Nuvem and a CONTEST!

Nuvem-Wollmeise-Lace-Spice-MarketIf you read last week’s blog post, you know I’m in Germany this week, visiting Claudia (the Wollmeise). Last fall, Claudia and her friend Maria came to visit me, and we had a great time knitting, shopping, and hanging out. Usually, Claudia comes for the Spring Fling each year and we are so busy that we don’t get enough time to just sit and knit and chat. So it was fun to have her here during a non-Spring Fling time. (And it’s fun being with her here in Germany this week!) One thing that happened last fall when Claudia and Maria were here? I was bitten by the Nuvem bug. They both got off the plane wearing these beautiful scarf/wrap creations and I was immediately interested. Even MORE so when I tried it on. The Nuvem is knit with about 1700 yards of lace, making it really lightweight, but at the same time, really warm. I wanted to start one immediately.

Nuvem-Wollmeise-Lace-Spice-MarketSo, I jumped right in using a skein of Spice Market. (It had been caked up to be a sweater, but you know my history with sweaters, up to this point.) The Nuvem pattern requires a lot (a LOT) of knitting around and around. But I really don’t mind that kind of knitting. You don’t have to think about it. One row is knit around. The second row is knit around, plus making about 12 increases along the way. That’s it! See how the ends flare out a little? That’s where you do the increases. (The true color is shown in the second photo.) And I liked working on it so much, that I started a second one while the first one was soaking in the wash, getting ready for a blocking. I thought it would be great knitting on the plane and in Germany. I did make some changes when I knit it. I made it longer (I cast on 230 stitches to begin with), I made it a little narrower (I think about 22 inches across), and I did 9 rows on the ruffle instead of 6.

So here’s the thing. I had caked up two skeins of Spice Market Lace when I thought I was making a sweater out of them (knitting it holding two strands together.) Since I changed my mind, I used one cake for my Nuvem and I have another Spice Market all caked up, ready to give to someone else. Would you like it? Leave a comment below telling me about your adventures in knitting lace (Have you knit a lace scarf or wrap before? Would you do it again? Have you made a Nuvem? Or would this be your first time on a lace project?). I’ll draw a number next week and will let you know who wins the big, beautiful cake of Spice Market Lace.

Sheri wholikesthisNuvembetterthanasweateranyway


  1. Have no clue what a neuvem is but would love to give it a shot. Have two lace shawlls on needles but that one looks great for those chilly airplane trips! My husband says brown is my color so I know it would get lots of use. Visited Colorado once…Estes Park…hate to see the flooding. Wish I had found you then…my stash would probably be ten times bigger. Hope to “do” camp next year!

  2. I’ve had Nuvem queued for a long time, but I’m still trying to finish my MegaCitron. That was my first attempt with laceweight, and I do love the lightness of the shawl. Your Nuvem is gorgeous – hope you enjoy your time in Germany!

  3. I love knitting lace! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love how you can have a simple lace pattern on one project and then a complicated pattern on another. There’s so much variety, I never get sick of it!

  4. I have revised my wish list. Would use the yarn to make Modern Wrapper by Churchmouse. See what happens when you clean up your crafting room and put your patterns away!

  5. The most ambitious project I’ve done with lace was a Nightingale Wing shawl that I made a couple years ago. I am so proud of that project but haven’t really used it. I like to bounce from lace to cable projects, and would be thrilled to finally knock out a Nuvem in such wonderful fall colors like those in Spice Market!

  6. My usual lace projects are Wedding shawls. Would really like to knit a Spice Market shawl for myself. I have been a blue person for too long and I find myself really being drawn to the fall colors lately.

