The Loopy Ewe Ravelry Stash Feature

Many of you know that we added a Ravelry Stash Feature to our website this past January, but I wanted to share it again for those of you who may have missed it! (Including one of our very own Elves, which may be what¬†prompted this blog post …) ūüôā

When you purchase your yarn from The Loopy Ewe, you have the option of adding that yarn to your Ravelry Stash in a click or two, including our photos of the yarn. Would you like to know how to do it?

We need permission from you to connect to your Ravelry Stash page so the photo can be uploaded.¬†You don’t have to give us permission to link each time – just once. You can also disconnect that link ability any time in the future. To give permission, go to your Loopy Account Page and click on Social. Then you will see the page with the Connect button. After connecting, you can stash!

Social Column


Click on any order number for the option to stash. Under the shipping and billing summary on that order, you’ll see an “Add to Ravelry Stash” link.¬†Click on that for the opportunity to add your yarn purchases to your Ravelry Stash. You can also go back and stash past orders.



You’ll see check boxes by each yarn. You can check¬†and add them all, or you can pick just a few. We never add things automatically. You always need to go in and indicate what you would¬†like stashed on your Rav account. (Sometimes you’ll buy yarn for someone else, or you’ll be working on a secret gift, and¬†you don’t¬†want it to show up in your stash photos.) Most times you’ll probably want the whole order stashed and accounted for!

check boxes


We do have a¬†note to remind you to take your own photo of your yarn to upload when your yarn arrives. It’s helpful¬†to have a photo of your exact skein¬†instead of just our website photo. But this at least gives you¬†a place holder until you have time to re-take it. (Do you have to re-take it? No.¬†However, it’s nice to see the variety in different skeins when looking up a certain colorway on Ravelry, so we do encourage it.) You can easily see which¬†yarns¬†you have Rav-Stashed on your individual orders.

order done


This is what it looks like in your Ravelry Stash. Pretty! Not only does the photo go up, but it also auto-populates the yarn information for you on that entry.

stashed on Rav

We’re happy to provide this service for you on orders you place with us. This is a feature that Web Guy developed just¬†for our shop, and we’re¬†glad that it makes¬†the stashing option on Ravelry even quicker and easier for you!

Sheri whoswishestherewasasimilarwaytostashfabric.sigh.

New Year, New Rewards!

knitnotecoverpHappy New Year!¬†2014 is done, 2015 is brand new, and we have a lot of fun things¬†planned¬†for you here at The Loopy Ewe this year! You’ll find new companies, new yarn lines, new Giftables, a fun new theme for Camp Loopy this summer, new challenges for Loopy Academy Second Semester, new programs, and much more. We always have a great time planning out the year and then sharing it with you as we move forward.

Are you ready for new Loopy rewards in 2015?¬†We have new gifts and new titles for you at each level this year. Last year we celebrated¬†Fourteeners¬†for 2014. This year, we’re traveling the world, from Denver (right by Loopy Central!), all the way to Sydney, Australia.¬†Remember, you earn a point for each dollar spent (with a few exceptions) and you can find the new reward levels¬†and details¬†on our website.¬†Of course the top level is still Loopy Gold – we’ll always keep that one!

To kick off the new rewards program, we’ve prorated any¬†points you had towards your next Store Credit. For example, if you had accumulated $205 by the end of 2014, we’ve added a $20.50 credit to your Loopy account. (These special, year-end, prorated credits will expire April 1st if they’re unused. All other regular credits and gift certificates still remain in your account forever.) Hop over to your account¬†if you’re curious to see your¬†new balance.

We know you have many options for yarn and fabric purchases, and our Loopy Rewards Program is one of the ways that we enjoy showing our appreciation for your business. We look forward to spending another great year with you!

Sheri and The Loopy Elves

Abstract Fiber, Loopy Legends, Fibernymph, Cascade and More!

