Beautiful Colorado in the Fall!

There are many great things about living in Colorado. One of my favorites is seeing the Aspen trees turn yellow in the fall. They are so stunning. I’ve enjoyed beautiful Midwest falls (with lots of reds and oranges) and even enjoyed a fall weekend in Maine with Paul one year (where the leaves are everything people say they are), but there is just something about the bright bright yellow Aspens agains the dark evergreen trees that is really breathtaking. Here are some pictures that Web Guy took this past weekend, up near Breckenridge.






If you haven’t seen them in person, maybe you ought to plan a trip out to Colorado next fall. And leave time in your schedule to pop in and visit us in person in Fort Collins! How is the fall progressing in your area? Leaves changing? Weather cooling? Sweaters coming out? I love fall. 🙂

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  1. Fall??
    I don’t think we have Fall here in sunny Los Angeles, CA Our weather is on average 80F daily, year around!! The only change in trees I see is our plumaria tree. It looses all its leaves in Sept/Oct. Sadly no color change! Love the pictures, absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the great photos and preview of what I have to look forward to! I’m leaving on Saturday to spend a long weekend in Fort Collins with my son for his birthday. I’ve never been to FoCo in the fall, so I’m really anticipating seeing your lovely aspens in person. We have a bit of a time crunch, but I hope to fit in a quick visit to TLE and maybe convince my son to try knitting himself!

  3. Love it! I miss fall color.

    I live in a place now where the four seasons are summer, summer, summer, Christmas. Today, I swam 30 min of laps at our outdoor pool at 7:30 AM, when it was 83 outside. But it’s okay because a Loopy box is in transit with a sweaters worth of Universal Bamboo Pop and Shibui Knits Linen! That’s something exciting!!

    1. Well, I can see how it would also be nice to be able to swim outside for your exercise most days of the year, too! (But I’d miss the changing colors.)

  4. Awesome pics!!!!! The leaves look beautiful! They are turning here in dairyland – lots of reds, oranges, yellows, burgandy! I love these colors. I just hate what comes after Fall ! :). Finally turning colder here as well. TIme to get out the fall and winter clothing! Sheri, the colors of the Aspen trees would make for a great yarn colorway!!!!!

  5. Snow on the peaks outside Gunnison! Still many spectacular colors left on the aspens, tho’. It is sock weather, too.

  6. Fall in CO. sure looks heavenly. The Aspens just have to be breathtaking…Thankyou for sharing the photos….Here in NH we are seeing so many shade of Autumn. My favorite has to be the electric shades of red on the Swamp Maples, Burning Bushes, and Japanese Maples…Wow~ It never gets old…It has cooled here, its Quilt weather….Bring it on..I love Fall and Winter…Perfect for knitting comfy socks..Take care, Best, Maureen

  7. Still 90+ here in Texas today, though they are promising a “cold” front, so highs should drop into the 80s by the weekend. I so enjoyed the fall weather at Fling!

  8. Well, according to the trees, fall light levels are here, as I saw some maples at a local shopping center last weekend putting on a glorious show. The weather is supposed to hit fall temps here next week, which, for South Carolina, means low to mid-70s during the day, mid-40s at night. It’s going up to 88 today. A friend of mine at choir asked me if I wanted to come swim at her house before it got cold, since this might be “the last gasp.” So weird, swimming outside in October….

    Looks like Web Guy has his daddy’s eye for pictures!

  9. We just returned from a trip to CO and NM this week. We were in the area around St. Elmo and Buena Vista — aspens were, as you say, gorgeous! The beautiful, bright blue skies you have in the mountain areas are wonderful also.

    Our weather has not been very much like fall here in OK, although we are getting some cool weather this weekend (lows in the 50’s/60’s, highs in the 70’s).

  10. The picture showing the aspens and the blue sky and clouds should have a yarn colorway attached to it. Lovely!

  11. My autumn blaze maple has been blazing for about a month because the weather has been cray cray in North Texas. The mornings have been cool recently too; so, I guess it has just been a little ahead of its time.

    I’ve been lucky to be in Colorado when the aspens are bright yellow. It is truly breathtaking!

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