Wacky Wednesday

Wacky #1: Are you in the mood for a wacky new bag for your knitting? I found these creative bags at a little market-in-the-park this past weekend. Karin makes totes out of old books, old game boards, posters and old album covers, complete with old ties for the handles. I’ve seen old books turned into journals, but never bags like these. Very well done and definitely a conversation starter! (Definition of wacky: creative and fun.)

Wacky #2: Cats. (Skip to #3 if you could care less about cats…) These two were racing around the house, chasing each other. The front one – Gracie – thought she’d be sneaky and hide, waiting for Zoe to walk by so that she could ambush her. Zoe – the smarter one – was watching her from behind the whole time. (Definition of wacky: crazy.)

Wacky #3:  A knitted Elvis wig. And this is necessary, why? Although perhaps a few of you might need to make it for your wacky Elvis-loving relatives for Christmas? You can find the free pattern here. (Definition of wacky: scary.)

Got anything wacky going on in your life today?

Sheri whocouldaddalotmorewackiness,butwillstopthere

Wednesday’s Wacky Wisdom

Thanks to all of you for your great response to our new Club Loopy! We are happy to be done with lotteries and are glad that this new system meant that spots have lasted long enough for you to get one if you wanted one. We have a handful of 3-month spots left, and then remember that we’ve saved a batch of individual kits to put up for sale each month as we go along, too, for those of you who would prefer to get some that way.  The first kits will ship the first week in February.

Have you ever been eating outside somewhere, and watched little birds hopping around, scrounging up the french fries that people drop for them? (Either on purpose, or accidently?) And aren’t those birds just having the best day because of it? They are so happy! That’s why I had to get this sign when I saw it. I have it in my kitchen window for springtime and it sends me off in a good mood, every morning. (Well, that, and my coffee.) It’s my Wednesday Wacky Wisdom for you today. Do you have any bits of wisdom that you want to pass on today? Like: “Don’t have more than 6 projects going at once?” or “Diet Coke is better than Diet Pepsi” or “Never eat a single piece of chocolate because it gets lonely in your stomach”, or important things like that? Do share.

Sheri what’snottobehappyabout,whenyouhavefrenchfries?

Definition of Futile

DSC028581. The squirrel, trying to get into the squirrel-proof birdfeeder. (Notice the teeth marks all around the metal top. He never gives up. I’m sure it’s a he. With dull teeth.) And really, I know the second photo focused on the window screen instead of the outside, but I had to include it. You have to give the squirrel credit for his gymnastics.

2. Trying to pick a winner from all of the Second Quarter Challenge Sock entries. You all did an awesome job! It’s always fun to tally the votes and each time, the votes are spread out over lots and lots of entries. Different projects appeal to different people and that’s great. This time, the Knitter’s Choice award goes to: Diane’s for her Highland Fling socks and the “everyone who entered gets a ticket in the random drawing and one person wins” award goes to Cynthia, who made a beautiful pair of Cookie A’s Mingus socks.

3. Trying to decipher things in this economy to guess when things are going to start turning around. (So far, I’ve come up with, “Not quite yet.”)

DSC028574.  Whittling my way down to having only a couple of projects on the needles at any given time. (I’m not trying to do that. It just seemed like a good way to define “futile”.)

5.  Attempting to explain to the postman about sock knitters and anniversary kits and packages that go all over the world.

6.  Trying to change my attitude about grocery shopping. (Note: it’s not a good attitude.)

DSC029077.  Attempting to figure out where the summer went, and how it can be August in just a couple of days.

8.  Keeping the top of my desk all neat and tidy, every single day. Today? Not bad. Tomorrow? Probably futile. That’s why I took the picture today. (And I had to re-take it. The first time, there were a couple of secret items shown that you can’t know about yet. I ought to have re-taken it a third time, as I see that my desk blotter calendar is still on June. Oh, well. That’s pretty typical. The Two Cows screensaver is a free download from here. Ya gotta love cows.)

9.  Getting myself to bed at a decent time. Why can’t I be a morning person? (And while I’m at it, why can’t I love to exercise and be a vegetarian? Just wondering.)

10. Trying to come up with a number 10 on the list (it’s futile – my mind is blank). But I’m a little too particular about such things to let the list just end at nine.

Sheri wonderingifyouhaveanyotherdefinitionsofFUTILE?

Wacky Wednesday

It’s a Wacky Wednesday. Why?

1. You all discovered last night’s Sneak Up. Susan and College Guy and I have been packing up orders all day except for….

2. The trip to the vet with both the dog and the cat. (if you have pets – enough said.) And on the way home, we …..

3. Dropped all of the international orders off at the post office where I learned even more that I didn’t want to know about the new rules and regulations and then we ………

4. Came home to pack more orders!

But today was also Wonderful Wednesday. Why?

1. You all discovered last night’s Sneak Up and we so appreciate all of your orders. Then in the midst of all that …..

2. Two big boxes arrived from Jenny at Woolly Boully and I am totally in love with her yarn, and that means that …..

3. Like all of you, I did a bit of stash-enhancing today (but with some of Jenny’s new yarn) and now …..

4. The rest will be turned over to WH for photography so that we can share them with you in the next Sneak Up.

Tonight and Tomorrow – continued order-packing and we promise to get them to you just as quickly as possible. You definitely need this yarn in your hands soon. 🙂

Sheri didyouhaveaWACKYoraWONDERFULWednesday?