Bad News, Good News

DSC02980Bad News: The house is quiet and Knitting Daughter is back up at college. sigh.
Good News: She and her friends looked pretty darned happy to be all back together again. That does make me feel better about the whole thing. A little.

Bad News: Remember these caramels that I blogged about a week or two ago? I tried two more things. The Chocolate Swirl Marshmallows and the Marzipan Caramel. Who knew that I liked the flavor of marzipan? YUM! And now I kinda think I “need” these special marshmallows every time I have hot chocolate. FPS.
Good News: They’re also great for just eating out of the bag. Not that I tried that or anything….

Bad News: I don’t know where this day went. (Well, yes I do. It went into getting massive amounts of boxes into the mail truck before the mailman arrived at 3:30. But boy did this day fly by.)
Good News: Since Knitting Daughter isn’t home and since WH is still working, I can stay far into the night to get things done. (Well, not far. But a few more hours, anyway.)

Bad News: No Sneak Up tonight.  I’ll be updating a few things like our supply of Knitspot patterns (including some new ones), and a few other things tomorrow.
Good News: No Sneak Up, but that doesn’t mean that no new yarn will go up. Do you get my drift? (That’s supposed to be a secret hint.)

DSC02976Bad News: Look at this purse that I got in the mail last week. Sharon – the one who designs these patterns made it for me! We met her at the Sock Summit and I happened to mention that I would love a Loopy purse, but I don’t crochet. The next thing I know, this arrived in the mail. It could not be more perfect. Why is this bad news? Because it’s one-of-a-kind and don’t you just want one?
Good News: It won’t be one-of-a-kind for very long. Sharon is going to write up the pattern for us to have here in the future. Woohoo! I’ll keep you posted.

Bad News: Our Anniversary month Blog Contests are over.
Good News: But we have five more winners from last week! Congratulations to Erin from IL, Sue from TN, Marianne from NC, Patricia from NY, and Traci in NV! It has been fun sending out gift packages from these contests. The other good news is that we do a blog contest every single month, and the September contest will be up in just a couple of weeks. I have a good question for you to answer in September. 

Do you have any Good News/Bad News to share today? It’s Monday. Surely you do.

Sheri whoisgoingtospendseveralhoursorderingmoreyarnforustonight


  1. bad news: we still haven’t completely moved into our “move in condition”
    house yet.
    good news: we’re getting closer.

    bad news: carpet installation for my office/studio took much longer than
    good news: they did a wonderful job. they bound off parts on the stair and
    it just looks beautiful. we’re pleased.
    better news (?): we didn’t have much time to be upset (b/c it was soo late,
    like 11pm) when we realized my ikea desk wasn’t all the same colour.

    bad news: ikea gave us a hard time exchanging a part that used to be
    “special order/pick up” for the right colour
    good news: i am almost done with the bamboo/cotton cardigan i’ve been
    knitting (in time for it to be too cold to wear).
    better news: those items are now self-serve and next time we get the wrong
    part it’ll be OUR fault (and we’re easier to blame)

  2. Good news – my surprise visit to St. Louis (organized by my Dad) went off amazingly wel!

    Bad news – I had to come home on Sunday 🙁

    Good news – I’m going back out in 10 days to surprise them, and no one knows!!!! And I plan to kidnap Meg over to TLE.

    Bad news – will STILL have to go back to Phoenix

  3. Diane–ignore the ebay stuff. Keep at it and you’ll get some WM. Also, people on Ravelry often are happy to sell some at a reasonable price to people who’ve never had the chance to try it. That’s how I got my first skein.

    Greed like that is ugly, but it’s the minority amongst WM purchasers, thankfully.

  4. Bad news : joined the club of the ones-who-missed-the WM

    Good news : was able to survive the blow

    Bad news : holidays are over (I live in France, and school starts tomorrow for my children)

    Good news : holidays are over

  5. Good news: that Loopy bag is just toooo cute!
    Bad news: too many projects already in the queue!

    Good news: making great strides on my Order to Chaos shawl.
    Bad news: Over 600 sts/row now…and many more to go!

