March Blog Contest – What’s Your Favorite…

dsc02429… mug? Or teacup?  Or your preferred container for hot beverages? This is my favorite. Some of you may remember that I have a habit of over-buying mugs/cups. I don’t know what it is.  But I have found my favorite and I think my mug-buying days are over. (Unless this one breaks.  But I know where to get another one of them.) I love the size of this, the weight of it, the feel of it, and the colors. (Mine came from here. I love their work and have purchased several things from them.) Since I’m so attached to this mug, it made me wonder if others of you have a favorite?  Tell us about it in the comments below for this month’s blog contest. We’ll randomly draw the winners from the comments and will announce them next Friday.

Today’s recipe is one of those comfort food types of things. (Good taste plus pasta = comfort.) It makes a lot and there are all kinds of things in there.  Just add some fresh fruit or a big salad to the menu and you have a meal.

dsc02425Pasta and Cabbage Casserole

1 pound spaghetti noodles, cooked al dente
3 cups shredded frozen hash browns, thawed
1 lb. sausage (or 3 chicken breasts, cooked and cubed)
2 Tbl. olive oil
1 bag of shredded cabbage slaw (or 1/2 head cabbage, shredded)
1 large onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 cup (or can) of chicken broth
4 Tbl. butter
2 cups Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, shredded
1 cup sharp cheddar, shredded
(Want more color? Add broccoli to the recipe. Yum!)

Brown sausage in skillet and drain. Add olive oil to the pan and stir in onion, garlic and cabbage, cooking until tender (about 10 minutes). Add chicken broth and heat through.

In large bowl, combine cooked noodles, hash browns, butter, 1 cup cheddar, 1 cup Parmigiano Reggiano, and cabbage/sausage mixture and mix well.  Turn into a 9 x 13 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  Add the last cup of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to the top and bake for 5 more minutes.

Because I don’t have quite enough knitting projects “in progress”, I picked up a book last night and have decided to make a Noro Chevron Sleeve Cardigan from Knitting Noro. Just for fun. (Although I’m not sure why I just admitted that to you. I ought to have kept quiet about it until I was almost finished.  One day I’ll learn.)

dsc02432People were eating chocolate here today. How do I know? There’s evidence on the floor. And just because there were kisses by my favorite mug in the photo, don’t be fooled. It was totally for eating scale so that you could get an idea of the mug size. (The carpeting looks a little ugly close up, don’t you think? It’s a good thing that there is a lot of beautiful yarn and chocolate around here to distract people from looking down.)

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  1. My favorite mug is one from Starbucks that I got a long , long, long time ago. It’s cobalt blue glass. It’s just perfect for a hot cup of coffee, tea or anything I want to put in it.

  2. I drink my coffee each morning from a large bone white mug with a small blue whale on its side. It was a gift from a friend who lives on an island off the coast of New England. I often gaze out the window of my own island home in Puget Sound and contemplate our different paths and similar destinations.

  3. my favorite mug — it inspired the name of my quilt shop. It had a little duck paddling in the water with a few cat tails in the backgroung. My daughter drew one on paper, took it to an industrial arts class and it was forever our symbol on free bags we gave out. The name of the shop – the Quilting Duck. I always told the people who asked about the shop name that my husband always called me duck. I miss the shop so much but I still have the cup that started the whole idea.

  4. I have a handthrown pottery mug, that is tall, and handpainted with the Smoky mountains of Tennessee, with the cresent moon. DH and I got married in the Smokies, bought this on one of our many trips there. I just love it.

  5. My favorite mug is a short, fat, white job with a radio station’s emblem on the side. I got it free at a promo event they were doing. It does the job but I’m still in search of the perfect mug….

  6. My hubby usually picks up a mug on our travels. But my favorite mug is one we picked up in Newfoundland. It’s a smaller-size mug and has a flatter area on the side of the handle and directly across from it, which is great for gripping it. On the outside, there are colorful images of Eskimo men and women holding a big skin or something to catch a person and inside the mug is an Eskimo flying up in the air (or down to be caught, depending on your perspective). The designer is Marc Tetro, I think. That’s the name on the bottom., which is unglazed and has little bumps so it won’t slip around on your table. It’s just such a cheery mug.

  7. My favorite mug is the one my Mom bought for me at the Hallmark store before she died. It has my name on it. You don’t find personalized items with “Beverly” very often. I also like my Starbuck’s Cable Knit Mug.

  8. I have a son and a son-in-law that work for Starbucks, so I get really neat mugs (and tea) for Birthday and Christmas gifts. My favorite at the moment is white china with a red interior and a 3D exterior with doves and evergreens and reindeer. Which I know says Christmas, but it’s all in white except for red berries here and there–so I think winter instead of Christmas!

