Happy May Day??

We woke up to another 14+ inches of snow this morning (and it’s still going!). I have to say, it generally only stays around for a day or two, and then everything melts in the hot sunshine. I like it that way. I never get overly tired of being surrounded by snow and white and gloom all winter, because we just don’t have that here. I am, however, ready for spring. Last year, I posted this photo of our blooming lilacs on April 13th on my Facebook page. I’m ready to see those again.


Here are some snow shots from today. Maybe this will be it for this winter, and we’ll move into spring next!




And a few photos that WH took downtown today. Someone – or four someones – left their bike(s) out ….





Sheri wonderingwhatkindofweatheryouareexperiencingonthisMayDay?


  1. Happy May Day!! It’s 83 here in Chicago and brightly sunny. The snow thing for you still makes my head hurt although I’m a smidge sad to be tucking away all of my beautiful wool socks for the season. Ah well, soon enough it’ll be time for them again. πŸ™‚

  2. In North Alabama it is lovely out today! A little breeze, a little sun, a little cloudy, a little warm.

  3. Sunny and 80 in Ohio! But this is our first little stretch of nice days this year so far – definitely a late spring! The groundhog lied!

  4. Hopefully I won’t jinx myself by saying this ………….. LOOKS LIKE WINTER IS OVER AT LAST up here in the Great North Woods. It’s 83 and SUNNY today! In fact we are in for more of the same for the next 5 days. Looks like it went right from winter to summer. NO Problem I’LL TAKE IT!!!!

  5. As Maureen says it’s a nice day in the upper 70s. Perfect sandal wearing weather. On the other hand I hope to see more snow on the mountains in June, it was so dry out there last year so every drop is good.

  6. I am sitting here in the Land of Oz with my mouth wide open in shock!!! Snow on May Day!!! I wonder who else has had snow besides Loopy Central??? We are in Autumn and May Day was unusually chilly, about 19C, and overcast, with a tiny bit of rain, not enough to be any help, but enough to make my KD who is Rheumatic miserable… (She can tell you when it is going to rain, and from what direction, depending on where the aches are!) I hope your lilacs come out for a visit really soon!!!

  7. We in Maine had 60’s today. The snow is so beautiful white, you just have to love it.

  8. Brilliant sunshine, unseasonable temps in the low 80’s. listening to the serenade of lawn mowers as the neighborhood is taking advantage of the warmth and extended sunlight to give their lawns a haircut.

  9. Fair and sun here today in central dairyland, but rain on the way! The northern part may get some of your snow remnants!!! I do not want to see any more snow for quite awhile!

  10. I could be happy never seeing another flake. But springtime in the Rockies is always like this. I always fear for our lilacs. Now, with 15″ of heavy wet snow, they are bowed down to the ground. And the horrible white cold stuff continues to fall. It has been a very long 24 hours of snow. πŸ™

  11. Impressive weather up there!

    Sunny and windy here, 82 degrees. But the wind is bringing cold weather from the northwest- a 20degree drop in temp, and near freezing overnight temps starting tomorrow! .

  12. Love, love, love the bicycles. Ohio was warm and sunny. I was inside at work. “June bugs” banging against the windows last evening and the asparagus is up. Darned tasty, too, if I must say so myself. No lilacs tho. Not yet, anyway.

  13. Fabulous artistic bike photos. Why is it that YOUR snow always ends up coming to m place in MN. We are under a winter storm advisory thru 1pm Th, although no snow yet. The snow is pretty & white, but enuf already!!

  14. Fabulous artistic bike photos. Why is it that YOUR snow always ends up coming to m place in MN. We are under a winter storm advisory thru 1pm Th, although no snow yet. The snow is pretty & white, but enuf already!!

  15. Our lilacs are bowed to the ground under that heavy wet white stuff! And we have broken branches on a choke cherry tree! Our son in Virginia asked us if we knew that summer was just around the corner. Very funny! I love the pictures of the bikes–I took some pictures of snow covered chairs and arches in our yard.

  16. May Day WAS very nice in the 80’s and now it’s the day after and it’s not quite as nice. It’s around 50 right now and it’s probably going to stay that way. I think your weather has moved east into our neck of the woods (but not as cold and snowy)–not that I’m complaining. I actually like having a long spring.

  17. I think we finally have spring here in New England–I see leaves on the trees today, and yesterday we startled a bunny in the yard when we came home.

  18. We are having CRAZY temperatures here in southern California. It was around 75 yesterday, we’re expecting 90 – 91 today and tomorrow, 74 is forecast for Saturday and 68 for Sunday!

  19. High 80’s here in California wine country and I’m loving it! Hate the cold. It is sad, though, to put away the wool socks until next fall.

  20. Northern California had 88 in the Valley on May 1 and 92 today. Still isn’t a record though. The record high for today is 106! Don’t even want to go there.

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