Gift Knits: 10 Quick Projects for Holiday Knitting

Knitter's Gift Timeline via PinterestIt’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about the holiday gift knitting. Unless you’ve been in our Spring and Fall Giftables Club, in which case, you have already completed several quick projects and have them tucked away, ready for the holidays! I came across this Knitter’s Gift Timeline on Pinterest and thought it was a perfect description for how I go about getting gift knitting done. For those of us still thinking about what to make for the different people in our lives, here are 10 different project ideas (with a few options for each one) for quick knitting for Christmas gifts. (71 days. Did you need to know that? I didn’t.)

1. Hats – great for males and females, young and old! Here are a few of my favorite hat patterns: Wurm, Windschief, Koolhaas, CrosscheckWho?, and Felicity.

2. Scarves – also great for all ages and stages. A few ideas: A Little Jazz, Black Cherry Lambic, Cerus Scarf, Palindrome, Favorite Scarf Ever, and Strangling Vine Lace Scarf.

3. Fingerless Mitts – great for kids and adults alike. Check these out: Fetching, Treads, Cafe au Lait, October Leaves, Part Deux Mitts, and Felicity Mitts.

4. Mittens – for those who prefer their fingers covered! Try these: Bella’s Mittens, Horatio and Oren, Grove, Wood Hollow Mittens, Basic Children’s Mittens, and Waiting for Winter Mittens. Add a tub of Lavishea to keep their fingers soft!

5. Gloves – these take a little more time, but there are some beautiful patterns out there. A few ideas: Knotty Gloves, Froot Loop Gloves, Spice Route (ok, not quick, but beautiful, right?), Finlay, Absinthe Gloves, and Char.

6. Small Shawls/Wraps – typically knit up with one or two skeins of yarn, and used around the shoulders or around the neck. Check out: Jadyn Shire, Granlibakken, Amaranth Shawl, Boiseau Wrap, Andromeda Shawl, and Allis.

7. Dishcloths or Facial Cloths – it’s always nice to pair these with handmade soap (like TwentySeven Soap). Some pattern ideas: Leafy Washcloth, Double Bump Washcloth, Shaker Dishcloths, Pinwheel Flower, Lacy Mock Cable, and Ballband Dishcloth.

8. Cowls – quicker than a scarf, but just as warm around the neck. Here are some of my favorites: Song of the Sea, Zuzu’s Petals, Willow Cowl, Calm Cowl, Pretty Thing, and Lila Blue.

9.  Vests – usually a bigger investment of time, but leaving off the sleeves makes it quicker than a sweater! Try these: Vine Lace Vest, Angostura, Memory VestCloud Chaser, Mondo Cable Shell/Vest, and Dr. G’s Memory Vest.

10. Socks – the heavier the yarn, the quicker they knit up. Ideal for all ages. Here are some sport/dk/worsted options, to they knit up quickly: Simple Skyp Socks, Blueberry Waffle Socks, House Targaryen Socks, Diagonal Rib Socks, Tern, and Mudslide Socks.

Or how about a kit that contains yarn/pattern/fun extra, all ready to knit up? We have a few August Giftables Kits (with an exclusively dyed skein of Biscotte & Cie Self-Striping yarn and a pattern for fingerless mitts and ear warmers) and a few September Giftables Kits (with an exclusively dyed skein of Dream in Color’s Wool/Alpaca worsted weight yarn and a pattern for The Path Less Traveled hat) still available. We’ve also put the patterns from last spring’s Giftables up on the website: Lila Blue infinity cowl, Crosscheck hat, and Allis shawl/scarf, which are all great patterns for quick gift knits, which is the whole premise behind our Giftables Club! (The October Giftables Kit will be out at the end of the week, for those of you who have signed up for it.)

So how are you fixed for gift knitting? Done? Haven’t started? Halfway there? Pick a pattern and pop over for some yarn. We’ll get you fixed right up and on your way!

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  1. My plan was to destress Christmas by not knitting gifts. Now that I’ve seen at least two things that would be ‘just perfect for…’ here, I may be weakening on that position.

  2. If I was gift knitting I would definitely knit Miss Winkle again. I knit one for my Bunco door prize this year. Oh my what delight the recipient had in receiving it. I had much joy in seeing her delight and who doesn’t want to knit mostly garter and use just one skein of yarn. Lornas laces works up beautifully in this pattern.

  3. Gift knitting? Not this year. Too much else going on in my world. I made good use of the gift shipping option in a couple catalogs, though. A bit more than I might have spent stash diving, but it took me 20 minutes, and almost everyone is done (except the kids).

  4. I thank you for the list. I am always in search of “something” to give and a quick knit makes it even better!

  5. Thanks for the list, Sheri. You always suggest a few patterns I haven’t seen before. I actually have been knitting and setting things aside for Christmas. I think, though, that it is time to start knitting some hats. Knitted hats are always well received in my family (and they are quick).

  6. So many great ideas… Thanks! Ornaments and mug cozies are quick too. They make a great gift or cute decoration for a package.

  7. Sheri – Thanks for the list… I have been making notes in my phone and on my desk calendar – “START CHRISTMAS KNITTING” since August … I’m working on 3 projects currently that hopefully will become gifts – but I’m still struggling with what to make for a couple of the other family members. The list gave me some great ideas so I’m looking forward to getting those started also!!
    Definitely behind according to the “Timeline” you provided though lol

  8. As usual, I had a huge gift knitting list this year, but after dealing with this “Year from Hell” (2 heart attacks for husband, followed by angioplasty, broken hip for me, and diagnosis of ovarian cancer 8 weeks later), LOTS of things got put on the back burner instead. On a good note, spend three afternoons a week in chemo every 3 weeks gives me uninterrupted knitting time, so I’m working on lots of socks right now. I have to find the good in all this craziness, and since I spend a lot of time on the sofa resting the rest of the time, there’s time for shawl knitting, caps (one for me), and scarves. What a way to get ready for Christmas!

  9. Marti – goodness. I’m so sorry for the year you’ve had. I’m glad that you’ve been able to keep your mind and fingers busy with knitting. I hope 2014 is a better year!

  10. Hats and Cowls are great because they take me only about 2 nights each…Socks take me 4 weeks! Eeeek! Not enough time! The bigger and thicker the yarn the better and faster! I am working on a cowl for me out of DIC Special Edition Cashmere Worsted and I love it!

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