Quick (Cute) Knitted Jewelry Kits

If you have an evening to knit, you have plenty of time to whip up some of these cute gifts for friends and family! I made this KnowKnits set in about 90 minutes. Everything you need comes in the kit, except the needles. Each kit makes both bracelets (although the skinny triple-wrap bracelet can also be worn as a necklace, which is kind of fun.) It comes in Blue Raspberry (shown here), Lavender, Honey, Spearmint, Green Apple, Coconut, Kisses, Grape, Cotton Candy and Cherry.

We also have fun kits from Laura Nelkin Designs. These take a little longer to make (but not too much), and are equally fun and would also make a nice gift for someone on your list. We have Butin Collars (shown here) and Butin Earrings to match. We have Mudra Necklaces and Mudra Cuffs. And we have Ribband Bracelets and Ruffled Necklaces. These kits also include the yarn and beads to make the items – you’ll add in the needles. All of them come in several different color choices. Here is a Butin Collar that Lisa, one of our Loopy class teachers, knit up for us.

It was fun to work on small projects for a change. When you get something done in one evening, you really feel like you accomplished something!

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  1. You might finish more projects if you worked them one at a time, but what would the fun of that be? I like finishing things, but I’m OK with working 10 projects and eventually they all get done.

  2. Are the KnowKnits bracelets stretchy, particularly the cuff bracelet? I would like to make these for several members of my family.

  3. Oh my gosh! I love those bracelets!! They went right into my cart. I think I’ll start with the Honey colored because it will go with everything but then I want to make them in all the colors. And it’s not actually buying yarn..right? Remember, I’m on a yarn diet this year. Sheri, you are an enabler!!!!!! Night everyone! Margie

  4. Very pretty! I haven’t attempted jewelry items yet! I do admit that I am a one project at a time gal. I did start my 4th quarter project though while I am working on Christmas hats! Someone may not get a hat until June but what the heck! :).

  5. 🙂 Once again Sheri you thrill with the creative update! I’m rather intrigued by these “jewelry kits” – I may have to plunge in & find out for myself … Hubby goes hunting this weekend & next so that allows for extra knitting time!

  6. Keeping track of your stash! What A novel idea! I just continue to put my yarn in drawers or on the bed in the “yarn” room (the room my oldest son used until he moved out!). I’ll have to think about inventorying it, but that is a scary thought. I tell my husband that my stash adds insulation to the house!

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