Our New Project Planner, Fall Giftables, & CONTEST 5!

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe1We have a new feature on the website for you! This has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s a lot of fun to work with, as well as being really handy for planning future projects. With our new Project Planner you can: 

– see how different yarn or fabric colors work together
– see how prices, weights, gauges compare
– get a cost for the project – keep track of multiple projects
– share your planner page link with a friend to get an opinion (or to inspire them to knit along with you!)
Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe3– leave notes for yourself (Which pattern? Which color for which section? Any other thoughts?)
– indicate how many skeins are needed of each color
– easily transfer it over to your shopping cart to purchase
– or save it for later while you think it over or start a new planning page for a different project

You’ll always find your saved Project Plans on your Loopy account page, once you’ve logged in.

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe5On each individual product page on our website, you’ll see the “Add to Wishlist” link (which we’ve always had) and now a new “Add to Project Planner” link below that. I have been busy planning some of my Christmas gift knitting projects, as well as a couple of other knitting projects and some quilts that I want to do. (I may be having too much fun with this feature.) You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see what I’m working on. I also realized that having multiple projects planned lets me see if I have too much of the same color going on. (I’m talking about you, Teal!) Read about our new Project Planner here, and then try it out!

We are ready for Fall Giftables signups, and the first kit is shipping the third week in September! Remember – by taking a spot, you’re committing to purchasing all three kits in the Club. To secure your spot, we’re having you pre-pay for the first month. (Again, this will ship out to you around the third week in September.) We’ll invoice you in mid October and mid November for the other two kits. You also have the option of paying for all three months (September, October, November) right off the bat, if you’d prefer. (If you signed up for your last Giftables Club and dropped out midway through, you will need to prepay for all three months to reserve a spot this time.) We have pretty yarn, fun accessories, and beautiful patterns all lined up for you this fall, and look forward to shipping them out to you!

Loopy-Blog-ContestIn our Eight Blog Contests for our Eighth Anniversary, we have been shipping off prizes every day! The winner for Contest #4 is Rebecca P. in Missouri, who wins this beautiful skein of Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in Submarine, as well as a fun heart-shaped felted accessory bag. We’ll ship this out today, Rebecca!

For today’s contest – leave a comment below and let us know your favorite thing about your day so far today. 🙂  We’ll pick a winner tomorrow, when we put up Blog Contest #6!

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  1. I gave a friend whose husband has cancer the knitted Freesia Shawl made with the Acadia Lupine (purple) which is her favorite color and she was thrilled.

  2. Wow, Webguy has been busy with the project planner!

    My favorite thing this morning was that I got the back yard mowed this morning before it got too hot and before the neighbors started complaining 😉

  3. My oldest dog fell ill 2 weeks ago and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions… I ran home to give him meds this morning and there he was, as happy as could be, chilling out and acting like nothing ever happened…. definitely my favorite thing about my day so far!

  4. The best part of my day so far was my walk at 6am – it was still dark when I left so I enjoyed watching the world wake up around me!

  5. best part of today so far is that it feels more like summer with the temps! back to the 70ºs/80ºs rather than the 50ºs/60ºs for daytime highs

  6. Favorite thing about my day so far: Spent the whole commute into work thinking about new sweater projects for the fall. So excited for the weather to be cooling so I can start wearing and knitting sweaters once more.

  7. I took my little boy to the park to meet a bunch of his classmates. They’re going to start preschool together next week, and I was so happy to find that all the families are fun, nice people. 🙂

  8. The best part of my day so far is that I get to spend it with the dogs before any one else gets up. They are so peaceful they just lay there and watch me to see what I am going to do next! lovin it!

  9. Sleep. Today, for the first time in months, my daughters (2 and 6mos) let me sleep, unbroken, from 9:30 to 5am, and get another couple hours after everyone got fed and changed. I now feel tired instead of manic from exhaustion, and tired feels good. 🙂

  10. I might (finally) be getting a new kitty; it’s been four years since I lost my redhead. Best news I’ve had all week!

  11. I’m half way through the bind off row (609) stitches on my 3rd TLE Camping Project which I should finish tonight and block over the weekend.

  12. I love that my Camp Loopy project 3 is completed and blocked! Now I just need to take pictures and post them…

    Oh! And I had my first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) from Starbucks today (in August!)…is it just me or has it gotten sweeter? Anyway, it was delish and a great start to my day!

  13. Favorite part of today is my sweetie phoned to wake me up before the alarm could – waay better to wake up to his voice than the blaring of my alarm 🙂

  14. My favorite thing about the day so far is watching my uncle’s Rottweiler playing a very gentle game of tug of war with another relative’s much smaller dog

  15. my fave thing today was seeing the sunrise, a beautiful shell pink sky edging into the night’s fading lavender, and finally spilling golden sunlight over everything. It was a perfect summertime color combo to celebrate the rapidly vanishing days of my fave season.

  16. I finished a pair of socks. I learned how to knit them two at a time and today was the day they BOTH came off the needles.

  17. We had our granddaughter today, we all went to lunch. She wanted a hot dog so off to the town park we went. Beautiful day in Maine

  18. My favorite part of today was coming home after a long hard day at work, booting up my computer, browsing my favorite yarn store sites, and unwinding with my knitting (first sock ever!).

  19. Best part of my day was helping as ambulance driver, but truly the best is about to come as I leave to see my grandchildren right now’

  20. A surprise Mocha from a co-worker this morning, and some super yummy Blackberry Rhubarb Dump Cake this afternoon, all is good in my world.

  21. It is a beautiful spring day here in the Land of Oz, my weight is going down, my first Dutch Iris has opened up and my #1 Grand Daughter is having a visit with me today!

  22. My favorite thing about today has been succeeding at my new job (and of course hugs from my daughter)!

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