  9. My current favorite mug is one my hubby bought me for Christmas! It has snowmen and snow on it, and is the biggest coffee mug we have in the house (which is important when you have three little ones under 3!). It is perfect for sipping coffee from at the computer!

  10. My favorite tea mug is one with strawberries from Monroe Salt Works that I had given to my mother for her birthday.

  11. My favorite mug — by far (and I, too, overbuy mugs) — is the one I bought in Brussels when my sister and I were there a few years ago. It isn’t handmade, but it’s really special because mine says grote zus (which I’m told means big sister) and hers says whatever “little sister” translates to. I think of her whenever I use that mug.

  12. I currently have two favorite mugs, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. The upstairs one says “so much yarn so little time”, and I won it in another blog contest. The downstair mug is purple with tinkerbelle on it and was a gift.


  13. My favourite mug came from a local gas station when they had a promotion on a few years ago. It has Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore too, it’s a great size and just goes perfectly with a hot chocolate.

  14. My favorite mug (and matching tea pot) is an earthy speckled gray ironstone (circa late 1970’s) with chocolate brown stripes and cobalt blue flowers that my mother gave me when I was 14 – because she knew how much I enjoyed brewing loose leaf tea. Thrity-four years later… and countless steaming mugs of anti-oxidant rich, loose leaf tea… cocoa… spiced cider… coffee… it is still my favorite mug! Thanks, Mom!

  15. M current favorite mug was made by my brother years ago. It is wood-fired and has smiley faces on it. Good Morning!

  16. My favorite to go mug is a ceramic mug with a rubber lid that looks just like a paper to go cup from my favorite coffee shop. At home I tend to drink oolong tea made in small clay pots so I drink it out of tiny little japanese tea cups. I have a handmade one that I bought in nyc at a tea tasting when I met the artist. I am really wanting some woolemeise!!

  17. I don’t drink enough hot beverages to have a favorite mug. But the one I usually use for hot chocolate was part of a care package my parents sent me in college. It’s decorated with my program’s emblem, and it reminds me of my educational roots and my parents’ thoughtfulness.

  18. My new favorite mug is the “cable knit” mug from Starbucks that my husband surprised me with one Saturday morning. It makes me smile.

  19. I have three favorite beverage containers, and they tend to get used only for specific beverages. I have a hot pink OXO travel mug that really does keep the liquid in. I’ve tossed it around, held it upside down, and had nary a leak. This one is for hot apple cider, sometimes with caramel, always with a dash of cinnamon. I got a black mug with the gold ears for the Disneyland anniversary celebration when they did the gold ears, because I didn’t like the ears themselves. This one is my at work tea mug. My other favorite tends to be for hot chocolate, and is Maleficent (villain from Sleeping Beauty) and it says “I look good in black – it matches my mood” with a very interestingly shaped handle.

  20. I love large pottery mugs, handmade are the best. My current favorite is one my Mom bought for me while she was traveling last summer. It’s got a big round belly that holds a generous amount of liquid, and has lovely leaves on the side. It’s the perfect size for warming your hands on with some nice hot tea.

  21. My favorite mug is a .5 liter beer stein. It’s the perfect size for a decent cup of coffee. It’s ceramic so it’s easy to handle when it’s got hot coffee in it; and it has a large sturdy and well formed handle.


  22. I have many mugs as I have been collecting them for years. My newest favorite is white with colorful hearts all over it. One of my closest friends gave it to me for my birthday- with love. Now, every morning I am reminded that someone loves me!

  23. My favorite hot beverage container is a coffee mug from the College I work at. It’s a brown granite looking color with a blue rim. It’s got the college’s name on it. It is larger than typical, but more narrow. The handle is nice and big, and it keeps beverages hot.

  24. My favorite mug is a burgundy ceramic mug with a chip on one side. I love it. It’s nothing really special, but it’s mine and no one else ever uses it.

  25. My favorite mug is a very heavy white mug — the type they used to have in all the diners. It weighs twice as much as any other mug I own. I appreciate that heft, and I also like the memories of the old restaurants that used this type of mug when I was a child.

  26. I have a collection of pottery mugs from the local potter’s guild and local art shows – I really think these are cool. My all time favorite is a hugely tall mug from my husband’s office. It has the company logo on one side and the other has an Albert Einstein quote “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” I take it to work when I’m having a bad day.

  27. As the mother of two young boys who stays up WAY too late knitting every night (and has children who wake up very early)…my favorite mug is the largest one I can find in the cupboard. Thank goodness for caffeine!!!

  28. hi! My current favorite mug is the same as many other commenter’s choice – the white mug with the cabled stitch pattern on the outside from Starbuck’s this Christmas. I bought it for myself because I liked it so much. I have several other favorites from Starbucks – one of their city designs (Cleveland) and another one that has “Good Morning” in many languages printed all over it. Those two are a little larger than the knitting one, but all three have very comfortable handles – good designers!

