March Blog Contest – What’s Your Favorite…

dsc02429… mug? Or teacup?  Or your preferred container for hot beverages? This is my favorite. Some of you may remember that I have a habit of over-buying mugs/cups. I don’t know what it is.  But I have found my favorite and I think my mug-buying days are over. (Unless this one breaks.  But I know where to get another one of them.) I love the size of this, the weight of it, the feel of it, and the colors. (Mine came from here. I love their work and have purchased several things from them.) Since I’m so attached to this mug, it made me wonder if others of you have a favorite?  Tell us about it in the comments below for this month’s blog contest. We’ll randomly draw the winners from the comments and will announce them next Friday.

Today’s recipe is one of those comfort food types of things. (Good taste plus pasta = comfort.) It makes a lot and there are all kinds of things in there.  Just add some fresh fruit or a big salad to the menu and you have a meal.

dsc02425Pasta and Cabbage Casserole

1 pound spaghetti noodles, cooked al dente
3 cups shredded frozen hash browns, thawed
1 lb. sausage (or 3 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed)
2 Tbl. olive oil
1 bag of shredded cabbage slaw (or 1/2 head cabbage, shredded)
1 large onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 cup (or can) of chicken broth
4 Tbl. butter
2 cups Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, shredded
1 cup sharp cheddar, shredded
(Want more color? Add broccoli to the recipe. Yum!)

Brown sausage in skillet and drain. Add olive oil to the pan and stir in onion, garlic and cabbage, cooking until tender (about 10 minutes). Add chicken broth and heat through.

In large bowl, combine cooked noodles, hash browns, butter, 1 cup cheddar, 1 cup Parmigiano Reggiano, and cabbage/sausage mixture and mix well.  Turn into a 9 x 13 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  Add the last cup of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to the top and bake for 5 more minutes.

Because I don’t have quite enough knitting projects “in progress”, I picked up a book last night and have decided to make a Noro Chevron Sleeve Cardigan from Knitting Noro. Just for fun. (Although I’m not sure why I just admitted that to you. I ought to have kept quiet about it until I was almost finished.  One day I’ll learn.)

dsc02432People were eating chocolate here today. How do I know? There’s evidence on the floor. And just because there were kisses by my favorite mug in the photo, don’t be fooled. It was totally for eating scale so that you could get an idea of the mug size. (The carpeting looks a little ugly close up, don’t you think? It’s a good thing that there is a lot of beautiful yarn and chocolate around here to distract people from looking down.)

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  1. I love mugs! I don’t really have one favorite among my mugs; but my favorites all have similar characteristics: hold plenty of coffee, have a good-sized handle and a gorgeous glaze – usually with blue or green in it.

  2. my faveorite mug-teacup is my brambly hedge the engagement teacup. I always think it has lady bugs on it (which I love) but really they are strawberries…not that I can tell without my glasses on 😉 I don’t use it too much anymore because it’s kinda old (uh yeah I started collecting the teaset at age 5!) and I’ve had two of my brambly hedge cups do the “tink! crack” just sitting there with tea in them. Now it’s for special occasions only. I did use it for the 6 weeks between getting engaged and getting married though so now it’s ultra special 😉

  3. I just got the email newsletter, and I was wondering why Bloglines wasn’t showing your posts…

    My favourite mugs are the ones that go with my dishes – they’re Denby large grey mugs, and they’re round and comfy in my hands. My other favourite says “You’re the best mother in the universe”, and my son “bought” it when he was 9 months old 😉

  4. Well, I drink tea. I had a favorite mug that was a Little Mermaid mug. But it has disappeared!

    So I’m left with a set of white Williams Sonoma mugs. I need to go mug shopping…..

  5. My favorite depends on the day. I always like a hand made mug that can hold alot of coffee! If I am going to work/school I need one that fits into the cup holder in the car (I have two that fit!) but if I am at home I choose by my mood. Big, heavy, homemade!

  6. My favorite mug is the one from my childhood with my name painted on it. Of course, being paranoid about breaking it (and having a husband who does do the dishes nightly, but is a bit clumsy about handling slippery wet dishware…), I don’t use it too often. So, my favorite one I use all the time is a huge red mug I got from Starbucks, just because it was huge and red. And I have the cabled S’bucks mug too! But I don’t use it for drinking, but to hold my dpns.

  7. I have 2 favorite mugs and a 3rd that I wish I had…One I use at work and it’s very simple: a white, oversized mug with the logo of the now-defunct “University Club of Rochester” printed on it. It’s followed me from office to office for the last 14 years. I now drink my daily cuppa joe at Mohawk Valley Community College, where I teach as an adjunct and coordinate adjunct instructors throughout the College.

    My other favorite is actually a “twin” – one of 2 large mugs given to me at holiday time by a former co-worker. The 2 mugs are brightly painted ceramics, each with a wintry scene. I always drink either hot tea or hot apple cider from it; my spouse uses his for hot chocolate. We think all hot winter drinks taste best in these mugs!

