You Know Fall is Coming When ….

DSC02983 …. you go to Starbucks and see that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu. (And Pumpkin Spice Scones!)

…. you see big yellow buses driving through the neighborhoods.

.… the air has lost a bit of “humid” and gained a bit of “nip”, even if it’s not enough nip to require long sleeves or a coat, yet. (Believe me, I’m so ready for nip that I’m hyper-aware of it sneaking in, a few degrees at a time.)

…. the tree in the front yard has a yellow leaf. Not a bunch. Just one. But that’s a sign. 

…. the idea of an evening walk around the neighborhood sounds fun, (well, ok, as fun as exercise ever sounds) instead of sounding like a trip to the sauna.

…. the newspaper starts talking about flu vaccines.

DSC02988…. the school supply aisles are full of brand new things (and you might feel compelled to buy a new box of crayons, even though you’re forty-something too old to color.)  Although this box did make me think that having a good yarn stash full of beautiful colors is just as important as an artist with a palette full of paints, or a five year old with a new box of crayons – preferably the big size. 

…. the list of “what I’m knitting for people for gifts this year” gets pulled out and doodled upon. Note: knitting doesn’t have to be started yet. Just the list. Does anyone have their list done yet? What’s on it?

How do YOU know when Fall is coming to your part of town?

Sheri thecrayonswereonlyaquarter,ofcourseIhadtobuyapack.


  1. We know because we see yellow buses on the streets and school supplies galore in the stores. But hurricane season is still going on until november and it does not get cool until the end of december or january. Is 90 degrees outside and the afternoon daily storm keeps humidity high. Tree color changes in february some times, not always. Sweaters and shawls are not needed but we knit them anyway; we carry them to the movies and restaurants because the air conditioner is always high. I started today my first Christmas project, a little shawl with the String Theory from the last update, I love this yarn. Crayons are great!!!

  2. Ok, I have a confession. (this is because you showed that box of crayons lol) I love it when the school supplies start showing up in the stores. And this is my confession….I love to find a box of crayons and open the box and inhale deeply. Yes, I huff crayons. lol It always takes me back to when I first stared school and was so excited about all my school supplies. I love the smell of fresh crayons. And yes, I can tell if they are fresh or stale. 🙂

  3. Fall?? Florida doesn’t have Fall. We have Soggy and Soggier. I can’t resist any type of art supply…..or new pens and pencils and paper and blank journals. Men like Home Depot….I like Office Depot.

  4. We know it’s fall when our season College Football tickets arrive in the mail and the thought of snuggling up in a warm sweater or blanket is appealing. :o)

  5. You know FALL is coming where I live…
    The acorns start to fall off the tree onto the porch, when you step on them it hurts!
    You see the squirrels scampering around gathering them up.
    You can smell the crispness in the air.
    This past Sunday we had a fire come close to our neighborhood, about a block.
    It was scary but blessed no one was hurt. 50 houses were lost. Our little town is pulling together to help those who hurt.
    We also know fall is here when the Santa Ana winds pick up & the fire season is upon us.

  6. Fall is on its way – We have one maple tree that was damaged as a young thing – half of it turns yellow early – it’s already there this year.

    The rams start sniffing the air, looking for their ewes, they’re getting frisky.

    The last cutting of hay is in.

    The fields smell like fall – that “late in the year, wildflowers going to seed” smell.

    It is definitely nippy here – down into the high 30’s the other night – I have been turning the heat on in the mornings to get the chill out of the house so our “baby” (he’s in 8th grade!) doesn’t feel chilled!

    I actually enjoy going out to do chores, since I am not immediately hot and sweaty.

    The Brewers are on the downhill slide, the Cardinals are playoff bound and the Packers are about to start an exciting season!

    And, of course, Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is just over a week away!!!!

  7. …when it gets dark out before knit night is over.

    …when you start working several hours a week for your child’s co-op school that hasn’t started yet and won’t for several more weeks.

    …when you start blogging about Christmas knitting, even though most “sane” people (non-knitters, of course) would consider Christmas gift giving conversations “crazy talk”.

