The Owls are Back!

owls-in-nest-in-treesRemember last year when I shared photos of an owl’s nest that is on my route to and from work? Last year, the momma owl looked so tired and had 3 big puffy babies to take care of.  Guess what? She has three more this year – still big, puffy and white. And guess what else? She still looks exhausted. (Notice – snow on the nest and no leaves this year. Last year at this time the leaves were out and hiding the babies a bit more carefully.) I wonder if it’s the same momma owl this year? Or are owl nests a “first come, first served” kind of thing? I found another nest at a different intersection this year, too. owls-in-nest-in-treesThat one looks to have a momma and one or two babies. I’ll share more pictures if we get more later.

It’s fun to see the nests and babies from year to year. I used to hear owls frequently when we lived in St. Louis, but I never saw any nests, much less baby owls. Here we hear them, we see them, and we watch their babies and nests. Very cool.

What will you be knitting on this weekend? I am still working on my Nuvem. It’s a long knit, but I will love it when it’s done.

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  1. Owls are one of my favorite birds. We have lots of them here in Ohio but I have never seen a nest. Love the fuzzy babies.

  2. I worked Red Cross first aide at a zoo event in Baton Rouge. There was a zoo employee with a leather glove on carrying an owl about. Turns out it had been brought there with an injured wing, and couldn’t be set free again. I was allowed to pet the back of its neck…my fingers sunk into owl down all the way to my rings before I reached its skin. No wonder they look fluffy…and think of all that insulation!

  3. I’m trying to decide which new yarn to wind and cast on next (instead of finishing a WIP, of course), but I did finish my CO Fling shawl that you emailed us before fling with yarn purchased at last fling.

  4. We are about an hour southeast of Fort Collins. We have an owl nest on our farm not too far from the house. Two babies that look just like that are beginning to peek out to view the world. The two parents are always close by. I think the parents look tired because they fly around all night finding food to feed those babies!

  5. OOHH so cool!!! 🙂 thanks for sharing the Owl pix- it’s so neat to watch the babies grow up. 😉 ps Love the new site layout! Very chic!

  6. As soon as I read you had changed LE website I checked it out. As usual with funky AOL I cannot navigate the LE site very well. But when I go at it though Internet Explorer it works fine. Looks good. I like the bigger photos of yarn.

  7. Trying to finish up Franklin Habit’s The Anna Shawl, which is even more lovely in person than it is in the photos. Using some Heavy Metal Wollmeise that I scored in a Loopy update last summer and I think it is going to be stunning. Love the owl photos!

  8. Well, the babies certainly have the Angry Bird look down. Thanks for sharing the pics – I live in SoCal and don’t have any owls around – that I know of.

    I’m working on a Friendship Shawl (rectangular) for a cancer survivor. If it were football season, I’d probably be done now…it’s a process :).

  9. I am on a sock kick lately and doing a pair of white socks inspired by the firefly tv series.

    Also, couldn’t tell you if it is the same momma owl as horned owls don’t make their own nests. Rather they scavenge other bird’s nests year after year. During mating season owls will often squabble with each other over available nests.

  10. Sheri, the owls are great! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen baby owls so close up before.

    I’m working on Holly by C2Knits. I found this on Patternfish. I’ve had the best luck on that site for patterns TLE doesn’t carry. I’m using an organic cotton by Malabrigo (I think), worsted. It’s a very pretty top down raglan style cardigan with a lacy collar and hem. I love the bracelet length sleeves and the tie at the top. I so rarely actually button caridgans, it’s nice to see a pattern that works with that feature.

    I went through a real “startitis” phase in early March (it’s an annual event), so I’ve also got three or four other things on the needles that I’m actively working on. Holly is a nice simple knit, good for commuting. The other knits have lace patterns, so I’m better with them at home.

    I’m also thoroughly enjoying my recent Loopy purchases. Keep up the good wor!

  11. I will be working on, or should I say starting with un-knitting 7 rows on my Guernsey Wrap before I can make forward progress. Grrr!!! That’s what happens when you are already tired and try to do too many things while working on a chart project. I’m within 84 rows of the end so I will be thinkin’ about which project gets started next.

  12. Love the new website. Bright and cheery!! Working on a stole called Marigold from the Sock Report book – a fun knit!

  13. Love the new website! This weekend I’m working on Dreambird–its such a pretty shawl and fun to work all of the short rows!

  14. I am working on my first pair of socks made with Wollmeise 100%! Love the yarn, color, feel…just everything. Hoping for more Wollmeise soon! Have a restful weekend, can hardly wait for Monday update to see what is new!

  15. Love those owls!

    I am working on my first Central Park Hoodie! Loving the pattern and hoping my daughter, the recipient, will, too!

  16. Where are the owls located? I’d love to take a peek. I live in Loveland and work in Ft. Collins.
    Currently, I’m working on a lovely fingering weight lace shawl. Another one of those “forever” projects, but it’ll be so worth it!

  17. Currently finishing Rhodion and starting a Vodka Lemonade in Tosh Sport.

    Love the new design of the site – I was thinking it was time for a redesign and it looks terrific!

  18. I’m trying to get a pair of color stranded fingerless mitts to “work out” for me. Once in a rare while you’ll see a bald eagle around here. There’s a wildlife area near the airport in Phila not too very far away where they nest.

  19. Finishing up another stranded knit piece with leftover yarn from challenge 2. I think I got addicted by stranded knitting. And this project involved steering too. Oh my it was way easier than I thought. As soon as I finish weaving in those ends, I’m winding yarn for a shawl.

  20. I love the owls! We have tons of birds all over that I love to see and hear every minute of the day! I am also feeding 3 deer, a few squirrel and who knows what else in the night?!
    I am done with my color work project so am working on another Jared Flood pattern- Terra. Using MadTosh DK in Antique Lace. Going to be great when done!

  21. Still finishing up the cowl I was working on at Fling. Have even more reason to get it done, too. Then on to the next thing! 😀

  22. I love, love, LOVE, the new website layout. The front page really makes me feel like I’ve just walked into the front door of The Loopy Ewe. Thank you!!!

    1. Can you please tell me where the Owl nest is. Would love to see them. They are my favorite bird.
      Thanks, Sandy

  23. You will love your Nuvem, it’s with the effort. I keep mine in the car so that we dont have to disagree about the level of climate control. He likes it cold, I like an excuse to wrap up in knits even when it’s over 100, so we’re both happy.

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