Living in Colorado (and a Contest!)

It seems like at least once a week, someone will ask me how we like living in Colorado. As many of you might remember, we lived in St. Louis for a long time (27 years) and moved to Colorado just over two years ago. Why? Because we had vacationed in Colorado forever and decided that instead of spending 2 wonderful weeks a year out here, we should be spending all of the year out here! So we up and moved our household and The Loopy Ewe, and landed in Fort Collins. We love living here. I drive home from work, looking at the mountains, and being so grateful that we get to live here. Fall is just one of the many reasons we love it here. Aren’t the colors gorgeous? (Photos by my husband the photographer. Click to make bigger! One of the many reasons he likes it out here? Great subject matter for his photography business and a great art gallery in Fort Collins Old Town that sells his photos!)










Are you living in your most favorite place? If not, where would you rather be living? Leave a comment below and we’ll draw one name to win a print  of one of these photos – your choice! (Approx.  11 x 14.) That way, you can have a little bit of Colorado fall color in your life, too!

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  1. I just visited Charleston, SC last week and found my happy place. Every street we wandered down was even more beautiful than the last. Someday I’ll have one of those secret gardens of my own!

  2. I live in Northern Utah. Ogden to be exact (about an hour north of SLC.) I love t here. DH and I talked about moving to the Florida Panhandle a year ago but I just can’t handle missing out on all four seasons. Not to mention that Utah’s scenery is so diverse. I live right on the bench of the mountains and have great mountain views, but I can travel 4-6 hours south and I’ll be in Moab or St. George with beautiful red sand desert and Arches National Park. I wouldn’t trade it!

  3. I can ‘t imagine not being able to see the mountains everyday. They bring such peace and beauty to my soul. We are so blessed to live in Colorado.

  4. We love Fort Collins and Loveland – we have 5 grandchildren in Loveland. We also love where we are living right now. Big Timber Montana. The Crazy Mountains are covered with snow right now, the leaves are golden and the sky a brilliant Big Sky Country blue. Who could ask for more?

  5. For me home is where the heart is and that’s Colorado, without a doubt. I’m now in Calgary but I think.about Denver every day. It’s wonderful that I have family nearby and an excellent job and I try to get back to US as often as I can.

  6. I’m living in my favorite place, because this is where the people I love live! Now… if they happened to all move to London, England, I wouldn’t complain much!

  7. I, too, moved to Fort Collins Colorado two years ago. My husband retired from a paper company in Wisconsin and asked me where I’d want to life. FOCO!! Three hundred days of sunshine and no mosquitos (compared to Wisconsin’s mosquito population). I love the mountains. Skied in Steamboat when I was 17 and came out here many years after that skiing. I would always say, “Someday I’m going to live in Colorado…and 37 years later it came true! People here are very welcoming. I often think it’s because there are so many other “transplants” living here. They have been the stranger and therefore know hospitality. Fabulous yarn shops here in the Fort, too.

  8. Good golly there are a lot of posts. After living in Seattle for the past 27 years we are ready to pack up and move to Montana. Philisburg, Bozeman, Livingston. Closer to family, real winter. PS. Seattle is a great place to live too.

  9. I we recently moved from the green side of Washington state (Seattle) to the brown, central portion. Personally I’d rather be anywhere in New England, Fort Collins or Colorado Springs or the Oregon Coast…..

  10. Love Portland, OR where I live!
    We have mountains, lakes, ocean within one hour or so range and the downtown has enough fun culture. I also like the not-too-big size of the town!

  11. After living in Denver for 12 years, my husband and I got seduced my 2 great job offers in Chicago. We have been here 5 years and still miss Colorado so much. Your photos brought the aspens in fall back to me. Thanks!

  12. Beautiful photographs! I live in Colorado, although not in the local I would choose. Just another few years and we can move north.

  13. These photographs are exquisite and do draw me to a place so close to nature’s wonders. I live in Sonoma County in California – love the easy climate, year round gardening, proximity to airports and to my children.

  14. Beautiful photos! I love Colorado having been there numerous times since our son went to the Air Force Academy. I have to say however that we do live our favorite and a beautiful place as well—the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts—Our fall this year has been spectacular—I would love one of the photos—

  15. Really beautiful photographs! Right now, I’m living in a very practical place. Even though the town is called Greenfield, there isn’t a lot of green in the area where I live. I’m hoping to be able to move, at least to a greener part of town, maybe by next summer.

