Loopy Snow Day

c98e6308-2285-400f-9593-a34d843de659We have a windy, blustery, winter storm dancing around us today. I wish you could see it – it’s a doozy! So we have a first – we closed Loopy in-store for the day. All of the Elves are staying home where it’s warm and dry. Except for the ones who have lost electricity. Maybe not so warm. 🙁 Our lights keep flickering at my house. I figure my phone and Ipad are charged, so I have a way to communicate and books on tape to listen to while I knit, even if we lose power. And I have lots of quilts to cover up in to stay warm!

snow dayWe will be back in the shop tomorrow to get orders out and see some of you in-store. It’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow. That’s one of the things I love about Colorado. You get these wonderfully beautiful snowstorms, but then the snow doesn’t hang around too long!

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  1. My son in Ft. Collins called to let me know that he was safely back home; CSU called a snow day after he struggled to make it to campus. I’m glad you and the Elves are smart and staying safe and hopefully warm. Knitters and quilters know just what to do in a blizzard!

  2. On the east coast, we had our spring snow day Monday – seems like spring always starts with a snow storm.

    Btw, Baa Ram Ewe – very enticing!

  3. Enjoy your day!!!!! According to the weather reports it’s now headed my way! Due to arrive sometime this evening with 8″-13″ of heavy wet snow! Stocked up on the hot chocolate and plenty of knitting to keep me busy………..

  4. After a winter in the SoCal desert, I would love a snow day. It looks beautiful! If it’s cloudy or sprinkles rain here, I declare a knitting snow day for myself 🙂

  5. Our power went off down here for a little bit this morning but it’s up and running now! I’m snuggled under a quilt and knitting a sock. My husband baked cookies for the kids and we’re having hot chocolate later. Basically this is the best Wednesday ever! I love Colorado.

  6. What gorgeous photographs! I’m sure the storm is a problem in many ways, but it is so, so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your enforced knitting-at-home day.

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