Wacky Wednesday

It’s a Wacky Wednesday. Why?

1. You all discovered last night’s Sneak Up. Susan and College Guy and I have been packing up orders all day except for….

2. The trip to the vet with both the dog and the cat. (if you have pets – enough said.) And on the way home, we …..

3. Dropped all of the international orders off at the post office where I learned even more that I didn’t want to know about the new rules and regulations and then we ………

4. Came home to pack more orders!

But today was also Wonderful Wednesday. Why?

1. You all discovered last night’s Sneak Up and we so appreciate all of your orders. Then in the midst of all that …..

2. Two big boxes arrived from Jenny at Woolly Boully and I am totally in love with her yarn, and that means that …..

3. Like all of you, I did a bit of stash-enhancing today (but with some of Jenny’s new yarn) and now …..

4. The rest will be turned over to WH for photography so that we can share them with you in the next Sneak Up.

Tonight and Tomorrow – continued order-packing and we promise to get them to you just as quickly as possible. You definitely need this yarn in your hands soon. 🙂

Sheri didyouhaveaWACKYoraWONDERFULWednesday?


  1. Today was WONDERFUL becuase I was shopping for yarn at 1am and I got everything I wanted.

    I hope everything came out all right after the trip to the vet. Those aren’t usually a good time.

  2. I had a wonderful Wednesday, buying yarn in the Sneak Up. It only took two orders to get everything I wanted. Ahem.

    I hope Zoe and Casey are okay, and that College Boy is surviving his first Sneak Up!

  3. Today was WONDERFUL because DS2 came home safely from Senior Prom. WACKY because he started first job, went back for Yearbook Signing party.
    WONDERFUL because as I waited for DS2 to get home from Prom, I was able to get in on sneakup and get some GORGEOUS yarn. WACKY because it was difficult to decide which to keep and which to remove from cart. I defniitely kept more than I removed.
    WONDERFUL because DS2 graduates tomorrow, WACKY because I am at work 14 hr shift and I think I can stay up through tomrorow night and be remotely civil(maybe if I think about all my beautiful yarn coming?)

    WACKY becuase I think it is WONDERFUL to be WACKY

  4. I’ve had a WONDERFUL Wednesday! I am taking a 2 week (well, maybe 3) hiatus from my studies (Woohoo), and am enjoying reorganizing cabinets and mending. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I tell you, the sheer luxury of having time to mend my favorite potholders is sweet! BTW, I also finished 2 hats for the Q2 challenge this week.

  5. Wonderful: I got screens on all my windows and sliding glass doors today! We can open them now to let in the night breeze w/o bugs!!

    Wacky: I forgot that I didn’t run the dishwasher last night and we all ate breakfast off of dirty dishes. *doh!*

    I was tempted by last night’s stocking, but I’m saving all my paypal for the ZS/YP stocking. Two weeks more seems like such a long time….

  6. Wonerful since all of my baths now have working sinks. Wacky in that I spent all day painting the master bath. The dogs supervised and the puppy got into the paint. I also managed to bend one of my size 0 dpns not exactly sure how I did that. Now off to the wacky ED for the next 2 days, I am sure that Dr Jackie would agree with me on that one.

  7. A wonderful Wednesday for me! I found out I can rent a parking space for the next two years for a very reasonable rate. I live right across the street from a huge university and parking can be a real issue, even with my little Honda Del Sol. So I’m delighted!

    Spent most of the day with my kitty. That’s always wonderful.

    And I can look forward to all the great stuff I got at last night’s Sneak Up!

  8. Love the magnifying glass on the images! Was that Web Guy’s work? Look forward to seeing the Woolly Boully yarns.

  9. It was an unusual Wednesday…. I don’t usually work, but I went into work only to find I wasn’t needed anymore, so I went back home and will be working on Friday, which is also a day I do not work. Needless to say, I’m hoping the new technician we just hired works out. 😛

    Also, do you have any plans to start carrying circular needles? I love DPNs as much as the rest, but I can’t very well knit a shawl out of that lovely lace yarn you sell on them!

  10. Wonderful because I scored big on my first Sneak Up! Wacky because I’ve checked all the usual storage places and cannot find my last order of Cider Moon Glacier.

    Yarn doesn’t just disappear, that is unless the cats are playing a cruel trick on their caretaker :o(

  11. It was a Woolly Wednesday of here, Woolly and Wonderful 😀
    Got my last two Loopy Ewe orders (arrived so fast,as usual, I think the box was smoking), another big box of yarn delivered form elsewhere, and placed another order with you, I can’t resist a sneak up! (though sadly something was bought up and removed form my cart before I could check out, I’m just too slow! lol).

