Wacky Wednesday: Around the Shop Today

Do you ever wonder what goes on beyond the webcam view? Today, Loopy is wearing bunny ears (and webcam Loopy is wearing his Easter egg outfit.)


Speaking of eggs, someone left these in the Loopy kitchen. Is there anything better than Reeses eggs?


It’s a good thing that our shop is big and there is a lot of opportunity to walk up and down the long aisles, several times a day. The shop extends way-the-heck back there. How many times up and down would burn the calories in one Reeses egg?


We switched some displays around and set up these new little wooden mannequins.


And more shawls.


I re-arranged the Atenti bags today, and found I’m still wanting another one of them. That teal one – Larks Carribean – down near the end.


Looking forward to some of the new fabrics that we have going up soon.


And still inspired by all of these colorful fabric aisles.


Feeling sorry for the UPS man today, who delivered these heavy boxes and more. 


Plus – our in-store customers all seemed to bring fun finished projects to share with us today. That’s always inspiring. How has your Wednesday gone?

Sheri nosnow,thesunisshining,theflowersareblooming,springishere!


  1. Can you tell me what pattern the royal/cobalt blue shawl is? I think I need one. (Of course!) I need a Reese’s egg, too, but I’m trying to hold out until Sunday!

  2. I can hardly wait to visit the store in person to see all the new fabrics and the rearrangement. Happy Spring!

  3. Looks great! The shop, Loopy and the Reese’s! It’s gray and icky here in dairyland. Snow still on the ground!

    1. Thanks. I can’t believe I missed this one. I thought I had them ALL in my ‘Must be knit’ list. ;^)

  4. What’s the ruffle-ly red shawl? That’s beautiful! I may need to make one of those… Unfortunately the sign pinned to it has writing that is too small!

  5. Would you tell us the names of the new patterns? I could read a few of them by enlarging the photos, but not all. Loving one of the ones I could see. The Monarch Butterfly is divine. Now, I just need a girl child to knit it for.

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