Final Anniversary Sale and CONTEST

DSC02961You all have made it a very very (very very) busy month for us here at The Loopy Ewe. And we SO appreciate it! We’ve had fun packing up your orders. You might notice that we’ve sent out some of the sale orders sans tissue paper. It was either that, or take an extra 2 days to get all of the orders out. We figured you’d just as soon have the yarn quicker. Once these anniversary sales are over, we’ll get back to orders as usual around here. Although if you want to keep up this pace, I can always hire more Elves. We’re up for it!

Wow – 1800+ comments on last week’s contest blog. How fun is that? It was interesting to see where you heard about us. Yes, we DO love and appreciate Wendy an awful lot. And Lime & Violet. And the Yarn Harlot. And … well every single one of you who have ever passed our website on to your friends and knitting groups via podcasts, blogs, emails, Ravelry posts, and word of mouth. Our goal is to always live up to the positive things that you have said about us, and we promise to take good care of your friends, here, too. 🙂  We are sending out 8 prize packages, from randomly selected comments off of last week’s blog. The winner’s are: Janice in VA, Laura in UT, Maria in MN, Natasha in VA, Meredith in MI, Ann in OH, Melissa in UT, and Rachel in VA. (I think that Virginia and Utah were well represented this time.) I’ve sent emails to the 8 of you, so check your email in-box if you think it might be you.  We’ll pick the last round of winners from this post, and we’ll announce them next week.

Today’s Anniversary Sale (our last one) includes 20% off all Fiesta Yarns, 20% off all Monica Knits Patterns, and 20% off all Loopy Ewe Accessories. (In stock items only.) We hope you have fun picking out some new things. We’ll be including a free sock pattern if you purchase 2 skeins of Baby Boom (the sock is shown here), and a free scarf pattern if you purchase a skein of Ballet. All free patterns are while supplies last.

In addition to the Sale, we’ve also added in a whole bunch of stuff for the regular weekly update. Just in, you’ll find: 

Polar Knits Worsted Weight
Dream in Color Classy re-stocked (including our exclusive Don’t Be Blue colorway)
Dream in Color Smooshy re-stocked
Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Summit Exclusives
Lorna’s Laces Whidbey Island (exclusive Sock Summit Colorway)
Ella Rae Lace Merino
String Theory Caper Sock
Hand Maiden Casbah (so many great colors in stock)
Tempted Luxe Girl (new cashmere line)
Opal Rainforest Five
Addi Lace Turbo 16″ circulars
Addi Click Tips and Connectors
Fiesta Baby Boom in new colors

So hop over to shop!  But before you go, answer this question in the comments for your chance to win a prize package in our last anniversary contest. (Of course we’ll be back with our September Blog Contest before you know it.) Question: Who has had the biggest influence on your knitting? It might be a pattern designer, or a blogger, or a friend, or a group on Ravelry, or a podcaster or … even yourself. Maybe you’re good at poking around and inspiring yourself to learn new things and branch out. Food for thought. And then for a blog comment. 🙂

We’re taking pre-orders on the new Namaste bag colors, which we expect in within the next week or two. If you’d like a RED Hermosa, or a BLACK Zuma, or a BLACK Laguna, simply send us an email (support AT theloopyewe DOT com) and we’ll reserve one for you. The Hermosa’s are $75 and the Zuma’s and Laguna’s are $69.








We’re heading up to Indiana to take Knitting Daughter back to college this week, so I won’t be blogging again until next Monday. Maybe I can get some of these half-finished socks done enroute so that I’ll have photos to share by then. Or maybe I’ll be too busy shedding tears. You know how that goes. I’m hopeless.

Sheri thinkingthatfallisintheair


  1. I’m not sure if it’s too late to answer the blog question, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. There are two entities which have been the most influencial in my knitting. The first and foremost is my mom, who taught me how to knit, and who instilled in me a love of all things “handmade” from the time i was very young. The second is Ravelry (and the internet in general!) – what would we do without it?!?!? 🙂 I have loved not only meeting a plethora of wonderful knitters through Ravelry, but have also learned so much from so many.

