Colorado Sunshine!

8892a59a-5d42-4e2b-934e-e2dfd999a1a5It’s a much brighter day here in Colorado! The massive amount of snow is (slowly) melting, it’s warm enough to be out and about without a coat on, and we’re here packing and shipping and helping those of you who have popped in for some new yarn or fabric. A much better day than yesterday, although we all loved our unplanned day off. I worked on my March Mixer Project – my Match and Move. Loving how that is turning out in the DK weight this time. I can’t figure out why I like knitting that much garter stitch in a project, but I do. Have you found that with this pattern too?

No Thursday Fabric Update today, as we just didn’t get any lines in this week. March and April are always light with fabric collections, because all of the companies are gearing up for market in May. But I hear the FedEx or UPS guy mumbling and stacking boxes back near our stock room as I type this, so maybe that’s more fabric for next week. Or yarn. Or bags. Or …. well, it could be a lot of fun things. We’ll keep you posted!

Sheri whoworkedonMatchandMoveyesterdayduringthesnowstorm

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  1. I hear you had 18 inches of snow! That is amazing! I am glad you all kept warm and busy! Perfect weather for knitting!

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