Bad News, Good News

DSC02980Bad News: The house is quiet and Knitting Daughter is back up at college. sigh.
Good News: She and her friends looked pretty darned happy to be all back together again. That does make me feel better about the whole thing. A little.

Bad News: Remember these caramels that I blogged about a week or two ago? I tried two more things. The Chocolate Swirl Marshmallows and the Marzipan Caramel. Who knew that I liked the flavor of marzipan? YUM! And now I kinda think I “need” these special marshmallows every time I have hot chocolate. FPS.
Good News: They’re also great for just eating out of the bag. Not that I tried that or anything….

Bad News: I don’t know where this day went. (Well, yes I do. It went into getting massive amounts of boxes into the mail truck before the mailman arrived at 3:30. But boy did this day fly by.)
Good News: Since Knitting Daughter isn’t home and since WH is still working, I can stay far into the night to get things done. (Well, not far. But a few more hours, anyway.)

Bad News: No Sneak Up tonight.  I’ll be updating a few things like our supply of Knitspot patterns (including some new ones), and a few other things tomorrow.
Good News: No Sneak Up, but that doesn’t mean that no new yarn will go up. Do you get my drift? (That’s supposed to be a secret hint.)

DSC02976Bad News: Look at this purse that I got in the mail last week. Sharon – the one who designs these patterns made it for me! We met her at the Sock Summit and I happened to mention that I would love a Loopy purse, but I don’t crochet. The next thing I know, this arrived in the mail. It could not be more perfect. Why is this bad news? Because it’s one-of-a-kind and don’t you just want one?
Good News: It won’t be one-of-a-kind for very long. Sharon is going to write up the pattern for us to have here in the future. Woohoo! I’ll keep you posted.

Bad News: Our Anniversary month Blog Contests are over.
Good News: But we have five more winners from last week! Congratulations to Erin from IL, Sue from TN, Marianne from NC, Patricia from NY, and Traci in NV! It has been fun sending out gift packages from these contests. The other good news is that we do a blog contest every single month, and the September contest will be up in just a couple of weeks. I have a good question for you to answer in September. 

Do you have any Good News/Bad News to share today? It’s Monday. Surely you do.

Sheri whoisgoingtospendseveralhoursorderingmoreyarnforustonight


  1. Bad News: I do not have that cup of hot chocolate in front of me or any of those yummy looking marshmallows 🙁
    Good News: Our weather has been cooler the past 2 days and just makes you feel wonderful with more energy.
    Bad News: I got one of those nosey American Community Surveys in the mail from the Census Bureau….(no comment)
    Good News: With the weather being cooler – it makes me want to make one of those chicken pot pies from the recipe Sheri shared with us before!
    Bad News: It is getting dark earlier and makes the day seem SO much shorter
    Good News: With it getting darker earlier – it is SO nice to relax after work and dinner with a candle or two lit (Never seems the same with the long days and daylight of summer months – candles are always nicer when you can see them glowing:-)

  2. Bad news: there’s a bug going around the family.

    Good news: due to a gift certificate I got for my birthday, and some very good luck, I’ll get to find out what the Wollmeise fuss is all about.

  3. Bad News: I really can’t think of anything right this minute, because…..
    Good News: I finally got some Wollmeise!!!!

  4. Bad news: I returned to work today after 7 weeks off (medical leave)
    Good news: I had a job to return to!

    Bad news: More layoffs coming down this Friday 🙁
    Good news: I’ll be safe for this third round (not sure how much more of this my constitution can take – or the company can function through)

    Bad news: I really thought I would finish my Girasole while on leave (nope).
    Good news: Jared is actually going to be teaching some classes at a local yarn shop this Fall so that’ll get me motivated (and maybe I can get into one)

  5. Good news/bad news and they’re the same 🙂 I scored — and because I was so nervous about not getting anything (too many stories about stuff jumping out of carts) I might have ended up with more than was in the budget.

    Good news: I had a Loopy credit and that helped ease the pain!

    Thanks Sheri!


  6. Bad news: I had to come home after a lovely weekend with my parents and daughter

    Good news: I will see them again soon and I just scored some Wollmeise for my birthday on Friday 🙂

  7. Good news!!! I got my first two skeins of Wollmeise!!! And one is in a color that has been on my wish list for almost two years!!!

    (Indisch Rot – first saw it in the Ashford magazine The Wheel in a gorgeous Moebius shawl which I think was also designed by Claudia)

  8. Good news: The weather is wonderful and chilly enough for hand knits and college football season starts Saturday!!!!! Yay!!!