  2. I think the internet and RAV because of all the beautiful patterns and inspiration I can get from the knitting community. They serve as almost a “recipe” that I can do similarly or I can tweak it to make it my own. Their influence is invaluable since I am the only knitter in generations

  3. I’d have to say the person who had the biggest influence on my knitting was my grandmother, who taught me how to knit in the first place. And running a close second would be Wendy D. Johnson, who (even though we have never met) is personally responsible for getting me to start knitting socks, which inevitably led me to The Loopy Ewe. And the rest is history!

  4. My mom shared with me a love of fabric. My fabric passion began with quilting and is now evolving in the form of fabric I knit myself.

  5. The biggest influence on my knitting has to be Ravelry. The new patterns, and most popular patterns often end up in my queue or on my needles. (Although it is more often the former then the latter I admit.) However, the Loopy Ewe group has the most influence on new yarn purchases!

  6. Cat Bordhi has had the most influence on my knitting. I can remember a few years ago knitting mobius baskets like they were going out of style. I also learned to knit buy using her books. She is very inovative and wants everyone to knit whatever they want to knit. I also love her Treasure Forest book and I can’t wait for her to finish the other two books in the series.

  7. The librarian at my elementary school. She put a sign up saying that anyone who wanted to learn to knit should come by after school on Thursday nights, and she sat patiently and tirelessly with anyone that showed up to help them learn and work on projects. I’m certain that she never got a dime or any recognition for doing it, she just loved knitting and kids and teaching. I wish I could tell her now that she has given me a precious gift that I will always treasure!

  8. I would have to say my mother, who started me on the wild adventure of sewing and knitting when I was very young. I stopped knitting for awhile while raising our son and branched into other handcrafts such as quilting. The biggest influence getting me back into knitting with such fervor has been the vast array of superior yarns and, of course, the Internet, which is a constant source of information and inspiration!

  9. Ravelry and my knitting group friends have had the most impact on my knitting. I love all the new patterns and yarn choices. I also love to see what the members of my knitting group are doing. Group members help me a lot when I get confused or make a mistake.

  10. When I was real young I joined 4-H where I was taught to knit a potholder my 1st year;the next two years, slippers & then a hat/cap. I since have knitted little odds and end projects until just recently. I really started doing more projects after being introduced to books and patterns by by Lily Chin. Ms. Chin not only explains how she designs her patterns, but how we can take any pattern and fit them to our own bodies. I’ve been really inspired and have since been “stretching out of” my comfort zone. I have been using what I learned in not only in my knitting projects, but I’ve also been using it with my crocheting projects also. I have since started designing my own patterns with more confidence. I feel that I really have been most influenced by Ms. Chin and will gladly buy any book that she will put out on the market.
    Thank you Lily!
    Sincerely, Barbara Hatch

  11. A little behind on reading the blog posts, but wanted to say the Public Library in Port Jeff Station on Long Island NY was my biggest influence. The sheer number of up to date and available knitting books was staggering and wonderful. It fueled my passion for knitting and provided numerous references. I haven’t found such a fantastic knitting section since I’ve moved.

  12. I think I would say my daughter Courtney, because she is always so encouraging, even when I have to frog something because I made a stupid mistake. She has encouraged me to stretch my abilities and has gotten me to try so many items and yarns that I’d have never ever thought about using.

    Stitches Midwest 2008 really turned me on to knitting as a 21st century craft, too! They had so many awesome yarns and patterns, and the vendors were all so helpful!


  13. I think I would say my daughter Courtney, because she is always so encouraging, even when I have to frog something because I made a stupid mistake. She has encouraged me to stretch my abilities and has gotten me to try so many items and yarns that I’d have never ever thought about using.

    Stitches Midwest 2008 really turned me on to knitting as a 21st century craft, too! They had so many awesome yarns and patterns, and the vendors were all so helpful! As a result of Stitches Midwest, I met the folks at Cherry Tree Hill, who routed me to Sheri when I wanted some of their wool for a particular pattern I’d seen in a knitting magazine, and the rest is history!!!


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