  12. Had a wonderful Wednesday. Just thinking about getting in on the Sneak Up at 1:00am and being able to choose what I have been waiting for. I can’t believe I did that at that time. Had a wonderful Wednesday
    because I went to lunch with dear friends and knitting after at B&N.
    Wacky because they think I am addicted to your site. TRUE! But what fun. Wacky because they all know I usually go to bed at 10:00pm.
    Wonderful because my DD joined us for a short time with Ethan her new baby 2 1/2 months old. Most Wacky because I am going to bed now. Wonderful because I was on your site till 2:00am poking around.Hope pets are well.


  13. I had a wonderful Wednesday (in spite of a terrific headache) because there was a beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill supersock in my mail box that I had just ordered on Monday!!! Thanks for such a super fast shipment. I can’t wait to get knitting my new socks in the lovely colorway of reds and greys! I had to order more sock yarn during the sneak up, too! Can’t wait!

  14. My TUESDAY wacky and wonderful because I went to Stitch and Pitch (LA Dodgers)
    with the friends, never mind we were all spread out over one row-it was so much
    fun. When I got home, you had a Sneak Up and I was able to partake for once. I just
    wish I didn’t already have a a stash that is approaching Largish proportions or I would have gone hog wild! Trying to pace myself here..

  15. No yarn orders from me. *sniff, sniff* But at least the move is getting closer, though not close enough. 🙂

    My Wednesday was pretty much uneventful. Now Thur and Fri will be super busy with a mix of wacky and wonderful. My kiddo has her school play tomorrow and her kindergarten graduation on Friday. 🙂

  16. I bought fresh popcorn kernels at the Farmer’s Market, popped too much popcorn tonight, and went and shared a big bowl of it with my neighbors. I had a lovely evening chatting with them thanks to my penchant for “real” popcorn. (I don’t really like microwave popcorn as it tastes like cardboard to me.)

  17. Wacky: knitting ten rows of sock in a traffic jam at 7am this morning.

    Wonderful: having my sock with me to knit ten rows of sock in a traffic jam at 7am this morning.

    Wacky: the colors of yarn I ordered. Well, for me, anyway.

    Wonderful: I ordered sock yarn. ‘Nuff said.

  18. I’m sure my ride this morning would say wacky because I was holding us up to buy yarn at 7:10 in the morning from the sneak up, though I would say wonderful for the same reason. There was also wackiness with me trying to figure out how to get to my office without walking directly infront of the tv news cameras (they were interviewing politics profs over our provincial election results from last night) but wonderfulness as I eventually gave up and went across the street to buy some freezies instead 🙂

  19. Wacky: I got up at 4:30 this morning in order to get exactly what I wanted from the Sneak Up–mMy first time internet shopping in the wee hours.
    Wonderful: Getting up at 4:30 paid off and I got exactly what I wanted (and one of the yarns was in fact gone at 5:30–yes, of course I had to check in order to justify getting up at 4:30). I’m finally getting the hang of the kind of radical, decisive, and perhaps even aggressive behaviour necessary to succeed in on-line yarn acquisition!
    Also wonderful: finding my 5 and 8-year-old daughters and our little neighbour all knitting on the front porch after school today. They definitely show promise to become future Loopy Ewe customers.

  20. I think the post office is still figuring out the new rules. But I did find out today that I can use regular priority mail boxes for international shipping. At least that is what my post office said.

  21. I had a wacky Wednesday due to the weather!! Thunder and lightening and TORRENTIAL rain. This leads to an extremely neurotic dog who shakes and pants and follows me EVERYWHERE!! (I really need some doggy valium for storms like these!!) Wonderful in that I finally have my house back in order and I think I will be able to finally get to some knitting tomorrow 🙂

  22. On balance, Wonderful; I finished the tasks I wanted to get done at work; I made some actual progress on a vest that’s extremely close to being finished, and I had an enjoyable evening watching a movie with my boyfriend. Plus I got the yarn of my dream ;-).

  23. I had a wacky Wednesday, maybe, not wonderful–spent all day at work. Boo…

    I saw the sneak-up last night, but I’m behaving until that Duet comes in! =)

  24. Dude. I’m still on vicodin.

    “Wacky” does not do today justice. Remind me to tell you about being the Crazylady at the McDonalds store this morning. Seriously.

