Cold, Hot, Cold, Hot, Repeat

dsc02427What is wrong with this weather? Yesterday it was 79 degrees here in St. Louis, and today I woke up to a 17 degree wind chill. That’s just wrong, no matter how you look at it. (Is the weather wacky where you live, too?) The good news is that I made it up to Indiana and back, and had a great time meeting with the classes and seeing College Guy and College Girl. Here’s a photo of the second class I spoke to. Some of the students in the first class overlapped to this class, so they got the evening off and didn’t have to listen to me twice.dsc02426 I know how much they appreciated that! This was the E-Commerce class (the first one was a Systems class) and they had some great questions at the end. It’s always fun to talk to people who are interested in what you do. This is the last year that Web Guy will be there to back me up – I’m a little sad about that. Of course no trip to Gas City/Upland/Taylor would be complete without coffee at Paynes (don’t these Caramel Lattes look wonderful?) and ice cream at Ivanhoes. I wish you all could experience both.  We might’ve gotten coffee at Paynes more than once in the 3 days I was there. (Or maybe even more than twice….) They roast their own coffee on the premises and they really need a good website so that people could buy it online. I brought some home with me.

dsc02422Look what came in the mail recently – a gorgeous new scarf. Claudia (who introduced me to Wendy’s Feather and Fan scarf last year at the Spring Fling), made this for me for my birthday, only she took that pattern and knit it lengthwise instead of horizontally. I love the new look. dsc02423I asked her about the details in doing it this way (because I knew you’d want to know, like me) and she said that you would cast on 400 stitches if you’re a loose knitter, and 418 if you’re a tight knitter. I think I knit on US 4’s when I did Feather and Fan scarves in Wollmeise. (I’ve made a few of those – you’d think that I would remember that detail.) I will have to give this new pattern a try.

dsc02428We did do a Sneak Up this past Monday night – I know that almost every single one of you found it, because the Elves have been super busy getting all of those packages out this week! We added in all of the new colors of Dream in Color Baby, Bugga from The Sanguine Gryphon (which you immediately bought out), Toasty from Numma Numma, more Dream in Color Smooshy in the new colors, new patterns from Through The Loops, Knitspot, and Nutty Creations, Schaefer Anne, Schaefer Lola, Schaefer Nichole, and a restock of Knitting Nerd/Knitting Girl/Crochet Geek vinyl stickers for your car.  And guess what else just arrived today? Little Loopys!  We’ve had the larger sized Little Loopys for awhile because the smaller size was backordered, but they  have arrived. (Can you pick out the one in this bag who is obviously looking for trouble? Or most anxious to get out of the bag?) We’ve emptied all of the boxes and bags of the little guys and they’re now cavorting all over here at Loopy Central. I love it when we have lots of them here because they just make us smile. I hope you’re already planning on taking Little Loopy (or the Little Loopy postcard) on your summer vacation in/out of town this summer. It’s our very favorite yearly contest, and it starts again on June 1st. (Postcards will be going out with all of your May orders.)

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  1. Glad you arrived home safely. Yes the elves did a great job on Monday. The weather is wacky here in Ma. too, I am about sick of it now. That is why I have always hated March. So up and down. Now I want a caramel latte. Scarf is beautiful. Hugs

  2. Where is Loopy going on Spring Break to this year???? I think they were a little crowded in there, I am also glad they have been freed. Is the scarf knitted with a hank of sock yarn??? 400 yards or so

  3. We are having wacky weather in Texas, too. Last week we had several days in the low 90’s. The last two days have been in the upper 70’s or low 80’s. We had a high today of 45 degrees — and that was this morning. It’s almost 3 p.m. and we are in the 30’s. We are expecting several days of these low temps. Fortunately, it’s been raining off and on since last night. We could really use the rain.

    I’m looking forward to some hot chocolate tonight!

  4. Glad that you got to enjoy some time with CG and KD! And those lattes look scrumptious. Beautiful scarf from Claudia; I foresee many of those scarves being knit at Spring Fling! How long does it take to do one row like that?! The weather here has been crazy, too – three different seasons in less than a week’s time – and then back again! Record lows last week, then a few days later, in the mid-70’s. Down to the 40’s (for a “high”), now 70’s again. I haven’t heard a pollen count yet, but my nose is telling me that it’s starting to get up there. We’re not done with the cold weather yet, either, but the Cherry Blossom Festival is only about 2-3 weeks away!

  5. Yes the weather here is goofy. It’s been shorts and flip flops weather since Saturday. Tonight front moves through and we’ll be back in coats, mitts and wool socks this weekend. Go figure. I am ready for spring.

  6. Note to Self: Must purchase a Loopy. I’m sure he’d be more fun on vacation than the postcard I had last year.

    What a dear friend you have in Claudia to knit you such a beautiful scarf. Very jealous.