    …when yarn stores start getting all manner of new colors and lines of yarn, thus making it almost impossible to resist the temptation of startitis.

  8. We have had such an easy summer here in KY that I have not looked forward to colder weather. The leaves are changing though from cool nights. We can sit outside and have our morning coffee and enjoy the remailing humming birds. The kitties have found “their” place nestled next to my hubby’s ever warm legs.
    I have already begun my Christmas list with lots of socks, scarves and mitts. Maybe a shrug or two. See how time treats me. I do have a quilt shop that keeps me busy too. 🙂

  9. So far it’s just the stray yellow leaves and the talk about flu vaccines—still not enough “nip” in the air for me—but within two weeks school will have started and we’ll be up at the crack of dawn to drop the kids off at the bus stop. And I think I need a new box of crayons, too. Just seems to go with the season. My Christmas list is still in my head; I’m afraid to write it down and discover that I should have started knitting in February if I hope to get everything done in time….

  10. I personally love summer so much, yes in all its heat and humidity too, that I cannot handle the leaves, the acorns, the school supplies on display, the dark mornings. If someone would please bottle June-July-August to get me through the chilly months, I’d be grateful.

    Gift list: now here, I’m disgustingly smug, having finished 8 gifts on my Christmas gift list, one in progress, one to go, and two for December b-days. (full disclosure: this has been accomplished spanning TWO holiday seasons, since last year I did not finish any knitted gifts. But those who receive these won’t know of that oh so long delay)

  11. Fall is already starting to show here in New England. Because of all the rain we had this summer it will be an early fall I think. Usually my vegetable garden starts to look old and shabby rather than the pristine beauty of summer. Normally I prune back the foliage and allow the fruits and vegetables to ripen faster in the much shorter days of September. This year the foliage on the plants are turning brown on their own and some Tomato Plants never did ripen; they’re still green on the vine.
    This was a horrible year for gardens. Root plants did well. I think I have enough carrots in the freezer to take me until spring.

    Summer hasn’t left yet and I already miss it even though I love the freshness of fall with football games and home baked bread. I also love the sounds of children playing outside and the smell of a roast or turkey cooking all day in the oven. Those are the sounds, sights, and smells of fall. I didn’t mention knitting because I never stop no matter what the season.

    I usually collect my yarns and patterns over the summer and start Christmas knitting right after Labor Day. This year is a little slower for some reason. I have quite a few things on the back burner but they are mostly for me.

  12. I know it’s fall when…..

    there are monarch chrysalises (yes, I did need look up how to spell the plural of that word) in the milkweed by the side of our house and the kids are romping outside every couple of hours and shouting their scientific observations through the open windows to me. I love this!

    The couch blankets come out because it’s just a bit chilly downstairs in the morning

    we go shopping for jeans for school (school starts after Labor Day here)

    Fiber Festivals start showing up on the calendar (Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in 2 weeks!!) Woohoo!

    (Oh and treat yourself to a proper coloring book (Dollar stores always have a great selection) to go with your crayons and enjoy! )

  13. The list of gifts is started but no knitting yet. Mittens, fingerless mitts, cowls, neck warmers. Must start collecting yarn and get crackin.

    Now, off to get my Pumpkin Spice Latte – or as we call it Pumpkin Pie in a cup!

    Happy Fall!

  14. I saw my Starbucks email yesterday and had to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte as well. And that means that soon Dairy Queen will have their Pumpkin Pie Blizzards. The grocery stores are already beginning to carry proper apple cider again. Yay! I guess I can tell it is fall because of the food.

  15. I saw the pumpkin spice latte sign at Starbucks this morning and thought the same thing. I’m getting excited to ski – which usually means fall is around the corner! 🙂

  16. My list is out. I have socks, socks and more socks on it, a few neck warmers and maybe a shawl…. not too much but still enough. I have started it as well!

  17. I’m not making a list just yet, although my knitting thoughts have turned to mittens and scarves and worsted weight yarns.

  18. Fall came for us mid-August, we have already had frost at night. For me, the high-pitched call of elk in the morning and the lack of tourist are the tell-tale signs of fall.