    Good news: oldest daughter is in town visiting for a week.
    Bad news: wayyy more to do around here!

  6. Good News: all of the parties I cooked for went off without a hitch
    Bad News: I have a megaton of raspberry chocolate mousse, because I forgot to quarter the recipe… 40 ounces of chocolate = too many hours at the gym

  7. Num, num, num…it’s about 80 degrees where I’m at and the sun is shining full force, and all I can think about is a hot cup of cocoa and those lovely, lovely marshmallows.

  8. Good news: I have half a sleeve and sewing in the sleeves to finish on one new sweater and one side seam to finish on another.
    Bad news: I find sewing seams boring and procrastinate it.

    Good news: I still have lots of lovely yarn from Sock Summit, and much of it was limited edition one-off production, so it’s even more exclusive than Wollmeise.
    Bad news: I may never, ever even get to see a skein of Wollmeise in person, let alone own some, because I never manage to hit the updates.

  9. Good news: Got an email from Starbucks that Pumpkin spice lattes are on the way and it’s nice and cool here (no humidity).

    Bad news: still don’t have enough knitting time!

  10. Bad news: I missed the Wollmeise AGAIN!!!! One day, when I have nothing to do but eat the bonbons ….

    Good news: I have a lot of yarn at my house already, and not much time to knit. So it’s good to just dream as I look at the pretty colors …. But I did try to put into my head the time that you update, so I can check after that time at night!

  11. Bad news: my youngest son is taking a job in Shanghai. He loves to travel the world. Unlike his homebody mother.

    Good news: He has a job.

  12. Thanks Lynne T in Culver City!! I’ll take those marshmallows! I’m camping this week-end and it is supposed to rain a little. I usually put a little butterscotch schnapp’s in my hot chocolate but these marshmallows would definitely work!!

  13. Good news – I got my latest Loopy Ewe box in the mail
    Bad news – there was 1 item I forgot to order…. WAIT – thats good news! I can start my next Loopy Wish List 🙂

  14. Good news, my son is back working days. I hated when he worked the afternoon shift. Bad news, it won’t last long….at least for now, I can get more done including my knitting.

  15. Bad News: Found out yesterday, my son (18mos) has hearing loss at 8000 Hz; above the highest note on a piano.
    Good News: He can hear low and moderate sounds and he will never be able to have the cell phone ring tones that parents can’t hear, because he can’t hear it either!

    Bad News: Have to take a trip so the kids can visit their dad. He just can’t find the time to visit.
    Good News: We are planning on driving through St. Louis and stopping to shop, shop, shop at the Loopy Ewe.

  16. Good news…
    It is cooler and less humid in New England.

    Bad News…. kitty had to go to kitty heaven yesterday, on way home with said Kitty , plane crash landed on the highway at my exit.
    Good news… I was quick enough to jump off first exit and go up one and back road it home.

    Bad news… I miss kitty

  17. The good news: I’m in Spain
    The bad news: I miss my husband
    The good news: I’m meeting him in Ireland tomorrow.
    The good news: I’m going to Ireland
    The bad news: I’ve had bad intenet access since I’ve been in Spain
    The good news: I won the blog contest last week
    The bad news: the prize package arrived while I was gone, but
    The good news: my husband opened it for me and told me what was in it.
    The good news: I am very grateful.
    THANK YOU Sheri!!!

  18. Bad new (really bad) DS and his wife were in Baltimore, she is in the AF, and they were checking in for their flight to her new duty assignment in Italy. His passport and visa were stolen and her orders were “screwed up”. Needless to say they didn’t leave that day. She left 3 days later.
    Good News: DS has learned patience while trying to have a new passport issued. It only took a week ans he ws able to spend time with his cousin.
    By the by Sherry he attended Wash U law school and she attended the medical school.

  19. Thanks for the link about the caramels. I ordered some and noticed an announcement on their page that they are close to the fire in LA.

    My word, I hope they stay safe!

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