    Bad news: I have a wholesale order of Iowa College Football Team colours due to ship out tomorrow and I really don’t want to finish labeling the rival teams skeins to my alma mater. . . . .

  9. Bad News: Several skeins of WM tried to commit suicide by jumping out of my cart. No word on whether they were rescued by someone or not.

    Good News: My credit card and dh thank me for not spending.

    Thank you, Sheri, for thinking of different ways to help more people get their hands on yarns they really want. You’re always coming up with something new.

    I’m glad you and Knitting Daughter got to spend time together this summer. I know you miss her already.

  10. Bad news: I missed WM tonight…

    Good news: Two skeins are on their way to me from Saturday!!

    Bad news: Knitting Daughter is back at school

    Good news: Knitting Daughter is beautiful, smart, and talented…and she’ll be back home before you know it!

  11. of course I remember those caramels – I placed an order this week and she said she would include some marshmallow samples in the order. Great customer service! Good news: I caught lots of great updates this evening! 😉

  12. Bad news: Google Reader doesn’t deliver Loopy Ewe blog news in a timely way.
    Bad news: The “update” happened during the one hour we went shopping.
    Bad news: I’m not meant to have this magical mystical yarn.
    Good news: My wallet stays happy.

  13. Good news: Back at work today after 3 months of unemployment
    Bad news: All my work clothes are too big (oh no wait…thats good news too!)

  14. Bad news: I have neither Wollmeise or a birthday.

    Good news: I predict that Sheri’s going to tell me when she’s going to get some lace in (Claudia had some yesterday, which I ALSO missed–sorry, that’s not good news). Also, it’s not hot out.

  15. Good news–the blog is back in action. Yay!

    Bad news–I gained weight instead of loosing at weight watchers this week.

    Good news–I’ve lost 10 lbs now.

    Bad news–I’d lost as much as 13 at one point, but I”ve been gaining and loosing the same 3 lbs for a couple of months now…

    Bad news and good news–I missed the WM update. ; )

  16. Notsobadnews: Your adorable Loopy bag has matching socks1
    Veryverygoodnews: Sharon is going to write up the pattern for TLE to make available to everyone!

  17. Bad news: I keep missing the WM updates

    Good News: More $$ for lace, if I’m lucky enough to hit that update.

  18. Good news: We have such a wonderful group at Loopy who gives secret hints to such fun, so even if we miss it, we know we’re being looked after, and there WILL be more!
    Bad news: I missed the WM tonight (but congrats to those who scored!!!)

    Good news: I love to read your (Sheri) blogs about food, chocolate, etc. I’ve made probably 5 of the recipes you’ve posted, and they’re all so tasty!
    Bad news: I really love the chocolatey blogs…which means I’ve been checking out these caramels…and I really want some…

  19. Good news (or bad): I resisted the WM.
    Bad news: I’ve got a sick kitty and he’s going to the vet tomorrow. I’m afraid he’s going to be in for a stay.

    Good news: I love marzipan!
    Bad news: I’ve got 15 Red Velvet cupcakes tempting right at this moment.

  20. Good news-I got some WM tonight! (Spice Market jumped out of my cart though!)
    Good news-My birthday is Wednesday
    Good news-I start a new job tomorrow after being un/under employed for 6 months.
    Bad news-I have to get up at 5:30 AM tomorrow

  21. Bad news: all-day department retreat tomorrow.

    Good news: Wollmeise for the very first time! I’m so excited! (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

  22. I don’t really have any Bad News today but…

    Good News: today was the first day of my semi-retirement (as in my replacement is more or less trained and I won’t have to work full days anymore) 🙂

    As well as fun knitting/weaving/spinning, I’ll also be doing more charity knitting. I plan to knit children’s/baby’s sweaters for homeless/Native Americans/needy folks.

    Don’t work too late but thanks for getting all those orders out.

  23. Bad news: I missed the Wollmeise tonight. I really NEED Raku-Regenbogen.
    Good news: I hit the update a couple of nights ago and got 6 skeins.

    Bad news: 3 older kids back in college/work/away from home; only 1 left at home.
    Good news: 3 older kids back in college/work/away from home; only 1 left at home.

    Good news: US Open started today – lots of tv/knitting time. Nothing bad about that.

  24. Bad news: I keep missing the darn WM sneak-ups!

    Good news: I have extra money in my pocket to pay for my martial arts classes, which is getting me back into shape. Yes!!!

  25. Bad news: my Wollmeise stash isn’t going to get any bigger because I just can’t afford to stalk yarn anymore.

    Good news: School is starting soon, which means more stuff to do but also more time to myself to dye yarn.