Hi everyone! It’s December 1st, which means we are officially allowed to play Christmas music in-store, right? (I just can’t do it before Thanksgiving.) Time for baking, lights, and shopping. Or if you’re one of those who¬†already has¬†all of your holiday shopping done early, now it’s time to buy yourself something fun. And we do have fun things in today’s Monday Update! Just up, you’ll find:

Loopy Legends – We have our first 10 Loopy Legends colorways for 2014 done and up.¬†With this batch, we’re celebrating Tamra, Michelle, Leslie, Kathy, Kat, Judy, Debbie, Christine, Bonney and Amber, and they have picked some really great¬†inspiration photos for their yarn. It’s a fun way to commemorate special times or events in your life through yarn, and we’re always happy to share these colors with you. We have more Legend colorways in the works and will have those for you early in 2015. Some of our Legends picked the Short Stack option this year, as we have a lot of Legends who knit AND sew, but for those who picked the yarn, we’ll continue to bring you their 2014 colors as they arrive. These colors are dyed up on Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, so the base is 80% Superwash Merino and 20% Nylon. The colors are fun for socks, mitts, hats, cowls, and more. Check out some of the Legends projects on Ravelry. Shown here in Leslie’s Peony Garden and Bonney’s Anniversary Celebration.

Leslie's Peony GardenBonney's Anniversary Celebration

Abstract Fibers Super Sock+ – I picked up a skein of this in a yarn shop in Florida last winter, and loved the completed socks so much. Of course we needed to add Susan’s beautiful line to our shop! We have her new Super Sock+ base. This base is 80% merino and 20% nylon, with more yardage than her old Super Sock base. (434 yards instead of 382 yards.) We have it in 25 colors, and I’ve already picked my next two sock colors out of the batch. (Update: Nope. I picked four, not two. Shady Glade, Aviation, The Gorge, and Pinot Noir.) Now it’s your turn! Pattern ideas: Zigzagular Socks, Ringwood Socks, Random Loop Cowl, ¬†Helix Mitts, and Willow Cowl. Shown below in Madrigal and Shady Glade.

Madrigal The Loopy EweShady Glade The Loopy Ewe

Fibernymph BFL Roving – We love Lisa’s roving, and this batch contains regular colors as well as some beautiful gradients. You’ll enjoy¬†spinning with BFL, as it can have a little more “grab” to it than some other rovings. And of course knitting with handspun is incomparable. Try it and see. Shown below in Rainbow Riot Gradient and Sunflowers at Sunset.

Rainbow Riot Gradient The Loopy EweSunflowers at Sunset The Loopy Ewe

Cascade 220, 220 Superwash, 220 Superwash Aran, Superwash Sport, Ultra Pima Paints, Ultra Pima Fine, Heritage Sock Handpainted, Heritage Silk, Heritage Solids, and Fixation all re-stocked. The truck driver was glad to get all of those boxes off of his truck, and we were glad to get these re-stocked on the shelves and out of the storeroom and hallway. It’s always a big day when Cascade arrives. Now is a great time to stock up on sweater quantities for winter, scarf and hat options for gifts, and sock and shawl picks for your cold weather knitting. Shown below in 220 Superwash in Christmas Green and Christmas Red Heather.

Christmas Green The Loopy EweChristmas Red Heather The Loopy Ewe

Universal Yarn’s Bamboo Pop – all re-stocked. This yarn has a great¬†look and feel. With 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton, it’s soft, durable, and has a beautiful drape for sweaters, vests, shawls, and kids clothes. Pattern ideas: Baby Surprise Jacket, Gemini, Zoe Tee, Summer Flies and Larissa. Shown below in Bright Spot and Frosty Morning.

Bright Spot The Loopy EweFrosty Morning The Loopy Ewe

Dream in Color’s December Dream Club – this month’s Dream Club comes with an exclusive skein of Classy with Nylon in a larger-than-normal skein. You’ll get 340 yards of worsted weight goodness in blues/greens/purples. Each skein is unique. The base is 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon. Also included in your yarn purchase is a cowl pattern by Melissa Leapman. (And not just one pattern – you’ll get both a crochet version and a knitted version – shown below – so that you can pick which you’d like to do.) If you have pre-ordered the Dream Club from us, you’ll find the yarn already in your Loopy cart when you log in. As always, we do have extra skeins available for purchase for everyone else, too. Other ideas for this yarn: Adama, Infinitude Scarf, Warmest Mitts, City Creek Cowl, and Definitely Diagonal Scarf.

