Living in Colorado (and a Contest!)

It seems like at least once a week, someone will ask me how we like living in Colorado. As many of you might remember, we lived in St. Louis for a long time (27 years) and moved to Colorado just over two years ago. Why? Because we had vacationed in Colorado forever and decided that instead of spending 2 wonderful weeks a year out here, we should be spending all of the year out here! So we up and moved our household and The Loopy Ewe, and landed in Fort Collins. We love living here. I drive home from work, looking at the mountains, and being so grateful that we get to live here. Fall is just one of the many reasons we love it here. Aren’t the colors gorgeous? (Photos by my husband the photographer. Click to make bigger! One of the many reasons he likes it out here? Great subject matter for his photography business and a great art gallery in Fort Collins Old Town that sells his photos!)










Are you living in your most favorite place? If not, where would you rather be living? Leave a comment below and we’ll draw one name to win a print ย of one of these photos – your choice! (Approx. ย 11 x 14.) That way, you can have a little bit of Colorado fall color in your life, too!

Sheri wholikestheotherseasonsaroundhere,too.


  1. We are in New Hampshire, 30 miles north of Boston! My hubby’s family is from Maine which is fabulous! We travel all over New England! Love the 4 seasons! We are close to the coast, as well as within 2 hrs of White Mointains! The colors of Fall are gorgeous! I would just change my home location! Put it on a lakefront or beach front! But would have to have the hubby agree! The photos you posted are just gorgeous! Nature is so pretty when she wants to be ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I live in NJ now for all ready 18 years, I never loved it completely. It has a lot of secrets. Beauty and ugliness. Even after been living in respectively,Suriname , The Netherlands, Virginia,California and there is never a place were there isn’t some beauty. In my case,being able to knit,to make music, to make beautiful photos is more important than the place I call home at this moment. It is so great to see the photos of Ford Collins, they remind me of our hikes in The Rockies and Vermont and New York State’s Adirondacks. And I just love the painters eye who chose the correct color palette. It gives me always ideas for knitting designs.

  3. Native of Denver. Love it here! Plan to retire here, but hope to spend retirement traveling around the country, enjoying the history, local food, culture, etc. of other beautiful places!

  4. We live in southern MN and we do love it here, but would probably like to live in a more wooded area. We are thinking about a retirement cabin in the north woods of MN, if we can afford it.

  5. We live in MA but have traveled to CO two of the last three summers. We’ve got some friends in Littleton pushing hard for us to retire there. It’s a great idea!

  6. If I could live anywhere, it would be somewhere that would not aggravate my sinuses! I’d have to be able to take all of my family and friends with me though, so it looks like I’ll be staying put in Indiana ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I live in SE Alaska aka the Panhandle…I would not live elsewhere as Alaska suits me….I guess so as I have been here since 1958!

  8. I am in South Carolina and near family so it is ok. I’d really love more winter – for those knitted goodies!- and cooler (and less humid!) summers. But the dh is S.C. born and raised and not going anywhere….oh well!

  9. Lived in New Jersey across from Philadelphia practically all our lives. Our oldest son moved to Colorado so we came to visit one February. One day we played golf and the next we went up to the mountains and skied. Where else can you do that? It took us 5 years but we have been here 20 years now and will not move from Colorado.

    Pictures by your husband are really beautiful.

  10. I live in central VA at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and absolutely love it here. Summer can be a bit brutal but winters tend to be mild-ish. Autumn is beautiful, though in a different way from my native New England. Spring, however, takes the prize. Oh, I’ve got a mountain in my back yard – how cool is that!

  11. I currently live in rural central Iowa, but I would move to the Oregon coast in a heartbeat! Don’t get me wrong, tropical places are nice but I like weather! Iowa is nice but Oregon has some beautiful parks and lots of things to see.

  12. We live in Colorado – it took me 30 years of my adult life to get here (would have thought the Air Force would have sent us here, but they didn’t). We love living here, the only regret being that our adult children live in the South (in three different states, so it’s not like we could move to be near all of them anyway). The only other place that’s held as much of my heart as Colorado is England but moving back there would really be a stretch.

  13. I moved with my husband and 2 children to Fort Collins almost 3 years ago from Atlanta. This is the most family friendly, beautiful place in the country I think. I travel frequently for work and get to experience many places across America but there is no place like northern Colorado. Flying into Denver or driving across I-70 coming back from Kansas, the texture of the landscape is so rich and full. The high plains stretch across east to west and seem to meet the sky at both ends. Then the hills gently start rolling the closer you get to Denver. Then, that drive! Coming off the toll road back to I-25, the beautiful Front Range’s snow-kissed tops most of the year still bring a smile to my face ever single time I see them. Fort Collins is a happy little town that has a view unobstructed by modernization which adds so much charm. Yes, I live exactly where I want to be!

  14. I live in Ohio and always have. Have been to Colorado a couple times and just love the scenery. I just love your DH’s photos. Would love to win one of them.

  15. After almost 40 years in Austin, TX, my husband and I moved to Madison, WI. We had visited Madison several times over the years, mostly in late September/early October to have a taste of autumn since Austin really never has that season. We are so happy we are in Madison, even though our first winter here was the 101″ all-time snowfall record. Finally, I can wear all those woolens I’ve knitted over the years.

  16. As a small child I grew up in France,and that when my love for knitting began. Now I live in Massachusetts and I knit every day morning and night. That’s all I do each and every day. I just love to visit yarn stores and buy all the colors of yarn that catches my eye. Because I enjoy knitting wonderful Cowichan style hand knit,and I love Roving yarn too.All I can say is knitting makes me happy.

  17. We moved to idaho five years ago and love it out here. Boise has a mild winter but only 16 miles away (and up) there is good skiing and McCall has fabulous skiing as well as a beautiful lake for the summers. The rivers are fabulous for rafting and other water sports and we have blue ribbon rivers for fishing. Could it get any better?

  18. What beautiful pictures. Your husband is very talented. Living in California near the beach is great, but every year my whole family goes to the mountains. We will have to try Colorado next year. It was great to see you at Quilt Market. Suzanne

  19. I lived in Colorado most of my life, but moved to the Vancouver, British Columbia area nine years ago. While I miss my beautiful Colorado, I find the water as mesmerizing as the mountains. If I had to choose between the two, it would oh so difficult!

  20. Your Husband’s photos of Colorado are amazing – I’ve never been there, but wish I had ! Those beautiful golden yellows just make me want to have fun with the dye pot , and I start dreaming of rows of skeins in all the fall colors.
    Here in Devon, SW England, the climate is very mild and we are fortunate to have beautiful scenery on our doorstep – both moors and sea. We only had our first frost three days ago, so the trees are just turning and the oaks and beeches are particularly beautiful – warm rusty browns going towards gold. It was an exceptionally long hot Summer – though not hot by your standards – whereas last year it rained pretty well non-stop the whole year. We never know what to expect next !

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