  19. Sheri, you are NEVER too old for crayons. Never! Fall, to me, is when all the students come back to the university where I work, my professor husband starts muttering about syllabi and asking me to make an emergency copying run, and I start thinking that knitting something up in worsted weight might be fun. Just this morning, husband asked for a quilt for the bed, and yesterday, I had to wear a windbreaker over my short sleeved shirt for my morning walk down to the commuter train — just the slightest bit too chilly for going without.

    No long gift list for me this year, just one pair of mittens for a co-worker (she sometimes pulls lightweight socks over her hands to keep them warm, so she’s getting some “Count von Count”-themed mittens — we both love Sesame Street, and you’re never too old for that, either! 😉 .

  20. A new box of crayons is perfectly acceptable – no matter how old you are! If you haven’t colored in a while, you definitely should… it’s actually very relaxing. (And you don’t even have to stay within the lines, if that’s not your thing 🙂 )

  21. It’s much more “NIP” than “humid” here in Colorado and the Aspen trees are beginning to shop for their Yellow coats. Bears are roaming around stuffing themselves in anticipation of a “long winters nap” and Coyotes are howling during the night.
    Happy Fall Everyone.
    PS. I too purchased a new box of crayons….you never know when a little person might stop by and need them.

  22. This will be my first fall in Texas, so I don’t have any idea. So far, the only inclination towards fall is that the temps are in the 90s instead of the 100s. 🙂

  23. I’ll make a few things for my kiddos but that’s it. The only major gift knitting I’m doing is a shawl for my mom and she knows about it because she picked the yarn and pattern out.

    You are never to old to color! 🙂

  24. holy cow! just the other day my husband had to drag me past the school supply aisle in the supermarket because i suddenly felt compelled to buy a brand new box of crayons! we already have crayons (in our 30’s, no kids), but there’s just something about a brand new box of crayons….. anyhoo, i totally understand what you’re saying.

  25. Fall is on the way here too! I can feel it! Although, you are in St. Louis and I am in the middle of Illinois so “here” is actually pretty close for us! We have turned off the A/C in favor of opening the windows. Night time is chilly enough that I have to wear long sleeves when biking and my pumpkin vine is dying! (That’s a good thing!)

    Concerning my Christmas list, it’s been created since February and worked on through out the year! Since I decided to make a blanket for my little sister, that’s been on the needles since March! I’m not done yet but I’m well on my way! If every thing goes to plan I will be totally done by Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Happy Fall Sheri!

  26. Fall is not here yet, still in the 90s this week. The only way I can tell is all my clients who are teachers are complaining about going back to work.

  27. no one is too old to color! There is a definite chill in the air here in Western PA. I’ve had to turn the furnace on twice already this week at night because the temp in the house has gone down to 58! The 2yo refuses to wear layers it seems.

  28. I know it is fall when the state fair starts. I love the fair… the food, the people watching, the animals. Even though it normally rains the whole time, I still make my way out there at least once or twice. LOVE the fair.

    At work (I work in a quilt shop) we were just talking about how wonderful and magical a new box of crayons is just yesterday! 🙂

    And as far as knitting goes, I haven’t started a list, but I have finished one project for holiday gift giving. I felt like I was really on top of it this year… then I realized it is already September!

  29. This will be the last weekend of summer holidays for my daughters and there are Hallowe’en candies on sale in the supermarket so I know fall is coming! I’ve knit one pair of gift socks but no list yet. I’d better get on that!

  30. I agree with you about the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. When I saw there were back, I had to text my daughter at college to let her know also! Tonight is the first ESPN college football game. That is always a sign of fall in our household. My children went to rival State schools, so football is always a topic of conversation. I actually enjoy watching them with my husband– excellent knitting time!

  31. I am wearing a vest with my long sleeve shirt. I avoided it even though it has been done for weeks, because I didn’t want to walk around Boston with wool on. Today it isn’t so bad.

  32. It’s been so cool in Chicago this summer that I don’t even think we turned on anything but a ceiling fan so I can’t use weather this year. For me, fall begins when the big sun umbrella for the summer crossing guards is taken down and high school football starts. Yarn wise, I did wear wook socks two days ago….