    Yes, I’m also tired of Mother Nature yanking on my chain – Spring can come any day now….

  7. We have wacky weather too. The kids were none too happy to have to bundle up again this morning.
    Glad you had a great time with the college kids.I will have to check both of those places out sometime.

  8. The weather is crazy in Iowa too. It is COLD today and windy. Looking for warmer temps this weekend.

    I love the sideways F & F scarf! I’d love to knit one if I could stand to co 400 stitches.

  9. That one Little Loopy does look desperate to get out the bag. I suppose he’s eager to lead the others into all kinds of mischief when no one is around.
    Our weather is crazy here, too. This morning it was springlike and now it’s freezing again. Summer vacation seems pretty remote at this point!

  10. Help help! Get those Little Loopies out of the bag quick! Apparently whoever packed them hasn’t read the instructions that say “plastic bags must be kept away from children…danger of suffocation!”

    Weather? NUTS. Just nuts. Heat one day, AC the next. Wake up tomorrow and see what’s next…

  11. I am glad you had a great trip and got to spend time with your son and daughter. What a treat!

    I whole heartedly agree with you about the weather. FPS already! I am ready to get on a plane on Friday and head down to the warm weather. This stuff is for the birds. Where are you taking Loopy on spring break this year?

  12. Sheri, I’m so glad you had a great trip. And got a coffee fix. Your scarf from Claudia is beautiful. Use it to keep out that wind chill St. Louis is experiencing.’

    Last week we had 10″ of snow. This week it’s in the 70s and 80s. Windows are wide open and we’re enjoying this great weather.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on Little Loopy. Was talking to my dad when I noticed the Monday night sneak-up and he got a little perturbed that I had to do a yarn purchase before continuing our phone conversation. Well, I didn’t get everything I wanted, so the next day when I could look at a more comfortable pace, I had to make yet another purchase. Had to! LOL.

    My son made sweet potato pies the other night. He should open a restaurant. I’m growing wider by the day – or the pie. Even Ben the cat is getting fluffier from leftovers.

    Have a great week.


  13. It’s wonderful to see lots more of the Little Loopies! Mine always make me smile, even though they get to lounge around even when I have to work. The best thing is how happy they are, here in California. (They volunteered for California, of course.)

  14. Welcome back, Sheri! I’m glad you got to spend some precious time with your grown-up kids. I can appreciate that now since mine have both left the nest. Out here on the Montana prairie, we had -12 this morning, snow the last two days, and it’s suppposed to be flirting with 70 next week. I’ve never lived anywhere that the weather is this extreme and changeable. This winter we had -20 and come summer we’ll get over 100. Love the scarf! Will have to try that. Can you get one out of one skein of sock yarn? (Not Wollmeise for me because I haven’t been lucky enough to snag one yet. Sigh.)

  15. I love the scarf!! I hate to say it but I have 3 scarves going right now. I am usually a start and finish kind of knitter-but who knew!

  16. I live in KY and we are having the same crazy weather. It was 79 degrees yesterday and back to the 30s today!! Expecting snow tomorrow!! I really like the scarf done sideways too. What a neat idea!! Have a great week. I am anxious to get my sock kit. It will probably come tomorrow!

  17. That is a gorgeous scarf! And your trip to college sounds fabulous (ice cream, mmm…). I bet the Little Loopys look much happier out of the bag 😉

  18. The weather is a bit wacky here, but it has been mostly gorgeous on the weekends. It’s funny but I hear a lot of people locally say how much yesterday’s rain sucked or things like that, but it is almost always clear and pretty nice by the time I go outside. I must be lucky!

    I’m looking forward to the end of March and the start of warmer weather in April, though I’m sure that by July I’m going to be unhappy with the heat and humidity. It’s just the nature of the thing.

  19. Look at all those Little Loopys! It has been suggested to me that we need a few more at my house, that one Little Loopy and one Big Little Loopy aren’t enough. I’m not sure, though. Just think of all the antics that might take place…. There’s Bear, Frog, Little Loopy, Big Little Loopy, about 8 little tiny bears with various names, George, then Salty Dog and Padraig O’Cat. It could be huge trouble….

    And I personally am looking VERY forward to Loopy’s Summer Vacation this year. They may all have to come along with me, should I actually manage to go anywhere….

  20. I’d thought of the feather and fan sideways scarf, but haven’t even done the normal way yet! People need to quit getting sick and having babies, and I need to stop working so I can knit all the time!

    Glad you got to see your kids and tell their peers about your successes! You deserve that recognition!

    Weather here outside DC also can’t make up its mind. Come late April, we should have spring for good, though! (Or maybe the beginnings of summer!)

  21. I just love how you play with the Loopys. So much fun!

    I just used a “lengthwise” feather and fan to ake a rectangular shawl wider. I really looks neat. The shawl was Mr. Foley’s Seascape shawl from Knitty, so it was a perfect addition to it!

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