Nuvem and a CONTEST!

Nuvem-Wollmeise-Lace-Spice-MarketIf you read last week’s blog post, you know I’m in Germany this week, visiting Claudia (the Wollmeise). Last fall, Claudia and her friend Maria came to visit me, and we had a great time knitting, shopping, and hanging out. Usually, Claudia comes for the Spring Fling each year and we are so busy that we don’t get enough time to just sit and knit and chat. So it was fun to have her here during a non-Spring Fling time. (And it’s fun being with her here in Germany this week!) One thing that happened last fall when Claudia and Maria were here? I was bitten by the Nuvem bug. They both got off the plane wearing these beautiful scarf/wrap creations and I was immediately interested. Even MORE so when I tried it on. The Nuvem is knit with about 1700 yards of lace, making it really lightweight, but at the same time, really warm. I wanted to start one immediately.

Nuvem-Wollmeise-Lace-Spice-MarketSo, I jumped right in using a skein of Spice Market. (It had been caked up to be a sweater, but you know my history with sweaters, up to this point.) The Nuvem pattern requires a lot (a LOT) of knitting around and around. But I really don’t mind that kind of knitting. You don’t have to think about it. One row is knit around. The second row is knit around, plus making about 12 increases along the way. That’s it! See how the ends flare out a little? That’s where you do the increases. (The true color is shown in the second photo.)Β And I liked working on it so much, that I started a second one while the first one was soaking in the wash, getting ready for a blocking. I thought it would be great knitting on the plane and in Germany. I did make some changes when I knit it. I made it longer (I cast on 230 stitches to begin with), I made it a little narrower (I think about 22 inches across), and I did 9 rows on the ruffle instead of 6.

So here’s the thing. I had caked up two skeins of Spice Market Lace when I thought I was making a sweater out of them (knitting it holding two strands together.) Since I changed my mind, I used one cake for my Nuvem and I have another Spice Market all caked up, ready to give to someone else. Would you like it? Leave a comment below telling me about your adventures in knitting lace (Have you knit a lace scarf or wrap before? Would you do it again? Have you made a Nuvem? Or would this be your first time on a lace project?). I’ll draw a number next week and will let you know who wins the big, beautiful cake of Spice Market Lace.

Sheri wholikesthisNuvembetterthanasweateranyway


  1. I love knitting with laceweight for travel. I knit a Featherweight largely on an airplane and while in the airport and it was so comforting. Your Nuvem looks lovely!

  2. I have knit lace motifs in projects but I have yet to complete a large project with lace. I really want to though! My queue is full of lace projects waiting for me to cast on! I would put your Spice Market to good use as a beaded lace scarf!

  3. I love laceweight, although I must say I am usually more up for laceweight sweater projects than giant shawls. I have a Viajante on the needles now, and although it’s been traveling with me quite a bit this summer, it’s still going to take a long while yet to finish up. But laceweight sweaters? Now THOSE are the bomb …

  4. I have knit a couple of laceweight scarves. I loved working with that weight and liked how portable the projects were. Would love to win, it would be the perfect thing to start my fall project!

  5. I love knitting lace and one day will use laceweight to make a sweater – just haven’t done that yet. The Nuvem looks lovely and I’ve always wanted to buy some Spice Market. Would love to win this.

  6. I don’t have a great track record with lace, but the Nuvem looks like something I would love to knit. Oh, I hope I win your yarn!

  7. I have not managed to knit a skein of lace yet. I have commissioned my jobs out though and now own a Nuvem made of Wollmeise lacegarn in Maus Jung. Love it!!

  8. This would be my first lace yarn project. I really love , love, love the color of your yarn and I have been wanting to knit the Nevem for a while. I am crazy about shawls and Martina’s patterns.

  9. I like to knit lace when I need to not think about something else. I have a tendency to ruminate. Ruminating is a hard habit to break so when I need to set some thoughts aside I bury myself in a complex lace pattern. I have to read the pattern and read my knitting. This helps me to get out of my head. When I’m done I have something to show for my time.

  10. I have knit lace and I have knit with lace weight, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually knit knit the two together! I made a Kozue with sweet Georgia and there’s a mohair wrap lingering too….and most of the lace I’ve actually knit was with worsted…..

    If I won…I think I’d knit a Viajante…….

  11. I’ve knitted a fair amount of lace, and I’ve enjoyed it every time. The trick is creating opportunities to wear the stuff I make… I’d love to try Nuvem, and the Spice Market colourway is gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  12. I love to knit lace over any other knitting technique. I have made socks, hats, arm warmers, shawls and wraps in lace. Yes socks! Well at least the leg part was lace. πŸ™‚ Usually the bigger the shawl the better. I admit I have 4 shawls / wraps on the sticks right now.

  13. I have been knitting for two years now . My mom and I (she’s 87, Czech, and lives with us because she of age related health problems) went into a LYS. Mom had knit most of her life and I did crochet. They had some beautiful lace shawlettes on display that mom and I ooohed and ahhhhed over. I told the shop owner I wanted to learn to knit, and to do that kind of knitting. Oh, she said, that’s lace knitting and pretty advanced. OK, I accepted that challenge and it didn’t take me too long and I knit my first lace shawl. I love doing the lace shawls and have done several now. This might me a nice lace project to make for Mom for Christmas. She doesn’t like to look like ‘an old lady’ and this is pretty and stylish. Definitely on my list now. Thanks for showing it.