December 2014 The Loopy EweKnitted Cowl The Loopy Ewe

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale – Don’t forget that we have all Sport and DK weight yarns at 20% off, all bags at 20% off, and all Loopy Short Stacks (Essentials and Collections) at 20% off through midnight tonight (Mountain Time). We’ve had extra Elves on duty for several days, working to get your orders packed up and shipped out. The Loopy Elves are an awesome bunch.

Loopy Groupies – It’s December! That means that we will be sending you the always-popular Romney Ridge 2015 Calendar with your first order in December, while supplies last.¬†(So that means any order that begins with the order number 1412….) It’s always fun¬†reading Kelly’s stories and seeing her special photos. We like working with her each year to bring this special gift to¬†you in December. (We’ll have extra copies of the calendar available mid-December on the website for those of you who haven’t reached Loopy Groupie status yet, or for those who would like extras.)

Romeny Ridge 2015 Calendar The Loopy Ewe

Have fun shopping through the new things, and thank you so much for your orders. We’ll get¬†them shipped out quickly!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Our New Project Planner, Fall Giftables, & CONTEST 5!

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe1We have a new feature on the website for you! This has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s a lot of fun to work with, as well as being really handy for planning future projects.¬†With our¬†new Project Planner¬†you can:¬†

Рsee how different yarn or fabric colors work together
– see how prices, weights, gauges compare
Рget a cost for the project Рkeep track of multiple projects
– share your planner page link with a friend to get an opinion (or to inspire them to knit along with you!)
Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe3Рleave notes for yourself (Which pattern? Which color for which section? Any other thoughts?)
– indicate how many skeins are needed of each color
– easily transfer it over to your shopping cart to purchase
– or save it for later while you think it over or start a new planning page for a different project

You’ll always find your saved Project Plans on your Loopy account page, once you’ve logged in.

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe5On each individual product page on our website, you’ll see the “Add to Wishlist” link (which we’ve always had) and now a new “Add to Project Planner” link below that. I¬†have been busy planning some of my Christmas gift knitting projects, as well as a couple of other knitting projects and some quilts that I want to do. (I may be having too much fun with this feature.) You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see what I’m working on. I also realized that having multiple projects planned lets me see if I have too much of the same color going on. (I’m talking about you, Teal!)¬†Read about¬†our new Project Planner¬†here, and then try it out!

We are ready for¬†Fall Giftables signups, and the first kit is shipping the third week in September!¬†Remember – by taking a spot, you’re committing to purchasing all three kits in the Club. To secure your spot, we’re having you pre-pay for the first month. (Again, this will ship out to you around the third week in September.) We’ll invoice you in mid October and mid November for the other two kits. You also have the option of paying for all three months (September, October, November) right off the bat, if you’d prefer. (If you signed up for your last Giftables Club and dropped out midway through, you will need to prepay for all three months to reserve a spot this time.)¬†We have pretty yarn, fun accessories, and beautiful patterns all lined up for you this fall, and look forward to shipping them out to you!

Loopy-Blog-ContestIn our Eight Blog Contests for our Eighth Anniversary, we have been shipping off prizes every day! The winner for Contest #4 is Rebecca P. in Missouri, who wins this beautiful skein of Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in Submarine, as well as a fun heart-shaped felted accessory bag. We’ll ship this out today, Rebecca!

For today’s contest – leave a comment below and let us know your favorite thing about your day so far today. ūüôā ¬†We’ll pick a winner tomorrow, when we put up Blog Contest #6!

Sheri goingbacktoplaywiththeProjectPlannersomemore. NomoreworktodayIguess!