  26. Bad News: It’s a billion degrees out and the school wasnt running the AC so I had to shower TWICE
    Good News: I got to finish reading a book today

    Good News: I passed latin with an “A”
    Bad News: School started again and with it afresh round of latin

    GOod News: I’m eating ice cream for dinner
    Bad news: Hubby has to stay at work tonight because his commanding officer is a (Insert f-word here). Ahem.

    Good news: My ice cream is from cold stone.
    Bad news: I just finished it. Boo.

  27. Bad news: September starts tomorrow and so does the new school year.

    Good news: September starts tomorrow and it’s less than two weeks until Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival!!

  28. Good news: I am Marianne in NC and won a prize pack from last week’s contest!! I feel like I got struck by lightning, but in a good way.
    Good news: I got five skeins of Wollmeise Twin in Saturday’s update.
    Good news: I got two skeins of Wollmeise lace in Sunday’s Claudia shop update.
    Good news: It’s finally cooling down here.

    Bad news: I am now on a yarn diet.

  29. Good news….Sheri loved the Loopy bag I made for her! It was really fun with help from my knitting daughter Nicki and knitting friend Michelle who made the socks for me. They love the Loopy Ewe so we made it a joint project.
    Good news…..I’ll have the pattern on paper soon!
    Good news….those of you who don’t crochet get to learn how so you can make this bag 🙂 ! (I think I am going to work on a knit version tho…did I say that out loud ?)
    Bad news….There is not enough time in the day or week to complete all of the ideas in my head.

  30. Good News: The fires are going the other way.

    Bad News: The smoke isn’t. Or the ashes. Ah, the joys of living in La La Land!

  31. Hooray for the Loopy Ewe bag! 🙂 I’m so glad that you loved it – so much that you posted it on your blog. Isn’t Sharon talented?

    I can’t wait to see what yarn you ordered for us tonight!

  32. Monday Blogs are always the best after a long weekend. Today’s was better!! The purse is a must, even if I HAVE to learn to crochet. Sharon deserves Marshmallows & Caramels !!
    Back to knitting!

  33. Good News: my best friend is coming for a visit, to belatedly celebrate my b-day! we’ll have lotsa laughs, a long lunch, and probably hit a LYS. or 3. or 5.

    Bad News: I doubt I ‘ll ever experience Wollmeise—too many others are faster and more determind to snap it up!—but wish someone would explain to me why this yarn seems to be the platinum standard. Not that I’ll ever own any platinum either.

  34. Good news: A coworker and now co-teacher requested mittens for her perpetually cold hands and I have the skill to knit them for her (plus a daily commute so I can get them done on the train).
    Bad news: She might have mentioned “armwarmers” in that same conversation!
    Good news: I might have the right yarn in my stash.
    Bad news/good news: I’d have to give up one of my precious skeins of Dragonfly Sock “Velvet Underground” but it looks like it’s still in stock at TLE so I could buy another to maintain stash equilibrium. 😉
    Good news: Now that the cooler weather is on its way, I can justify buying a TLE hoodie at the same time that I order more yarn.

  35. Bad news: So far, there’s still a hiring freeze on at the place I had hoped to work this year.

    Good news: I got a lead on a research possibility that might be very interesting.
    Good news: I’m going to finish a sock and start the second one tonight.

  36. Was “cruising the net” to read knitting blogs of those who have already purchased Wollmeise yarn and see what they have worked up (all nad nothing but nice things and beautiful projects) – saw some that was for sale on eBay – good grief – selling for bet. $60 – $115 per skein! Hope those people aren’t here snapping the yarn up here from those who actually love to knit just to profit off of others. That sort of thing isn’t even de-stashing – just greed – those weren’t current bid prices either – that is the asking price. Well I will wait for another update here to try to purchase my first hank.

  37. My good news was that I found the wollmeise update last night. At first I was so excited I forgot how fast things move and had chosen merlot and die auster. Then started soul searching as to whether I could afford a 3rd one. BAD NEWS: Got to the checkout and they were gone. Rats. Back to the wollmeise and GOOD NEWS did come away with versuchskinen 3 and pillars of fire. All the colors this past week have been just gorgeous. Great job Sheri bringing us such an awsome stash. Now if I could only score some LACE IN MERLOT. Now that would really be good news.

  38. Bad news: My older son is having so much fun in college that he doesn’t call. I miss him but am glad it is fun.

    Good news: You posted to Facebook that Wollmeise was available and I finally, finally got some. I just got one skein, so others could have some, too. But, now my excuse to whine is gone. Thank you again, Sheri!

    Thanks for your blog, which I do read every time it posts, but there’s a weird thing going on where Bloglines doesn’t find them until a week or two later. They are still good late!

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