  14. I’m inexperienced knitting lace. I’ve never done a tough pattern, but I’ve enjoyed the results of the couple of things I’ve done that were either all or mostly garter stitch. I’m glad you had fun in Germany and had lots of knitting time on the plane. That’s just glorious!

  15. I have not knitted anything lace but hope to make it my next challenge. The spice market yarn contains my colors as I love the shades of fall, especially in our county when the leaves start changing.

  16. I want to knit a Nuvem but that project keeps getting pushed down the list in favor of smaller quicker things. I love how it looks and am sure it would keep me warm in my icebox of an office. I’d love to win the cake of Spice Market!

  17. I have loved knitting a few lace weight scarves to give as gifts. My daughter has asked that I knit something for her sorority’s fund raiser and the Nuvem scarf/wrap/shawl seems like the perfect thing. Thanks for the opportunity to win – fingers crossed!

  18. Nuvem is definitely on my list to make. And what a perfect color Spice Market is for fall. It would be just the thing to pretend we have fall here in Florida.

  19. The most advanced lace project I have made is the Evenstar shawl. I absolutely loved knitting it and am working up my courage to knit another.

  20. I would LOVE to win that skein! I am new to lace knitting. I’m trying a “my slice of summer” shawl with beads…….I WILL get the hang of it! πŸ˜‰

  21. I have to say that I really look forward to your blog and what patterns will show up there. I love the idea of take with you, social type of knitting. I’d like to make the Nuvem for my take along project. I love the colors of the Spice Market too. I’ve made some lace shawls with lace weight and finger weight yarn. I’ve even spun lace weight merino wool that I hand combed then knit into the Damask Shawl. I loved that project.

  22. Guten tag, und vielen Dank fur die Wahlen!

    I actually haven’t worked with lace-weight yarn yet, but I’d like to try something new, and I think my mom would absolutely love both the Nuvem pattern and the Spice Market yarn. (I did take a lace knitting class, which I loved, but we used DK weight yarn.)

    Hope you are having a great trip — Germany is definitely on my bucket list!

  23. I have knit with lace before, loved it, and would do it again. I made a shawl (Wendy’s Seriously Simple Shawl) when I was just learning to knit, using Malabrigo. Now I’m working on a lace scarf (Strangling Vines) again in Malabrigo (can you tell what my favorite yarn is?). Next I have two skeins of lace weight yarn that I picked up in Australia ready to make something for my Mom, as soon as she tells me what that something is. I do love the look of the Nuvem and enjoy mindless knitting projects πŸ™‚

  24. 1. never have made a lace scarf….no never made a Nuvem
    2. i think I have 1 ball of lace yarn which were suppose to be destined for a sweater; but never made it
    3….so first time Lace yarn Knitter

    Thanks for the offer!!!

  25. I seem to be addicted to knitting lace. All of my Camp Loopy projects were lace. I knit lace for gifts and went looking for a worsted weight lace project for the 4th quarter challenge. I have used yarn from worsted to almost cobweb for lace. Love, love, love knitting lace. Might have to take a look at the Nuvem.

  26. I’ve made one lace scarf and I love how pretty it is! I really like the pattern and I would love to win some of that Spice Market to make my own Nuvem πŸ™‚ What a perfect fall accessory!

  27. If it’s not too late – I would love to try Nuvem with your Spice Market cake. My lace knitting thus far has been mostly scarves and a large circular shawl.

  28. I have knit some lace and last year I jumped right in and designed a lace shrug for my daughter-in-law to wear for the wedding. (You can see it on Ravelry, where I am knittingkidd…I am very proud of it). I have been looking at Nuvem and thinking of making it…this would be the perfect reason to start it sooner than later!

  29. Never tried Wollmeise (never fast enough to catch the updates πŸ˜‰ ). But I used lace yarn for a Ombre cardigan (by Tanis Lavallee), held double and I loved the resulting fabric (it knitted up surprisingly fast!). I also knitted a mystery shawl by Kirsten Kapur using lace weight yarn, and it’s one of my favorite shawl to date. So, let’s say that I just had nice experiences with lace weight projects so far. Nuvem is very pretty, 2 friends of mine knitted it and I love the result, but frankly it’s not for me (way to much knitting to be done, I’ll be bored!).

  30. I LOVE knitting lace. I normally knit socks, and there are so many beautiful patterns out there. I’ve tried some, but have many more to make! πŸ™‚

  31. I have knit a feather weight out of lace, it took a long time, but it is beautiful and one of my go-to sweaters. Would really love to knit one out of Wollmeise.

  32. I’ve knit lace-weight scarves, and a very long stole in Lornas Laces sport weight. I have a lace tank OTN, in a pretty light blue bamboo. I’m sure I could make something lovely from your Spice Market!

  33. Hi Sheri! What I consider to be my first lace project was my Rock Island shawl that I knit as project 1 for Camp Loopy this summer. I say it is my first because it is the first time I ever knit with lace weight yarn. The entire time I was knitting I kept thinking “I don’t know why anyone enjoys lace!” And then the second it was off the needles I started dreaming of my next lace project! I love the final outcome! And yes, I would knit Rock Island again!

  34. Your Nuvem is beautiful! I would love to try to make one once I get my skills up. I have never used lace weight or done any lace work

  35. I love to knit lace. Simple patterns and complicated ones. Ones with beads and ones witout. I did Jared Flood’s Rock island for the first camp loopy project. I love the Spice Market and the Nuvem might be a fun project to do.

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