    The third mug I wish I had is one that another co-worker had long ago – a well-used white mug with the admonition “Illigitimi non Carborundum” printed on it. What’s that mean? Well, it’s “pidgin Latin” for “Don’t let the bastards wear you down.”


  8. My favorite mug is a pink mug with a subtle outline in white of bunnies “playing.” When I was in college (yes the mug is over 20 years old), my roommate and I used to call it the F@@@ing bunny mug. I have since gathered a collection of them. I have elephants, penguins, and bears. They are a great conversation starter or stopper depending on my company on that day. My husband who is very proper won’t touch them. lol

  9. My favorite mug is one my sister bought for my mother. She passed it along to me when I mentioned that I needed to go buy a new mug. I like it best because it holds a full 16 oz.

  10. My favorite mug is one that my aunt gave me as a birthday gift. It’s hand painted by a craftswoman named Tracy Porter; it’s dishwasher & microwave safe; it’s pink (my favorite color!) with pretty flowers; and it holds 2 full cups of liquid. She sent it to me with a woven pink cashmere blend blanket & some soothing hot tea, so when I see the mug, I instantly think “cozy” and “relax.”

  11. My favorite mug is called the Big Hug Mug, because that is what it says on it. I came to me from my BF with flowers in it. He brings it to me every morning full of coffee to get my day going and I love that mug and him.

  12. I love my mug that says “I love Mom”. I got it from my daughter when she was maybe 5 or 6 (she’s 27 now—but I still love it!) I have teacups on display in my kitchen, so I love to look at them, but mugs are best for drinking out of.

  13. my favorite mug is handmade by an art teacher neighbor. He has a sale every summer and sells off all the pieces he makes during the school year. It is just the right weight and holds a hold pot of tea

  14. This is an easy one! My favorite mug is the mug that holds my favorite drink!!! A steaming hot vanilla chai!!! What a way to spend an evening!

  15. I have a gigantic Brady Bunch mug that a friend sent me. It is big enough to require no refills and features scenes from episodes. Who wouldn’t love that in the am?

  16. I have several mugs that make my morning better. I have an Oklahoma University Sooner mug, one that I bought in Chicago with American Gothic, and one with foggy pine trees on the side. I think the best however is from Kink Friedman’s run for Texas governor – it has “No Teacher Left Behind” on it.

  17. I was lucky enough to take a ceramics class while studying abroad and made myself a bunch of mugs and cups. My favorite is black with a pool of white glaze running down the side and pooling in the bottom. Sensei told me “nothing tastes as good as tea out of a cup you made”… and he’s right. ^_^

  18. My favorite mug is the one that’s shaped like the yellow peanut M&M guy. It holds just the right amount of coffee… and that’s important! 🙂

  19. My favorite hot beverage cup is a large coffee mug which has a lid on it. I received it as a present from my host mother when living in Taiwan and it has cranes, a pagoda, and mountains on it. I absolutely love it to keep my beverages warm and my hands toasty on cold mornings.

  20. my all-time fave? I had a friend who was Chairman of the National AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park in SF. It’s a plain, tall white mug with the Grove’s logo on the front in green. Len died in 2000, but that mug (which had been on his office desk) remains my favorite. It reminds me of him, keeps his memory alive, and is the most special mug I’ve ever owned. I have a backup – an ancient Taylor & Ng mug that has rabbits all over it, doing…. well, you know…… but that’s another story 🙂

  21. My favorite one is a mug that I made (I’m a potter). It curves in then out like an hourglass, so I can hold on to handle at first then cup my hand around the mug as the drink cools to warm my hands.

  22. My favourite mug is a souvenir from Cher’s Heart of Stone tour. It is black with a stone-like tattoo on it with a dagger going through it. I didn’t get to go the concert (I wish) but I bought it from a shop on St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal when I was walking down the street one sunny afternoon. It stood alone among 40 or so Yanni mugs and I just knew it was meant to be mine! I had to glue the handle back on it once and the tattoo is a little faded but I just love it! Long Live Cher!

  23. Wow, so many comments about mugs! And here’s another one:
    My favorite mug is a huge “Nightmare Before Christmas” cup that a friend got for me. I’m a Tim Burton addict, and the cup is perfect for cuddling up on the couch with tea and some knitting 🙂

  24. My favorite mug is a freebie sent us when they were just starting out. It’s a 16oz insulated cup with a snap-on lid that keeps my favorite herbal tea hot hot hot, and keeps my hands safely cool. And it has one of my favorite quotes ever: “I can’t understand why people are afraid of new ideas. I’m afraid of old ones.”

  25. My favorite mug is a french country yellow and blue mug that says Mom on it that one of my daughters gave me for Mothers day a few years ago.

  26. I generally drink hot beverages from a mug. My current favorite is the Starbucks Cabled Knitting mug that was available this past holiday season.

