You Know Fall is Coming When ….

DSC02983 …. you go to Starbucks and see that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu. (And Pumpkin Spice Scones!)

…. you see big yellow buses driving through the neighborhoods.

.… the air has lost a bit of “humid” and gained a bit of “nip”, even if it’s not enough nip to require long sleeves or a coat, yet. (Believe me, I’m so ready for nip that I’m hyper-aware of it sneaking in, a few degrees at a time.)

…. the tree in the front yard has a yellow leaf. Not a bunch. Just one. But that’s a sign. 

…. the idea of an evening walk around the neighborhood sounds fun, (well, ok, as fun as exercise ever sounds) instead of sounding like a trip to the sauna.

…. the newspaper starts talking about flu vaccines.

DSC02988…. the school supply aisles are full of brand new things (and you might feel compelled to buy a new box of crayons, even though you’re forty-something too old to color.)  Although this box did make me think that having a good yarn stash full of beautiful colors is just as important as an artist with a palette full of paints, or a five year old with a new box of crayons – preferably the big size. 

…. the list of “what I’m knitting for people for gifts this year” gets pulled out and doodled upon. Note: knitting doesn’t have to be started yet. Just the list. Does anyone have their list done yet? What’s on it?

How do YOU know when Fall is coming to your part of town?

Sheri thecrayonswereonlyaquarter,ofcourseIhadtobuyapack.


  1. Sheri!
    We are totally in sync today! I feel the same way about Fall all of a sudden here in Southern Ontario, and thought the same thing while shopping for a backpack for my little guy today, about the crayons!!!….AND the walking!
    Have a great Labour Day Weekend!

  2. I know fall is coming when labor day (and my birthday, sept. 2) rolls around. I look forward to ripe tomatos from our garden and turning the a/c off in favor of opening windows at night. I also look forward to breaking out the handknit wool socks that have been languishing in the drawer all summer and wearing wool sweaters while out cutting firewood for the winter.

  3. My family is rife with late August and Septmber birthdays, so a lot of knitting will be gifted shortly, The I start on Christmas! What fun. it si!

  4. My subconscious just garbled your post. When you were talking about Christmas knitting, I read the list of “what I’m NOT knitting for people for gifts”. I had to re-read it… I thought, “Wow she’s got one of those too?” 🙂

  5. It is fall when the days are shorter and the sun seems more distant in the sky. Apples are at the farmers market. I see gigantic mums for the garden.

  6. I have been shown, once again, the true resiliency of the human spirit. The days are never too dark to keep on trying and when you are feeling stressed, a trip to a beautiful yarn store can indeed brighten the spirits – the colours and textures can brighten even the darkest day.

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