Zauberball, Trekking, Three Bags Full, Karbonz Needles and More

Zauberball-Sock-The-Loopy-EweIt has been a beautiful day here in Colorado. The sun is shining and it’s 78 degrees. However, the forecast calls for snow on Wednesday, so we’re not putting away the wooly socks just yet. And I have to say, I’m over the snow. Done. Finished. Don’t need to see any more. Don’t kill the lilac buds. Ready for spring. But that doesn’t mean I’m done with wool and socks and all things knitterly. Good thing, because we added in some fun yarn in tonight’s Monday Update (and needles and project bags, too).

Schoppel Wolle – Zauberball. This yarn has pretty color changes as you knit with it, making it great for socks and shawls and scarves without too much lace detail. So fun to knit and watch the colors emerge. (Shown above in Sock 1564, Tropical Fish.)

Trekking-XXL-Tweed-The-Loopy-EweTrekking – XXL and Tweed. We’ve re-stocked colors and added in some new ones in both Trekking XXL and Trekking Tweed. If you’re knitting socks for people who are going to toss them in the washer and dryer, this is the perfect work-horse yarn. (Shown here in Sky Blue Tweed – look at those fun tweedy bits in there!)

Universal – Cotton Supreme and Splash. We’ve re-stocked the Cotton Supreme and added in Supreme Splash (which gives a tie-dyed sort of look – very pretty.) These cotton yarns are perfect for summer sweaters, kids clothes, toys, and scarves or hats for people who want to avoid wool. They are all machine wash and dry, making them easy-care as well.

Loopy-Cakes-The-Loopy-EweLoopy Cakes – The Colors of Loopy.  Our newest cake set contains all of the colors that make up our shop (which just happen to be our very favorite colors at the moment!).

Knitter’s Pride – Karbonz Needles. We’ve had so many requests from all of you that we added in this line of needles. I actually tried them and liked them last year, but we didn’t have room on the needle wall to add another line at that time. We have them in DPN’s, 10″ single points, and circulars. These needles are made from high-tech carbon fiber, which gives the needles a high tensile strength, while still keeping them lightweight with a lot of flexibility. The tips are covered in a nickel-plated brass with nicely tapered points.

Three-Bags-Full-The-Loopy-EweThree Bags Full – Project Bags. Michele has whipped up some more of her pretty  bags for us, in multiple fabrics. We usually get different fabrics each time, so if you see one you love, don’t dally on the purchase! (Shown here in Le Chat.)

While you’re perusing the new things tonight, take a few extra minutes to check out our newly re-done website. New homepage, bigger photos, and several other features that you’ve asked for. It has been a long time in the making, and we hope you like it!

Sheri sothankfultohaveWebGuyaspartoftheLoopyTeam


  1. Absolutely love the new website! even on my iPhone it functions fantastically and the layout and photos are perfect. great job, will make purchasing – and drooling over yarns such fun.

  2. Sheri,
    I grew up in Denver and married on June 4of 77. That week it snowed on Memorial Day , the the first of June it’s was 90 in the morning and 65 that afternoon. On the 4th it was 95. I had cooked rice between my boobs!!!!!!
    You are getting Denver fun weather?!

  3. FANTASTIC WEBSITE!!!! Kudos to Web Guy and all the Loopies!!!! I love everything about it! I am so glad we can finally pin things now because I have a Loopy Ewe board !
    This new website works great on my IPhone as well! No more going right to mobile !!!! Yay!

  4. Sheri, the new website is beautiful – I’m having a few display problems (which I’ve emailed to y’all) but when it works on this end, it’s wonderful!! WebGuy did good. I work in the field, so I especially appreciate all his hard work. You had a talented young man there.

  5. Love the new web look.

    Also big THANK YOU goes out to web guy. I had written to ya’ll this morning with a suggestion for the web site and within hours it was implemented. How cool is that?

    I asked for AND got the ability to look at my past orders and click on a yarn purchased and now it is hyperlinked to the yarn shop so now I can easily or is that too easily reorder the same yarn.

    Thank you web guy.

  6. Well today was the first time I did not look at the update for the week before I placed an order somewhere else. I wished I had known you are carrying the Karbonz needles. So now I know if I need another set I will order from you. Thanks for carrying them though they are a great needle to knit with!

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