  16. Like many of your contributors and customers. I have lived I quite a few places and found great things about them to counterbalance the not so great things. Each place was an experience I wouldn’t have missed. I’d have to say my favorites have been England, Northern California and currently, Colorado. We are lucky enough to flit between CO and FL. I was happy to finally get to the Loopy Ewe in person during the Northern CO Yarn Crawl this year, which occurred just before CO’s epic floods. The photos show some of the glorious colors of a Fall in CO and I’d love to see one of your husband’s up on my wall! 😀

  17. Beautiful pix! Though I live in and love Colorado, much of my heart is still in Chicago, nearly 20 years after the move. I always look forward to the next trip back there. Such a pretty city.

  18. I’ve lived all over California, but have lived in downtown San Francisco for the past 18 years and cannot imagine living anywhere else. I love the fog, the hills, living in a high rise condo, the proximity to shopping and theaters and not having to own a car. I’ve met the most wonderful group of women knitters here. You couldn’t pry me out of San Francisco for all the wool in your shop. Well….wait a minute… long would I need to leave for??

  19. Just moved to Anchorage, AK from St. Louis. This is my favorite place to live. I too, love looking at the mountains and the beautiful scenery. I miss St. Louis (not the heat and humidity though), but this place is awe inspiring!

  20. Your husband’s photographs are beautiful!!!

    I live in The Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York…we are far removed from NYC!! It’s difficult to surpass the beauty of this area any place else in the world! We also are blessed to be located on Lake Ontario, the smallest of the Great Lakes. Looking out our front windows is like seeing a different canvas painted every day! Behind us are orchards upon orchards of apples. This year, our county (Wayne), has the largest crop of apples ever produced in the United States!

  21. gorgeous photography!

    i live in tennessee and while i do love it – the rolling hills, the green fields – i miss northern california. if i could live anywhere i’d live on the coast.

  22. We currently live in Massachusetts, near Boston and get to enjoy all the Boston area traffic has to offer. We vacation in Maine and have found the area and the people to be lovely. We often think about being able to at least spend the summer there full time. It does get a little nippier in Maine then even Massachusetts when winter comes.

  23. We are full time rv’ers so we have the chance to live wherever we like.
    We are blessed to see our wonderful country. This pass summer
    We were in Maryland volunteering at Greenbrier State Park.
    Had the opportunity to visit our Nation’s Capital.
    One of my favorite places to visit is The Loopey Ewe in
    Ft. Collins! Enjoy the scenery wherever you live.
    Right now we are dog sitting in Florida. My view is the Gulf of Mexico.
    We love the beach

  24. Living in Florida now and, no, it’s not my favorite place to live. Dearly miss the change of seasons and the Canadian Rockies. Loved living in southern California, too, many many years ago.

  25. I’m living in my second favorite place — Austin, TX. I have to wait until retirement to live in my favorite — Wrightsville Beach, NC. Can’t wait to wake up every day with the smell of the salty ocean and the sound of the waves on the beach….

  26. I lived in Vermont for twenty five years until I chose to relocate back to New Jersey to remarry my college sweetie. It has been a jolting transition and I learned what homesickness really is, but I also learned gratitude and to “bloom where I’m planted”. There are so many beautiful places in the world, I am often in awe. Your photos are lovely! Thank you!

  27. We live in St. Louis and liked it much better when The Loopy Ewe was there! I love, love, love Colorado in the spring, summer and fall. But I have to admit that I love the Florida Gulf beaches in the winter!

  28. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful country side so it’s hard to choose a favorite place, Colorado, Montana, Tennessee, Michigan, North Carolina and my home state Arizona! Home is where the heart is!

  29. I live in IL but my husband and I met while working in Jackson Hole, WY. We have always considered a move to this beautiful place post retirement.

  30. If I had the means to do so, I would probably relocate to somewhere in New England, perhaps Vermont. There are so many beautiful places, and I truly think that each place has its own beauty if we will only look!