  29. My current favorite mug is one I bought for part of a swap. I had doubts about whether it was right for the swap, so I kept if for myself. At the time I thought, great another It’s a soft golden yellow with some raised pears with leave and has a matching dessert plate, for, well… desserts. I love a good mug of tea with a toasted goodie on the plate to go with it.

  30. My favorite mug is just a plain cornflower blue ceramic mug that I bought to use at work. It’s very multi-functional as I use it for tea, hot chocolate, even oatmeal.

  31. I love Mugs and change them seasonally. Luckily my husband goes along with this. The current favorite for my husband is a Starbuck’s earthware mug that is a manly brown with the message “The Daily Cup” ( Daily is our last name). I love the mug that has the picture of our high school daughter in her drill team outfit. But my absolute all season favorite mug is a large thick white mug that we got it Caneel Bay. My husband fixes lattes in them and we drink coffee by the pool each morning.

  32. My favorite mug has the phrase “Think Chocolate” all over it. It’s an awesome mug for hot chocolate and tea.

  33. my favourite mug is more than a mug .. actually it’s about the size of two mugs. It is plain black with caffe latte written all over it in white. Keeps it simple . It has taken me awhile to find the perfect mug but now the kids know that if they touch this mug other than to make me coffee their lives are in danger .. it is mine … they have a whole cupboard full of mugs to choose from 🙂

  34. My favorite mug looks like a tall tumbler with a handle on it. It has a non-slip bottom and came with a lid. The best part is the image of Van Gogh’s Starry Night all the way around the mug. It is the first mug I ever bought myself when I got my own place and felt like a ‘grownup’. I am older now, and still use this as my ‘desk mug’ at work.

  35. I think my favorite mug has to be my Starbucks mug that is shallow and deep and big enough to have a cup of soup in. I love tea and coffee and cocoa. It really gets the job done to warm me up on a cold day and is my go to mug! 🙂

  36. Mugs are my passion, so many great places I have been and I bought the mug to go with it, its crazy but I have a wall of mugs, everytime I have coffee I also remember the great place the mug came from, two mints in one! I have a beautiful blue mug that I love best

  37. My favorite mug I got at a local pottery shop in Pigeon Forge, TN. I love mugs and wish I had the cabinet space in order to satisfy my addiction.

  38. My sheepy mug that Celtic Cast On Kelly from Canada sent me in our Tea Swap. It’s how I met her and I treasure both her friendship and her mug.

  39. My husband and I both have a habit of buying mugs, so we have a lot of them. My favorite though is my pink Minnie Mouse mug. The picture on it looks old fashioned, and it is fairly big. Enough to hold just enough coffee for the morning!

  40. I have several favorite mugs, but the one I use most often are my travel mugs, a Starbucks one with flowers on it and to support my brother in Iraq- a USMC mug. I work nights and couldn’t get through the night at the hospital without a really strong cup of coffee! My favorite glass mug for tea broke last week- so I’m on the hunt for a new one. And of course I love my blue Loopy mug!

  41. My favorite mug is a mug from Starbucks with a pretty red decoration on it. It’s big and holds a lot of coffee!

  42. I have found that we have quite a mug collection going, as well, but I always seem to reach for the same one that says, “The next person to ask me a dumb question wins a cup of hot coffee in their lap.” Even though it’s from my teaching days about 15 years ago (don’t worry, I never used it in class!), it still makes me snicker each time I see it. I think it’s a confirmation that even when we love someone or something, we can still get frustrated and that’s okay. 🙂

  43. My favorite mug has a picture that my gradchild made as a kindergartner. It won in a state wide art contest and was displayed in the capital (Columbus Ohio).

  44. My favorite mug is a classic, diner-style mug made by Krispy Kreme. It has that great hour-glass shape–a shape sadly missing from moi, as I ate the donuts as well as buying the mug. The shape makes it nice to snug a hand around as you secure the handle over a thumb or a few fingers. But it’s a bit larger and holds more than the diner mugs of old.

  45. I have a few favorite mugs, mostly because I get them as souveniers when we go places. Currently, though, it’s a toss-up between my Loopy Ewe mug (because it’s so nice and big and holds lots of hot tea) and one that I got a few years ago at an Einstein’s Bagel shop (because it’s such a nice shape for wrapping cold hands around to warm them up).

  46. My favorite mug is one my mom got me, and it’s a quote from the Wizard of Oz: “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?” And on top of the awesome quote, it is absolutely huge and will hold about 2 cups of tea or coffee! 🙂

  47. My favorite is a new square mug I just got. I love it because the shape is different, it’s heavy, It’s my favorite colors (black on the outside and deep red on the inside, and it holds 16 ounces!!

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