Our New Project Planner, Fall Giftables, & CONTEST 5!

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe1We have a new feature on the website for you! This has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s a lot of fun to work with, as well as being really handy for planning future projects. With our new Project Planner you can: 

– see how different yarn or fabric colors work together
– see how prices, weights, gauges compare
– get a cost for the project – keep track of multiple projects
– share your planner page link with a friend to get an opinion (or to inspire them to knit along with you!)
Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe3– leave notes for yourself (Which pattern? Which color for which section? Any other thoughts?)
– indicate how many skeins are needed of each color
– easily transfer it over to your shopping cart to purchase
– or save it for later while you think it over or start a new planning page for a different project

You’ll always find your saved Project Plans on your Loopy account page, once you’ve logged in.

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe5On each individual product page on our website, you’ll see the “Add to Wishlist” link (which we’ve always had) and now a new “Add to Project Planner” link below that. I have been busy planning some of my Christmas gift knitting projects, as well as a couple of other knitting projects and some quilts that I want to do. (I may be having too much fun with this feature.) You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see what I’m working on. I also realized that having multiple projects planned lets me see if I have too much of the same color going on. (I’m talking about you, Teal!) Read about our new Project Planner here, and then try it out!

We are ready for Fall Giftables signups, and the first kit is shipping the third week in September! Remember – by taking a spot, you’re committing to purchasing all three kits in the Club. To secure your spot, we’re having you pre-pay for the first month. (Again, this will ship out to you around the third week in September.) We’ll invoice you in mid October and mid November for the other two kits. You also have the option of paying for all three months (September, October, November) right off the bat, if you’d prefer. (If you signed up for your last Giftables Club and dropped out midway through, you will need to prepay for all three months to reserve a spot this time.) We have pretty yarn, fun accessories, and beautiful patterns all lined up for you this fall, and look forward to shipping them out to you!

Loopy-Blog-ContestIn our Eight Blog Contests for our Eighth Anniversary, we have been shipping off prizes every day! The winner for Contest #4 is Rebecca P. in Missouri, who wins this beautiful skein of Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in Submarine, as well as a fun heart-shaped felted accessory bag. We’ll ship this out today, Rebecca!

For today’s contest – leave a comment below and let us know your favorite thing about your day so far today. 🙂  We’ll pick a winner tomorrow, when we put up Blog Contest #6!

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  1. My favorite thing about today was coming home from work to finding my husband in the kitchen slicing fresh-picked garden tomatoes and drizzling them with olive oil for a light dinner!

  2. Project planner?
    It’s late as I write this, but can’t wait to explore tomorrow.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Maxwell, my new kitten, didn’t drown himself when his curiosity got the best of him. He decided to inspect the inside of the dishwasher and I shut him in and turned it on. His drenched meowing alerted me to his predicament. One life down!

    1. Oh my goodness, Alison!! I will definitely have to be on the lookout for things like that with this new kitten we have. I can totally see her climbing into the dishwasher. I’m glad you heard Maxwell and rescued him!

  4. Favorite thing today? I finally finished the husband-dubbed “Sweater From Hell”. With all the rip and reknits, I think I knit enough to have made 3. So happy to declare this one DONE.

  5. My favorite part of the day today? Daniel came to sit next to me this evening to work on the laptop. Just the two of us. it was so peaceful and nice to just have him right next to me. 🙂

  6. Today’s favorite thing is a scheduled interview. Please pray and keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks!!

  7. Finally found my stitch counter. It was in my sock drawer. Why, I haven’t a clue. PS. I work nights and sleep days. Sorry this is late.

  8. My favorite thing about today so far? Well, it’s early morning and the rest of the world is asleep. So, I’m enjoying some quiet time and looking forward to checking out the new project planner!

  9. Today I taught a 11 year old girl how to knit and she picked it up in a snap. She is on her way to knitting an adorable monster!

  10. Favorite thing about my day yesterday was sitting and knitting with friends in the shade at the farm where we pick up our CSA shares.

  11. My favorite thing about today is how I will be able to share pictures from my most recent vacation with my friends.

  12. That my yellow cherry tomatoes are finally ripe enough to pick! I would love a self-striping sock yarn with reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and greens in it to remind me of heirloom tomatoes and the taste of summer!

  13. We are currently on vacation in Maine, sitting on the shore of a lake overlooking the mountains. There could not be a better part of the day!

  14. I’m about ready to shower and dress for work, but at this moment I’m drinking coffee with a cat on my lap. That’s a pretty great start to the day!

  15. I was able to finish the right front of a cardigan at 1 this morning and then slept in a bit. Both are good things for me!

  16. My favorite thing about today so far was when my husband of 20+ years put his hand and my knee and said, “I love you.” Doesn’t get much better than that.

  17. Can I have 2 favorite things about today? #1 and MOST importantly, TODAY IS A KNITTING DAY! Okay, shopping at Loopy Ewe first, then picking up needles for the remainder. #2 is that we are finally getting rain! Hopefully there are extra points for having one selfish and one selfLESS favorite…eh, Sheri? Everyone enjoy your favorite things today!!!

  18. My favorite thing today, as is most mornings, is to walk with my rescue dog, Brigitte, to the waterfront park near my house, sit on a bench with a view of Manhattan across the East River and knit for a little bit. To contemplate the day ahead. Knitting and being outside gives me peace of mind for the tasks ahead, whether it’s a business meeting, a day of chores or time spent with friends.

  19. My favorite thing so far today is that my fall azaleas are blooming, already! They are a coral color and very pretty with the darker folliage.

  20. My favorite thing from yesterday was talking to my oldest son about how to play fantasy football, and he didn’t laugh at my dumb questions!

  21. My favorite thing about my day so far was that we were too rushed to make breakfast this morning, so I got a breakfast crunch wrap from Taco Bell instead.

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