Wacky Wednesday

Wacky #1: Are you in the mood for a wacky new bag for your knitting? I found these creative bags at a little market-in-the-park this past weekend. Karin makes totes out of old books, old game boards, posters and old album covers, complete with old ties for the handles. I’ve seen old books turned into journals, but never bags like these. Very well done and definitely a conversation starter! (Definition of wacky: creative and fun.)

Wacky #2: Cats. (Skip to #3 if you could care less about cats…) These two were racing around the house, chasing each other. The front one – Gracie – thought she’d be sneaky and hide, waiting for Zoe to walk by so that she could ambush her. Zoe – the smarter one – was watching her from behind the whole time. (Definition of wacky: crazy.)

Wacky #3: ย A knitted Elvis wig. And this is necessary, why? Although perhaps a few of you might need to make it for your wacky Elvis-loving relatives for Christmas? You can find the free pattern here. (Definition of wacky: scary.)

Got anything wacky going on in your life today?

Sheri whocouldaddalotmorewackiness,butwillstopthere


  1. it is definitely cat-racing season, both Starli and Shamrock have been doing daily gallops, usually around 6a and then the evening race after 7p. Must be something in the fall air, as most cats I know tend to do this same thing, at least twice a day, sometimes more. A friend has four and he says it is like the running of the bulls.
    I’ve seen books (but not album covers etc) turned into purses, a vendor at the Eastern Market in DC does them w/beaded handles, clever and creative. Who says the printed book is passe?!
    An Elvis wig actually might be just the thing for a friend who is a staunch fan of The King. Her husband may not appreciate my thoughtfulness.

  2. Yep. Cats are at it. Maggie and Paddy tear around several times daily. This morning they knocked over a full box of 100 trash bags. Who knows what that was about.

    My wacky is that I’m cleaning. I have friends coming the next two weekends, and my house is a sty. The wacky comes in with the treasure finding part, and the dog and cats “helping” with stuff.

  3. Cats are not wacky, they are dignified creatures who do not like to be watched when they let loose. Okay they are wacky. That is why you get them in pairs so they can entertain each other and amuse their humans at the same time.

  4. Oh, I have a wacky in my life today! My boss approved a new iPhone 4s purchase for a co-worker but didn’t offer one to me! (Definition of wacky: annoying.)

  5. Ok, so I have a better wacky for today. One that isn’t petty, jealous and greedy. ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter has a pet hedgehog. We’ve had him a little over a year now and he has a wheel he runs on pretty much all night, every night. Shortly after we got him, my husband attached a bike odometer to his wheel because we were curious to see just how far he ran each night (we knew it was a lot). He runs an average of 8-9 miles each and every night – sometimes up to 13 miles! Anyway, I write his miles down every morning just for fun and add them up every few months. I just totaled them up and he’s run 3472 miles! I used googlemaps and discovered that’s about the distance from our home in Fort Collins to Huangala, Peru! No wonder the little bugger sleeps all day long.

  6. Great post! Those bags are very unique. The cats are hysterical! I’ve only got one, but I’m sure if we had another, our house would be in shambles. One word for the Elvis wigs- CREEPY. Yeah. Anywho! My wacky would be the fact that my cat has developed a taste for little rawhide bones. Yeah, the same ones you buy for small dogs. They also slide quite well on hard floors so it’s all around entertainment!

    Sheryl, I’m quite impressed by your little hedgehog. I agree, no wonder he sleeps all day! Brilliant idea to attach the odometer ๐Ÿ™‚ Made my day!

  7. 12 bantam chickens including 4 still in the house in a big box in the dining room all wanting OUT
    2 elderly dogs in the downstairs bathroom-locked in for hours (with water)
    1 feisty shih tzu dog in my lap raring to attack
    uncertainty if we are going to the World Series tonight at the last minute
    2 technicians who have been here allllll day trying to get Internet and TV to our house so we can eliminate satellite.
    (which is why the animals are all fidgety and/or locked up)
    definition of wacky: hubbub

  8. I’ve had a plumber in my bathroom ALL afternoon and while he was working – I was cleaning my house. He comes down after he completes his work and tells me I cannot use the shower until tomorrow morning. It’s been rainy and humid all day. Makes me wish I had a gym membership just to use a shower. Then my mechanic called to let me know the part he had been waiting on was in – then it turns out to be the wrong part – the parts dept. transposed 2 numbers – right part – wrong size for my car….BUT I did finish knitting some fingerless mitts out of Skinny Bugga for my special and beautiful future daughter in law. The wedding is next Saturday and wanted to give her something to take to Montreal as the new Mrs. My Wonderful Son! (for just in case it’s chilly) . So the upcoming wedding week is totally cancelling out any negatives from today.

  9. Our dog, Victor, has taken to growling in his sleep. It is completely bizarre and it wakes me up at least once each night this week. I’m hoping it is just the change of seasons and that it goes away soon!

    I am sure that there is more wackiness around, but that is the major wackiness I can think of right now!

  10. Those bags are cool! The only wacky in my life today is that I (the nurse), am going to be the patient today for a little surgery. Not thrilled! I think I will knit penguin jumpers tonight. Then I will have some fun “wackiness” today!

  11. The French Nest market is quite the place for curiosities! As for wacky … the best I can do is that our 15+ year old Jack russell terrier had a bit of a Fall Fling yesterday, prancing about like a deer in the backyard among all those falling/fallen leaves. Sometimes he thinks he’s still a puppy!

  12. My 33 year old sewing machine died again. Resorted to using my 44 year old Singer Featherweight. Little workhorse helped me finish a new knitting tote in one l o n g day.

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