Spring Fling 2013 and a CONTEST!

Our first Colorado Spring Fling is over, and we’re left with lots of fun memories (and another full list of things I “must” knit. Sigh.) We had a surprising 22″ of snow the week of the Fling, which caused some interesting delays in travel. But I’m happy to report that the snow didn’t keep anyone from getting here safely. We began the retreat with our annual Dessert Reception on Thursday night. There were lots of wonderful things to choose from. (Click on photos to make them bigger. Or not. It might make you hungry.)



Friday and Saturday were spent in classes, shopping at Loopy Central, and knitting knitting knitting. This year, we decided to transport everyone to The Loopy Ewe in style, with two stretch limos. Each limo could hold 25+ people and I’m pretty sure we totally confused people here at the shopping center when both limos pulled up. (“Who takes a stretch limo to shop??”)



The aisles were full during the shopping times, and after checking out, the knitters enjoyed hanging out on the red couches and knitting, waiting for their limo back to the hotel. (Or – in many instances – checking out what each person bought and then hopping up to get something else and check out a second or third time …)



Cindy from Iowa found the perfect roving to match her phone case. 🙂


We had four awesome teachers at the Fling. We were delighted to have (L-R) Ann Budd, JC Briar, Susan B. Anderson, and Wendy Johnson join us for the weekend.


Susan came in a day early to teach her Fair Isle Hat Design class at the shop on Wednesday night:


and then do a book signing here on Thursday morning. Her new Topsy Turvy book is full of awesomeness. And each of her toys are adorable. I feel a toy-knitting binge coming soon.


We had fun goodie bags for each of the weekend participants. Included – a cute canvas bag, a skein+ mini from our Loopy Ewe Seasoning Series, a skein of yarn from Cascade, a pattern from Shibui, a Loopy Spring Fling mug, and a Soak Heel and Wash sample pack.


We had lots of great door prizes, donated by some of our wonderful yarn and accessory companies. A huge thank you to Cascade (who provided yarn for each attendee, as well as lots of cool door prizes and kits), Malabrigo, Notions Marketing, Dream in Color, Wollmeise, Soak, and Shibui Knits.


Saturday night, there was much knitting going on. (All that new yarn from their shopping trips to Loopy, I’m sure.)







(Look – there’s Web Guy checking out the knitters! He’s always here for Fling weekends, helping check people out at the shop and helping with door prizes on Saturday night.)




(Look – it’s Loopy Office Manager Lynn on the left! And Loopy Honorary Elf Sheryl, who helped out at the hotel the entire weekend. That pretty green shawl is one of several she wore during the weekend, all equally inspiring! Edit: Sheryl’s Shawl is the Kate Shawl pattern. And Loopy Elf Roberta, peeking out behind Sheryl with the purple shawl on. If you’ve called in to Loopy, you’ve no doubt talked to Roberta.)



We always make an oversized sock blocker so that we can get all of the Fling participants to sign it each year. We hang these big socks up at Loopy so that we can remember the fun people we had here! We now have five of these big socks hanging on the walls, from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. (Regular sized sock blocker included in the photo to give you an idea of how big this blocker really is.)


What a wonderful group of Loopy knitters. We were delighted to have everyone here, and so look forward to having you all back again the next time. We did decide to move the Fling to Fall, in order to avoid future snowstorms. (Not that we’re guaranteed not to have them in September, but it’s less likely than April.) So our next one will be the Fall Fling of 2014. I’ll let you know dates as soon as we have the weekend confirmed.


Would you like to win one of our Spring Fling Goodie Bags? I made four extra bags for this blog contest, and we’ll draw names for winners next week. Leave a comment below if you’d like to be entered into the contest!

Sheri whoenjoyedsharingthemountainsandLoopy’snewhomewitheveryone


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I am a lot more likely to make it to Ft. Collins one day than St. Louis. In fact, I have a trip planned for May 2015.

  2. Can’t resist a Loopy Ewe contest. Love the goodies. Would like to go to the event next year.

  3. I’ve spend the past couple of years in the 20th century, before the internet (= lot’s of knitting time). I just moved back to the 21st century a few weeks ago. Glad to see so many knitter having a good time.

  4. I liked your gathering and the teaching classes. The yarn is so pretty. I live a long way away, but this is my first contact. Winter is coming so I would like a new project. Usually I knit mitts, sweaters and small projects. My daughter knits sweaters and socks, she is a perfectionist. She has made many Fair isle hats for friends, that class would be interesting for her. Thanks you .

  5. This looks wonderful! I love your blog and your shop- and that you made extra goody bags 😀

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