Yarn Caddies and Malabrigo Galore!

George has been in with another batch of those gorgeous  yarn caddies. Smalls and Larges in all different kinds of wood. Wouldn’t this make a nice holiday gift for you? (You can buy it for yourself, or send someone else over here to get you one.) We have oohed and aahed over each one. And there are a lot.

My favorite ones are the ones that have speckles or knots or other designs in the wood. I always figure something happened to that tree during that growth time, and I like that it’s preserved to make things interesting in the caddie! Here are some examples:

We’ll have another batch of these in February, so this is it for the time being. We get batches about every other month.

We also put up a bunch of Malabrigo for you tonight! You’ll find Worsted (shown here in Amoroso), Rios, and Lace all re-stocked in large numbers. The Worsted and Rios has me thinking about quick to knit cowls. Like the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf, the Thermis, Pedestrian Crossing Cowl, Herringbone Neck Warmer, Cap’n Crunch, Winter Wonder, and Ruffled Neckwrap. Do you have someone on your holiday list that might need a cowl this season? Of course the worsted also knits up quick for mitts, scarves, hats and sweaters as well. Get some large needles and get clicking on it!

Have fun checking out the new things and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped off quickly.

Sheri prettysureIneedseveralyarncaddies,right?


  1. I love the unique features of the yarn caddies. It’s nice to find someone else who thinks that wood products tell the story of each tree.

    The One Row Handspun Scarf is another great scarf pattern for Malabrigo Worsted! I made mine from a skein of Stone Blue acquired from TLE and I love it.

  2. Those yarn caddies are so beautiful. I hope that one day you will reconsider shipping these internationally; I would love to have one.

  3. Which one is the caddy on the middle right? I like that one a lot. Middle left is good too. Apparently, the husband hasn’t purchased my birthday gift yet…

  4. I am ooing and ahing over the long row of lovely wooden yarn caddies. I have put them on my Christmas list. So if my DH orders one, pick me a goodie! ;o) Thanks and I hope you and all the ewes have a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving!

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