    Crayons? This mmms40mmmfff something says you are never to old for crayons and school supplies. I love having a fresh notebook and new pens evey September.

  33. You’re never too old to color! We have yellowing leaves too and one fell yesterday. Everyone is getting hats for Christmas. I have 5 knitted and about as many yet to go, so I’m well on my way. Happy weekend!

  34. Lots of signs of fall here – crickets humming, screech owls calling, dogwood trees tingeing magenta, and acorns crashing onto metal roofs. Time to start finishing my sweaters!

  35. I live on Cape Cod and one of the first signs that Fall is coming is when the sea birds start to gather during their trip South for the winter. (We get a lot of birds that come down from Canada and Nova Scotia.)
    Another sign of the impending colder weather is that most of the tourists and summer residents have left for home. The beaches are emptier and the roads as well. Yay for less traffic!

  36. Crayons are therapeutic! I actually saw something on the Today Show or CNN or somewhere that sniffing crayons calmed people down by reminding them of simpler times. After spending the day ridding the master bedroom of the yellow jackets (we had a nest in the wall), I think it’s time for me to go sniff my 64-pack…ahh…

  37. You know when Fall is hitting the South (I live in SC) when the dogwoods turn a light green, almost yellow. They are the first to go. That happened about 2 weeks ago and they are turning daily. And then, when the temperature hits 80 and it’s breezy. That happened 3 days ago. I haven’t made an exact list yet, but I got started on holiday knitting over a month ago. I’m starting out with some scarf patterns I had wanted to knit, and some neckwarmers. They are quick and fun to do while watching TV, and make great gifts. I’m also doing a couple of kid sweaters for my grandkids, but they will probably just get them when they’re done and not wait for Christmas. I’m getting ready to drive to the Left Coast in about 2 weeks, and am lining up projects and bagging them separately with everything needed to knit them, and I’m copying patterns and putting them into a binder so I’ll have other projects to start if I suddenly see affordable yarn somewhere that is too good to pass up!

  38. Umm, would you believe this is the year that summer never came to Michigan, LOL? I wish I could say I was just kidding, but even the local meteorologists, who love cold, are complaining about the cold weather here this summer. It really has been like fall, all summer. All of the fruits are ripening very, very late this year (we’ve lived here for 30 years, & this is the latest in that amount of time, anyway), if they even come at all, because of the cold. I’m not complaining this year, though, mind you, because, in spite of the cold temps this summer, the warmth is bothering me more than it ever has before, so I like the cooler temps. My sons aren’t crazy about them, though, since the lake waters are all quite cold.

    We are having a fabulous week this week, the best one of the whole summer, with clear skies & temps in the 70’s! (Not far from us, though, they have had frosts overnight earlier this week, which is awful for the farmers this early.)

    August was a busy month us, with my youngest son’s marching band camp the last 2-1/2 weeks, first home football game tonight, first day of his senior year in high school on Tues, etc., among a host of other things. When it does cool down some more, we will start using our oven again. 🙂 Some peach or apple cobblers & pies, upside down cakes, etc, sound great! We have been seeing more than a few red-orange leaves on trees around here for 2 or 3 weeks, already. I don’t think I’ve seen any yellow ones, though, that I can think of, yet.

  39. You know it’s fall when you tire of geraniums and want to plant mums and kale. When you can leave the bedroom windows open and it leads to cuddling to stay warm.

  40. Fall coming (for me nowadays) really is marked by when that list of “knit for holidays” starts formulating in my head. It started this last weekend. The only item completely, absolutely firm and definate is for sister – an Aeslight Shawl with Wollmeise in the Safron. Her favorite color for life. I know she’ll never fully appreciate the yarn or how I came by it, but I do know I’ll be giving her something precious. The yarn glows golden and so does she 🙂

  41. The way I know Fall is coming is kinda odd and long-winded. I run most evenings with my husband and puppies, and I wear sunglasses on almost every run. As the summer ends, and the sun starts setting earlier, I need my sunglasses for less and less of the run. So that’s how I know when fall is coming 🙂

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