    (I blame the vic for the sneakup purchasing. Because, you know, I really need more sock yarn like I need, say, a third arm. Handy to have, and probably helpful, but totally unnecessary at the moment. Ahem. :>)

  25. It was a wonderful Wednesday! I made it through a Thomas the Train stage show (alive) with the boys. And, I just finished the last part of your order! Yeah!

  26. Today was wonderful. Hubby is feeling better at last (he’s had pneumonia or bronchitis or something in between) and we watched some TV together.

    Today was wacky. I had to take the dog to dog class (hubby had been doing it) and well, it was definitely wacky.

    I got in on the sneakup last night so I guess today was also wonderful because I wasn’t unhappy that I’d missed everything.

  27. Definitely wacky.

    Wow, what a sneak. I was waiting up for it and couldn’t stay awake after 1am. There was so much still there at 6am and even when I checked back recently. No wonder your dh wants to stop taking pictures. LOL

    Wonderful because I think I’m now a Groupie. 🙂

  28. WONDERFUL in that I’m a very late-night person (translated: I don’t go to bed until the sun is coming up, unless I have to work the next day), so I got everything I wanted in the sneak-up at something like 3 a.m. I don’t know if you’d call it WACKY, but I had to have these lumps on my head biopsied to see if it’s cancer. Great. Another illness to contend with. Maybe I’ll actually knit some of the 800 skeins of sock yarn I have if I’m laid up. WONDERFUL in that I found not only my favorite fish market of all time (been going there since 1958, a mere babe in my grandpa’s loving arms) is still open and owned by the same family (bought some ultra-fresh Dungeness crab, ready to be eaten any minute, and salmon filets for the BBQ tomorrow night) AND my favorite deli of all time (not owned by the same family anymore, but still as smelly and delicious as ever) is still open and thriving. There are many benefits to returning to my hometown to live.

    And definitely NOT WONDERFUL because I still haven’t gotten all these damned boxes unpacked and their contents put away. No motivation, I guess. I’ll probably get them finished when the lease is up next year. Sigh. I miss owning a home.

  29. Wonderful: I scored big time on the Sneakup, yay, I had the afternoon off and the weather was fantastic, and in the evening I went shooting with some collegues and actually got some pretty good results despite it being my first time with a pistol.

    Whacky: Not a thing! Well, shooting is a pretty strange thing for me to do, but it *was* fun.

  30. *pouts*
    My wednesday was not terrific. I’m really glad you had a good one though! If only you’d saved your sneak up until Friday then I could’ve shopped more! I don’t get paid until Friday!
    So I missed out on the Celtic Swan needles and also a few other things (Sea Wool! *sob*)…*sigh*

    At least you didn’t do a Yarntini update without me!

  31. I hope your pets are okay. I was shocked when I went to the post office the other day to mail a package to Canada. I was told that there were new “restrictions.” I think that was their way of saying “dramatic price increases.”

  32. how about just an OK wednesday? it wasn’t fancy, but i did get to knit. and i’m still on my no new sock yarn ’til i make 5 pair of socks restriction… almost finished with pairs 2 and 3 and 4 will be anklets and 5 will be baby socks. and, it’s a 3-day weekend that will include hours of car traveling, so hopefully by this time next week i’ll be back in sock yarn acquiring business. 😉

  33. Wacky! Wacky! Wacky! College Twins are both in a wedding this weekend and it’s getting down to crunch time. Shoes that were being dyed were not ready when promised (tears), dress for rehearsal dinner came back from the dry cleaners with some strange spots all over it (more tears), then there’s the whole hair issue…WACKY x2!

    Wonderful! Even though my paypal was screaming “Don’t Do It,” I finally scored my Perchance to Knit Midnight Rainbow/Harlot’s Peacock lace yarn I’ve been drooling over. Also wonderful because I completely LOST myself in the Lost season finale. Even more wonderful because of the 3-day holiday weekend coming up (Yeah!) and then only one more week until my much-needed vacation. What could be more wonderful?

    Hope everyone scored big in the Sneak-Up.

  34. Wonderful because I got a loopy ewe package in the mail, I finished a campfire sock, I have two new patterns to plan for, made my first ever mitered square (out of sock yarn – LOVE IT).

    Wacky because I have way too much to do at work before the long weekend, and instead I just HAD to do a little sneak up shopping.

    Wacky because DD graduates high school in less than two weeks and I can’t fathom where the time went.