  7. I would love to do a Nuvem! I am also a woolmeise virgin, love that spice market. Would love a chance to win. Yes I did a pretty large shawl out of malabrigo lace called the bell ruffle shawl. I’ve not been an avid lace knitter but I don’t really consider Nuvem lace knitting, just fun knitting with a lace weight yarn. Thanks melody

  8. Beautiful color and a Nuvem seems neat. Might get me over my lace phobia that I developed on a really complicated sweater project…

  9. It’s so much fun to read about everyone’s lace experiences! I love the warmth that lightweight knits provide, but I don’t always have the patience for intricate patternwork. Niven sounds like the perfect scarf! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  10. Nuvem is on my to-do list, but I haven’t made one yet. I have knit with laceweight yarn before, but never a lace project so large. And I loooooove Spice Market! Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I love knitting lace shawls and scarves! All of my Camp Loopy projects for this summer were shawls/scarves, two of them done in lace weight. I would always love to be able to add to the collection. The Spice Market would make a gorgeous circular shawl.

  12. Your post inspired me to look at the Nuvem pattern(which was already in my library). I have been digging in my stash for yarn and found some-a silk lace weight. I think this is the type of pattern that you would like more than one of. Yours is lovely-looks like fall. I would love to try the yarn out.

  13. I only had a passing interest in Nuvem until I saw your version in Spice Market! Now I want one but it is so hard to get wollmeise lace! I can keep my fingers crossed that I’ll get lucky at the next update!

  14. I haven’t had good luck with lace weight. I think it was the halo on the Malabrigo silkpaca. I think a solid project like the Nuvem might work better.

  15. Nuvem is among the many Martina Behm shawls I’d love to knit. I have recently discovered lace knitting and have made 3 shawls and 3 hat so far. I definitely would knit lace again, but only from charted patterns. I tend to get lost in the written instructions, and wind up having to chart them myself if they’re not already resented that way.

  16. I’m exploring the use of lace weight wools since moving southwest to Austin, TX. I really miss knitting with wool so I’m playng around with what I can comfortably wear here. It can be a challenge when it’s the end of September and it was almost 100 degrees at mid-day today. Luckily, Texans use their air conditioners with a vengance. I keep a sweater in the office all the time. So far, lots of cotton or linen /blends of both plus some silk.

  17. I love knitting with lace.

    I am currently knitting the Evenstar.

    If I won this yarn I would knit the Viajante by Martina Behm with it.

  18. I’ve only knit very small projects with lace weight yarn but am gradually building up steam and plan to work on a lace shawl starting next month. Nuvem wraps and drapes so elegantly, I’d love to make one, too.

  19. Oh how I love your Nuvem! I have the pattern, one day I hope to knit it! I’m totally addicted to lace knitting, especially with WM lacegarn.

  20. Spice Market is one of my favorite colors! I’ve made a nuveum but on in Spice Market would get even more wear! I’ve been thinking about lace elements to add, as there have been some incredible examples in the Ravelry projects.

  21. I love knitting with lace weight yarn, I’ve not yet been able to nab a skein of WM, and Spice Market is my favorite color! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I have only knit simple lace. This is too beautiful for words. I also have never used Spice Market. I want to branch out and knit things that are special with a story to tell. This may be my new adventures in knitting. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  23. I knit a Nuvem in WM lace in Fuschia. It’s a real beauty (if I do say so myself.) Spice Market is a bit outside my usual choices but I’d love to give it a try!

  24. I have had my eye on Nuvem. I have done lace knitting, but have always cheated with fingering weight yarn. I love the drape of this with lace though. May need to branch out a bit and try it.

  25. Right now I’m working on the Loopy Ewe Anniversery Kit (Astral Shawl)… not quite lace weight, but I’m still having fun!

  26. I didn’t have much luck with my first attempt making a shawl with laceweight yarn. I would love to give it another try using this beautiful yarn.

  27. The first time I knit lace, I was frustrated when I counted my stitches, not realizing I was supposed to lose and gain some on certain rows. I’ve never knit with lace-weight yarn, though.

  28. I love using lace for big shawls. They are so warm, but so light-weight. My first lace shawl was Anne Hanson’s Wing-o’-the’ Moth pattern. It’s one of my favorites!

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