The Loopy Ewe Ravelry Stash Feature

Many of you know that we added a Ravelry Stash Feature to our website this past January, but I wanted to share it again for those of you who may have missed it! (Including one of our very own Elves, which may be what prompted this blog post …) 🙂

When you purchase your yarn from The Loopy Ewe, you have the option of adding that yarn to your Ravelry Stash in a click or two, including our photos of the yarn. Would you like to know how to do it?

We need permission from you to connect to your Ravelry Stash page so the photo can be uploaded. You don’t have to give us permission to link each time – just once. You can also disconnect that link ability any time in the future. To give permission, go to your Loopy Account Page and click on Social. Then you will see the page with the Connect button. After connecting, you can stash!

Social Column


Click on any order number for the option to stash. Under the shipping and billing summary on that order, you’ll see an “Add to Ravelry Stash” link. Click on that for the opportunity to add your yarn purchases to your Ravelry Stash. You can also go back and stash past orders.



You’ll see check boxes by each yarn. You can check and add them all, or you can pick just a few. We never add things automatically. You always need to go in and indicate what you would like stashed on your Rav account. (Sometimes you’ll buy yarn for someone else, or you’ll be working on a secret gift, and you don’t want it to show up in your stash photos.) Most times you’ll probably want the whole order stashed and accounted for!

check boxes


We do have a note to remind you to take your own photo of your yarn to upload when your yarn arrives. It’s helpful to have a photo of your exact skein instead of just our website photo. But this at least gives you a place holder until you have time to re-take it. (Do you have to re-take it? No. However, it’s nice to see the variety in different skeins when looking up a certain colorway on Ravelry, so we do encourage it.) You can easily see which yarns you have Rav-Stashed on your individual orders.

order done


This is what it looks like in your Ravelry Stash. Pretty! Not only does the photo go up, but it also auto-populates the yarn information for you on that entry.

stashed on Rav

We’re happy to provide this service for you on orders you place with us. This is a feature that Web Guy developed just for our shop, and we’re glad that it makes the stashing option on Ravelry even quicker and easier for you!

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  1. Three cheers for Web Guy! Your website is full of great photos of your products, well-organized, and easy to use. I love the stash feature and how easy you make it for customers to buy and stash yarn from TLE!

  2. I’ve been using this feature since I first learned about it. Love it and wanted to say thank you for all you do to make our knitting lives better!

  3. This is an AWESOME feature! I must have missed the news about it before so I’m glad you wrote about it. Great job Web Guy (as usual) 🙂

  4. I have been using this all year Sheri – it’s absolutely smashing and saves so much time ! I LOVE how slick this is – very cool and your DS or whomever developed it is very good to us ! hope fall is coming to your neck of the woods – and thanks again for the lovely camp loopy skein – I am already pondering it’s use. Cheers Mel

  5. OMGGGGG Sherry thank you for “re” posting this feature!!!!! I think I will go ahead and start the second I get home – this is so fabulous!!! 🙂 Thank you Thank you!

  6. LOVE this feature, thank you! Never knew it existed before.
    Do have one question – from time to time Ravelry refuses to add a yarn to the stash; why would that be? It doesn’t say “I won’t”, it just doesn’t offer the option.
    Thanks so much

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