  35. Wacky-ful. Buying some *more* yarn which I totally didn’t need but did with a full heart was great. Also great was yesterday afternoon sipping on the leftover iced Caffe Mocha from Starbucks which I had been saving in the fridge… that was great. Until I found myself still completely buzzed at 2am this morning. (Under the delusion that sipping high octane would somehow counteract the caffeine much like eating with fingers is calorie-free.) Wonderful part of the buzz was that I finished 2 WIPs from eons ago… a sock and a bikini top.

  36. One to Add to future editions of the Knitter’s dictionary:

    “The Loopy Flu”

    This is the diagnosis we need written on our Dr’s notes for home- work, etc—- it is the syndrone occuring following one’s stalking the Ewe for an update. Similar in symptoms to a hang-over or sleep deprivation.. but much more pleasant once you’re package arrives!

    Thats a very long way to say I’m excitedly awaiting my second Loppy purchase— you’re the best!

  37. Wonderful ’cause in Arizona, the Sneak-Up occurred just after 10pm on Tuesday and I totally scored Celtic Swan needles even before the Loopy Groupie e-mail went out and I could spend Wednesday ignoring how awful work was by thinking about my magic needles!

  38. Totally Wacky. I couldn’t get a scissor lift through a door.

    Also Wonderful. I finished up the right front of my current WIP, so I can take a break from it and work on those Fetchings for your challenge.

  39. I had a wonderful wednesday since I got my order from you! Yummy sock wool and sock blockers! I can’t wait to start knitting my socks!

  40. Not quite wacky or wonderful–mostly like “not wonderful.” The best boss I’ve ever had at this company resigned which means all kinds of things with my job are up in the air. I didn’t even get to look at some of the new stuff (wrong time in the pay period for buying) since I went to bed on time and didn’t roam the internet in what appears to have been the magic window of 1 am – 3 am.

    Never thought I’d say something that sounds so much like an, old cranky knitter, but “I’m too old for the sneak ups”–I just can’t stay awake that late or get up that early and then have a prayer of making it through work the next day. I guess the “wonderful” for me today is that I love Cherry Tree Hill and it’s usually in stock 🙂 (well, and I’m making some of the other “in stock” items my favorites like the Cashwool laceweight)

    Sheri, I hope your fur children are all fine! I get more nervous (usually) taking one of the cats to the vet than I do when *I* go to the doctor!

  41. Wonderful because I got in on the sneak up and also got more knitting time than I expected to have; wacky because we had a wild hunt through the house for the stuff my son needs for a field trip tomorrow!

    Hope it was a routine visit for the animals (we’ve got one of those coming up soon).

  42. So I missed the first part of the sneak up, but I was able to snag some icicle, which I’ve been wanting to try, and black laceweight because I hate myself.

    I did have a wack wednesday since all of my wacky relatives are in town. I got home from my mother’s, looked at my boyfriend and said “baby, don’t marry me, I have crazy genes”

    Yarn therapy helps 🙂

  43. I guess it was wonderful because when I finished reading today’s entry I said out loud (to nobody), “I love reading this blog. It’s always so cheerful!”

    But I guess it was wacky because I just admitted publicly that I’m talking to myself!

  44. Wacky because my local ISP has decided that it needs to be disabled every afternoon for no reason … (yes the provider is coming out this weekend in hopes to fix the problem .. we will see… ).

    Wonderfull because I did have a connection on Wednesday morning @ 5 a.m. when my cat woke me and I decided to check you site. Yea!!! Talk about stress relief through yarn purchasses .. When I checked back later in the day after I had been at work (on my break of course) some of the very yarn that I was able to get was sold out.

  45. Wonderful for me as I too was able to get in on the Sneak Up and some of the Celtic Swan needles that I had been pining for, and of course some more yarn for my ever growning stash….that 3rd arm that someone mentioned earlier……I need that and yet a 4th so that I can begin making a dent in my over 1,300 colorway stash of sock yarn. I keep thinking…”Well, that’s it! No more!” Then Gypsy Knits comes along, or new (to me) Cider Moon Icicle, or 30 new colors of Claudia….Yikes! I need Yarn Intervention Therapy.
    Wacky….the fact that I am running out of bookcase space to store more yarn.

  46. I hope someday to be able to visit your store in person.. that is my favorite thing to do while travelling…so not having any idea how large your store is or anything, I am going to guess you have 3333 skeins of yarn…Happy Anniversary… MaryJo in TUlsa

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