Tracking Your Stash

I cleaned out my yarn stash last week. Ohhh, it was a project! And when I say “cleaned out”, I mean mostly re-arranged. I did come up with a full garbage bag of yarn for charity knitting, but other than that, I kept a lot of my stash. I like my stash. It was interesting, however, to see beautiful skeins that I had totally forgotten about. Do you keep track of what you have? There are several options for that.

1. Ravelry. You can photo and upload your stash, and it auto-fills in the details (yardage, weight, etc). I did one day of photo-ing back when I first joined Ravelry, and haven’t added to my stash page since. I didn’t like having to set aside my new yarn until I could get a photo and upload it. But I have a friend who swears by this feature on Rav and wouldn’t do anything else, so I know some people like it. (And of course I regularly use all of the other awesome features that Ravelry offfers.)

2. Electronic Lists. I’m a list person, so I did catalog a few of my favorite yarn lines in Evernote, which syncs with my phone/iPad/computer. That’s handy because I can update my list here at work or home at night. I also have my list available on my phone if I’m out shopping somewhere and need to see what I already have. There are a lot of yarn lines that I buy and use (or stash) in one or two skein batches. I don’t keep track of those on my list. But there are a few yarn lines where I do stockpile a bit (ahem) because I want to collect and use the different colors over time. These are the ones that I typed up on my lists and am glad to have.

3. Journals/Notebooks. Some people much prefer writing these things down by  hand and having a hard copy. There are all kinds of wonderful blank books out there, and I do like to buy them! I just like buying them more than I end up using them. (oops). If you like more structure than a blank book offers, you can get yourself a 3-ring notebook and print out pages to make yourself a Knitting Notebook. Here is a link to a website (Kathryn Ivy) that has some great, free, downloadable pages for a knitting notebook. You just print the pages as you need them. I have to say, I wish my grandmothers had kept a hard copy knitting journal like that. They were both knitters, and I’d love to look back and see all of the wonderful things they made over their many years of knitting, detailed in their own handwriting. You just can’t get that from an e-version, can you?

Do you keep track of your stash? Do you wish you could? What system appeals to you the most?

Sheri keepingtrackhelpstopreventdouble-purchases.

P.S. We have a winner from this blog post! Emily in PA has won 2 skeins of the Loopy Solid Series, and the book Sock Yarn Studio by Carol Sulcoski. Thanks to all who participated in the contest!


  1. Hey GeniaKnitz! You CAN put your stash on Ravelry with no photos. Up in the right corner is a drop down for either ‘thumbnails’ or ‘list’. The default is ‘thumbnails’, but if you change it to ‘list’, you get just that–with no pictures. 🙂

  2. I keep track of most of my stash in Rav. I use excell (I do love a spreadsheet) to keep track of leftovers of skeins so I know approx. how many yards are left of a partially used skein.

    My stash is very manageable as it’s quite small and I’m determined to stick with my ‘only buy yarn when there’s is a specific project in mind’ system.

  3. Sort? Log? Ravelry? Stash?!?!

    Good heavens! I am afraid I’ll have a heart attack if I list everything in my stash. I will suffer terrible guilt and realize I likely will never, ever, ever (sound like Taylor Swift??) need buy another skein. I’ve promised my WH that I will knit all the yarn in my stash BEFORE I die — so far I think I’m going to live near forever!

  4. I have put pretty much nothing into Ravelry in terms of yarn. I need to do that. Maybe an after Christmas project, because I need to definitely downsize in 2013.

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