Wacky Wednesday

It’s a Wacky Wednesday. Why?

1. You all discovered last night’s Sneak Up. Susan and College Guy and I have been packing up orders all day except for….

2. The trip to the vet with both the dog and the cat. (if you have pets – enough said.) And on the way home, we …..

3. Dropped all of the international orders off at the post office where I learned even more that I didn’t want to know about the new rules and regulations and then we ………

4. Came home to pack more orders!

But today was also Wonderful Wednesday. Why?

1. You all discovered last night’s Sneak Up and we so appreciate all of your orders. Then in the midst of all that …..

2. Two big boxes arrived from Jenny at Woolly Boully and I am totally in love with her yarn, and that means that …..

3. Like all of you, I did a bit of stash-enhancing today (but with some of Jenny’s new yarn) and now …..

4. The rest will be turned over to WH for photography so that we can share them with you in the next Sneak Up.

Tonight and Tomorrow – continued order-packing and we promise to get them to you just as quickly as possible. You definitely need this yarn in your hands soon. 🙂

Sheri didyouhaveaWACKYoraWONDERFULWednesday?


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