  27. My favorite mug is a tie between two that I have had forever. The first one has a cartoonish duck with a thermometer in it’s beak that says “I left my last job because of illness…..” On the inside rim it says “I was sick of the job.” My other favorite is my Marvin the Martian mug from the Warner Brother’s store way back when they were still around in my neck of the woods. One on side it shows his front view and the other side is his back view. I won the first one in something silly and the other was a gift but they are both bigger mugs that I love to use often. 🙂

  28. My favorite mugs come from a local potter in Rocky Hill, NJ, named John Shedd.

    His website is

    and the mugs are here

    He has an open house twice a year at which he sells ‘seconds’ – so we alwasy go and come back with a new color or a new shape I’ve collected mugs, platters, square bowls. His stuff feels good and the colors are like landscapes. My husband and I have large hands and the mugs just fit in our hands.

  29. Every year, in August, I attend an outdoor festival that has handmade crafts for sale. There is one vendor, in particular, that I make a point of visiting. She sells handmade pottery and I always find a mug to purchase…that mug usually becomes my favourite until the next festival.

  30. My fave mug would definitely be which ever one has my 5 minute chocolate cake in it. However if none of those are around it would be one of the ones from our wedding set. I love using them and thinking of our wedding and the person who gave them to us.

  31. My favorite mug is one I purchased in Costa Rica. It has “Costa Rica” at the bottom and a picture of a typical Costa Rican house. It takes me back every time I sip from that mug.

  32. My favorite mug is one that I made, as I am a potter- but I haven’t potted in 2 years… So my mug is a reminder of what I know how to do. Now I just have to find the space and time to set up a studio space and start throwing again- soon.

  33. I do not have a paying job at the moment (due to health issues) but when I did there was a mug that I absolutely loved. I worked for a housewares company so there were many to pick from. When I got sick, they let me take the mug with me. It really isn’t much to look at it is just a green tempered glass mug that I just love to have my morning tea in. I drink tea and not coffee. Well I then clean it out so that I can have it later on in the day if I want another hot cuppa. I will be devastated if this mug breaks.
    (all attachment to one mug)
    My husband and I do have other mugs and I will use them if this one is in the dishwasher or someone else is using it but this one is mine.

  34. I actually have two of these mugs. Like yours, they’re big — 16 oz. mugs w/ big handles so they’re very comfortable in the hand. I love that they’re big and hold a lot! One cup of coffee means something very different to me than to many people. Oh, I forgot to mention that they’re also a beautiful blue pottery. So they’re pretty to look at, too!

  35. My favorite mug is one I picked up in Chicago years ago, with little pictures of various tourist spots on it. It has the perfect heft, and my kids love the little pictures. I have lovely handcrafted mugs but this one is the one I reach for every day…

  36. My favorite mug at the moment is one from Starbucks. It is white and looks like a fisherman’s knit sweater. knits, pearls, and cables. So cool, and I would buy a dozen more for when I break this one (I always drop them and break them). But I haven’t seen another one, and I’ve been looking …

  37. My fvorite MUG is a handcrafter, slightly misshapen one I bought in Maine 15 years ago with a clay worm eating a donut on the handle!!

  38. I collect mugs/cups as well. I just can’t resist a new mug! I generally prefer to drink my coffee or tea out of a mug, but occassionally I come over all lady like and enjoy my tea from a china cup and saucer. My favourite mug varies from day to day, thats why I have to collect them!

  39. My favorite mug is actually a favorite water bottle. It was a secret pal gift- my Loopy Water Botttle! It has been through quite a bit with me in the last year.

  40. I seem to have a nice collection of mugs. Several are early ones and my only souvenirs from exotic locals. The more recent acquistions have the theme of being red and ones I liked. Okay, I also have bought a few just because I liked their textures.
    mugs! gotta love em!

  41. My favorite travel/car mug is a copco that I just recently got at Sears. My favorite stay at home mug that I can hold and let it warm my hands on a cold day is a tall blue hand made mug.

  42. Ah, mugs! Can you really over-buy mugs? I think it’s just under-having cupboard space!!
    I recently broke my favorite! It was hand made, ” right handed ” with the hand-space molded into the side…a bit tricky with really hot liquids, but worth working around. Alas, the last time I looked, the store where I bought it no longer had any. I’m hoping the next time I’m there they will have restocked!

  43. I love mugs too. And while I have some gorgeous handmade mugs from craft fairs, my fave has got to be my Mary Englebreit mug that says “Let’s put the fun back in dysfunctional” lol

  44. Mugs! -giggle- My favourite is actually a travel cup of sorts. I picked it up in Costco, along with its twin, and it’s one of those “spillproof” mugs. Miraculously, it actually is–which is good, considering it travels in my messenger bag, on my bike!

    But my favourite home mug is one that I designed myself on zazzle: it has “this is how I relax” and a picture of knitting needles on one side, and “this is how I roll” and a picture of a 20-sided die on the other side. It’s the ultimate in inside jokes for me and my friends. ^_~

  45. My favorite mug is the disposable kind from the local coffee shop because then I don’t have to do the dishes ^__^

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