string will be found all around.
No rain will cause a washout No sun will burn us crisp
We will not miss our families; or our beloved pets
The magic of Camp Loopy means we sleep in our own beds
We will never get seasick or have food we do not love
We will have the time of our lives, a blessing from above.

What tent will I be in this year? Who will be my mates
Which mountain trail will I be on? How many new friends will I make?
Tinknomore or Kaytwopeatwo I wonder when I’ll know?
Loopious, Knitsalot, Fibreopolis to which one will I go?
Will I complete the challenges, one, two and three?
Will I get lost along the trail and lonely will I be?
Mistakes, maybe I’ll make a few, I do hope none too many
I want this to be so much fun not see me have a benny!
Off I go to stalk the shop to see which yarn I choose
And a pattern I must find, it’s easier to buy shoes!
Then a wait till June the 1st when all the fun will start
Loopy Ewe I salute you, you have the greatest heart.

Isn’t that fun? We have such talented Loopy Groupies all over. Mary – thank you again for allowing me to share that.

Ribbed-Rope-SocksWe do have winners from the First Quarter Challenge! The Reader’s Choice Award goes to:

Christine from Canada, for these beautiful Ribbed Rope Socks, made out of Baah! Yarn in the Grey Onyx color way. Christine wins a $35 Loopy Ewe credit for her win!

We also ran the random generator to determine two $25 Loopy Ewe credit winners and those will be going to Laura in NY for her Nola Cloche and Mary in AL for her Swapped Stalagmites Socks. Congratulations to all of you and thanks to everyone who participated last quarter!

It’s almost time to start working on your first Camp Loopy project. Are you ready? Now that we have all of your Camp orders out, we’re gearing up for Monday night’s Update. We have so many boxes of yarn in our stock room that we had to split them up over the next few Monday Updates. We shouldn’t take a Monday off like we did this week!

I haven’t knit in seven days. I need to get cracking. I have a project or two to finish up before Camp starts. Does anyone else go seven days without knitting?  

Sheri whowouldratherknitallmorningandthenworkafternoonsandevenings.

Happy May Day??

We woke up to another 14+ inches of snow this morning (and it’s still going!). I have to say, it generally only stays around for a day or two, and then everything melts in the hot sunshine. I like it that way. I never get overly tired of being surrounded by snow and white and gloom all winter, because we just don’t have that here. I am, however, ready for spring. Last year, I posted this photo of our blooming lilacs on April 13th on my Facebook page. I’m ready to see those again.


Here are some snow shots from today. Maybe this will be it for this winter, and we’ll move into spring next!




And a few photos that WH took downtown today. Someone – or four someones – left their bike(s) out ….





Sheri wonderingwhatkindofweatheryouareexperiencingonthisMayDay?