The Aspens are Beautiful!

Have you ever been to Colorado in the fall? Pictures don’t do justice to the brilliant yellow Aspens that weave their way around the dark green evergreens in the fall. (Not even my husband’s photos do them justice, although his are my favorites!) We have one of Paul’s big canvas Aspen prints on the wall in our living room, and we leave it up year-round because it makes us happy. 🙂 Here are a few shots he took this fall.







You can also see past photos of Colorado falls here and here and here.

Want to see the Aspens in person next year? Our next Fling is in the Fall of 2017, October 5-8. We’ll have signups open next spring! In the meantime, did you get our Aspens yarn colorway? It’s our September exclusive from Blue Moon. We also have some of Paul’s Aspen photos done up in notecards on our website. We love Aspens around here – can you tell?

Sheri whoalsolovesthemidwestorangesandredsinthefall


  1. Incredible photos, as always! Thanks for posting links to past fall photos – it was fun to go back and look again!

  2. Beautiful photos!!!! The colors are spectacular. Here in dairyland, by the lake, the colors are just starting to turn the pretty orange, yellow and reds!

  3. I had a client in Telluride, CO and went there in October. It was so beautiful that there aren’t words big enough to capture the vastness of the experience. It really was just that profoundly stunning.

  4. My parents grew up in Crested Butte CO
    I was raised with the most utmost awe and respect for the magnificence of the Colorado “quakies” as my dad called them. My heart always skips a beat when I see them in the fall. I just
    got back from Montana and Idaho and their aspens are beautiful but just aren’t as extraordinary. The Colorado aspens always warm my heart with their golden memories and their leaves gently rustle in the autumn wind .

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