Cricket’s New Molly Carpetbag

I wish you all could be here for Thursday Night Knit Nights. We have a lot of fun! Last night, we were celebrating Cricket’s first published pattern. The Molly Carpetbag is in the Interweave Knits Winter 2012 issue, available on the Interweave website, and at bookstores on 11/20.

You might remember Cricket from the post I did about her demo-ing steeks at one of our Knit Nights. Cricket’s mind overflows with pattern ideas, and she is particularly gifted at designing cool felted bags. The Molly Carpetbag is done with two colors of felt-able worsted weight (like Cascade 220) and measures about 11″ wide and 10″ tall (depending on the felting). The top picture shows the bag that she knit up for the magazine photo shoot. The second photo is the bag that Cricket made for me last spring, which I absolutely love. She has more beautiful styles and designs in the works. We get a sneak peak at them when she brings them to Knit Night to work on. As she puts out more patterns, I’ll be sure to show them to you. Her patterns make me want to knit felted bags again. Her next pattern would make the coolest knitting bag. (And you know how I feel about knitting bags.) It’s big and beautiful and will be a perfect next-pattern, after you’ve tried your hand at the Molly Bag.

We’re supposed to get some snow this weekend. I can’t wait. I have my knitting projects all picked out. Actually, my list will take me clear through Thanksgiving and on into Christmas. Do you need us to send you a new project before the upcoming holidays? We can do that. You’d hate to run out of yarn and projects in the middle of the holiday season, right?

Sheri gladit’sFriday,lookingforwardtotheweekend

P.S. Monday is a holiday – Veteran’s Day – here in the States. We won’t be here at the shop to ship orders since there is no mail delivery. However, we’ll be sure to do a Monday Update for you, so watch for that sometime Monday evening.



  1. My copy of Interweave Knits came yesterday and that Molly carpetbag caught my eye, but I did not make the connection that the designer was from TLE knit night.

  2. This is so exciting! I am so happy for Cricket! She is a very talented lady. I am s glad that Barbara Rude and I got to meet her when we visited TLE in April. I just can’t say enough about knit night- It was wonderful Saw the Sheri bag in person. Congrats again Cricket and Thank you Sheri for sharing with us!

  3. I will be so excited to see all the bags that come from this pattern. I can’t say enough about Sheri and the Elves, they always let me ramble on about my ideas. I would have never had the courage to try designing if it hadn’t been for finding TLE. Thank you for everything!

  4. I was eyeing this bag once I saw this post, and was patiently awaiting (not really) the arrival of my Interweave Knits. I knew I HAD to make this!

    My husband came home with the mail tonight, handed me my Interweave Knits with it open to the Molly Carpet and told me I HAD to make it! I love my wonderfully supportive Hubby!

  5. Woohoo – that does look lovely! I think I’d like to see a few more options of it knit up in some different color combos to see if I would really make one myself… but way to go Cricket! 🙂 Definitely keep those knitting wheels turning 🙂

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