  31. I am a native of Fort Collins, & wouldn’t want to live any where else. I have traveled to visit family in other parts of the country and can’t wait to get back to the Fort! I am so glad Sherry decided to relocate here.
    Can you please let me know what the name of the gallery is in old town? I’d like to go see the photographs in person.

  32. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and although the beach is awesome in the summer time, I wish we lived in the mountains somewhere. Fall is my favorite time of year and at least living in the mountains I could wear the items that I love to make.

  33. As the daughter of two transplanted Colorado natives, I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and spent many summers in Colorado visiting family. Now that I’m old enough to start contemplating where I might live when I’m fortunate enough to retire, Colorado is constantly calling to me. I love Lake Michigan and the many things Chicago has to offer, but the mountains and the climate of the west are a huge temptation. Time will tell where I end up.

  34. When I first moved to Maine, someone asked me, “Isn’t this the most beautiful place you ever lived?” Expecting a ‘Yes’ answer. However, since I had previously lived in coastal and interior British Columbia and in New Brunswick, I had to find a tactful way of saying I had also lived in other beautiful places. I think my heart will always belong on the little islands off the coast of central BC.

  35. My most favorite place on the planet is Beulah, Colorado. It is in southern Colorado. The trees, flowers, and moutains are so very different. Most of the trees are Pondarosa pine, which are naturally immune to pine beetles. If you every tour the capitol building in Denver, all of the granite in the walls is from Beulah.

  36. Lucky you!! When I was younger I always wanted to live in Colorado, and your husband’s beautiful photos really renew part of that wish. However, after I saw the ocean, I think I found my true love. If I had a home near both mountains and the ocean, I would be in heaven.

  37. I have lived in Colorado all my life and there is no other place I would be. I have visited many places but Colorado is my home.

  38. I’ve lived in the wine country of California, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Belgium, and now West Michigan close to Lake Michigan for over half of my life and I love them all. I’m fortunate to have lived in so many beautiful places!

  39. I’ve always wanted to live in Maine ever since I was a young girl and I have no idea how this desire got there or why it has remained for many years into my middle age. The worst of it is, I’ve never even been to Maine!!! However, I do think that’s where I’d like to live although I do love it in PA where we have the 4 seasons and that’s a must for me. Your husband’s pictures are gorgeous as I’ve always loved autumn and winter pictures!

  40. I live in Colorado and love it here. But for Fall colors, I wish I lived in Pennsylvania! I visited there once in the Fall, and it was just breath-taking!

  41. I live in a small British Columbia community in the mountains beside the mighty Fraser River. The climate is semi arid, the scenery is beautiful, we get all 4 seasons but not in excess (the summer is a little hot for some) and I miss the grasslands of the prairies. Go figure! Yet when I had a chance to leave I realized that I didn’t want to leave this great community – the acceptance of differences, the cultural and social diversity, the celebration of artistic talents and the feeling of belonging keep me here.

  42. I live in NYC, born and raised, and I love it. But after having travelled to Amsterdam 3 times in my life, I’ve decided that at some point, I have to live there. Being a NYer, I love that it is also a walking city, I love that it prefers every other method of transport over cars, I love that there is water and greenery everywhere, and I love the people. I guess it makes sense that I would love it so much, since NYC is really like Amsterdam’s baby sister!

  43. I grew up in Hawaii but now I live in the Chicago area. I would love to move back to Hawaii one day; It’s pretty much paradise!

  44. Colorado!!! Would be my pick. We were up to the Rocky’s last weekend. Try to make 4-5 trips out each year, and would move in a heartbeat!! Love to stop at the yarn shops (including the Loopy Ewe – one of my favorites!) but there are lots of wonderful stops that we just don’t have in Nebraska!

  45. I live in Lawrence, Kansas, and really like it. I’ve lived a number of other places, including large cities, and liked those too… But I grew up in the Midwest and guess that is my favorite place to live, and Lawrence is great and I’m glad to be living here.

  46. I live in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, in the cradle of the Fraser Valley between the Cascade Mountains and the North Coast Mountains, and I love it. Growing up on a dairy farm, and enjoying out moderate seasons, makes for a great lifestyle. We are within minutes of our parents and the farms we grew up on, and surrounded by people who have been part of our community for most of our lives.

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